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The artist: Nelton Pellenz

Nelton Pellenz [Brazil]
I have a degree in Administration from the Federal University of Santa Maria and a postgraduate degree from ULBRA and UFRGS in Brazil. My artistic beginning happened in 2015 and since then I have been working with video, photography and installations, where a lot brings nature as a theme and especially water to describe a series of readings and sensations. I seek to extract the singularly poetic burden of daily situations, pointing the camera to flirt with fortuitous events.

In this context, the videos present relations with a lextended time, in the attempt to remove from the works the notions of immediacy and rapid assimilation, proper to the virtual culture, the use of the fixed camera, with the intention of apprehending the gaze and provoking the immersion of the senses Of the observer, and the sequence-plans, which come to reinforce a proper aspect of nature, as something continuous and that does not stop.

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