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The artist: Ana Dévora

Ana Dévora [Spain]

Ana Dévora was born and raised in Madrid, Spain.
Ms. Dévora earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Photography from the University Complutense of Madrid, a Master Degree in Cinematography at Shot Acdemy In Rome (I), and post-graduate in Expanded Cinematography by the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles (US) that allow her to expand her knowdlege and introduce herself in two new country markets.

Her work has been exhibited in renowned museums and exhibition halls among which include: Museum The Neomudejar, (Madrid), White Box NY, En.Piezas 11. The House On, LACDA (LA), LIFE FRAMER, Officine Fotografiche Rome (I).
Her film work has been recognized by major film festivals like Cannes 2011 International Video Art Festival in Ferrara, Italy, The Milano Film Festival ... among others.


Ana Dévora aims to illustrate how reality changes depending on an individual s geographical background and social point of view, in contrast with what is shown to us as everyday reality, whether that might be through private life or through the media. Her aim is to expose everything that the human eye does not normally see, everything that is hidden in each individual, and is never shown or observed, going against everything that we know and everything we are led to believe, a reality that in a certain way, is interpreted in a very objective way which can either seem real or pretend to be real.
The main point to bear in mind for the artist is the interaction between people from both outside and inside the local community, researching concepts surrounding the absence of communication, she means all that is hidden in the process of the relationship between others. The different points of view that each person has in psychological or geographical terms.
Her projects revolve around a psychological open debate which invites the individual to reflect and consider the communication, or indeed lack of communication that exists between individuals.

She works with video and photography as well as painting and installations.

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