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The artist: Md. Ariful Islam

Md. Ariful Islam [Bangladesh]
Biography of Md.Ariful Islam
Md. Ariful islam. He finishes post-graduation in subject of Zoology. He begins in his film making career of student life at 2010. Same time he start a film organization `DHUSHOR SHOPNO' at rural area (Natore, District) in Bangladesh. Now he President of Natore film society. He finish one year training `Film making training (Diploma) course' of Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute under Information ministry of Bangladesh of 2015. He works at News Room editor, daily online news portal- cholomandesh.com period of 1st February-2014 to 1st April- 2014 (Two Month). Former Journalist "Monthly sargom" (Natore Correspondent, june 2010-december 2011). Other part he is an Essay, poem & story writer various kinds of newspaper & competition. He works 4 years at post of Yes (Youth Engagement & Suport group) member (CCC,Natore) Transparency International of Bangladesh , Natore period of 2008 to 2012 & involve to various social movement organized. He play role of Festival Director, 1st Dhusor film festival-2012 (26-27september), Natore. Now he trying to established open a company name is `Alternative film Distribution & Exhibition Ltd’ at Bangladesh. If he success this project, it’s make a historical turn over in Bangladesh film market. Same time he trying to make film. Few days ago he selected by member post of Publicity secretary of Alumni association of Bangladesh cinema & Television Institute, Information ministry.

filmography of Ariful Islam
Make 7 short & three documentary films.
1. Short film "0paretion hazir"(duration-12min) screening to"1st short & documentary film festival-2010", Dhaka.
2. Short film "Bisorjito deshpream"(duration-1min)
A. screening to "Ser-e-bangla Agriculture University film Exibition-2011" Dhaka.
B. Screening to "2nd bijoy film festival -2012” Rajshahi College, Rajshahi. Organized by Borendro Theatre.
3. Short film "Dhakka......duite vinnoroop"(duration-5.45min) screening to"5th International Inter University short film festival-2011"
4. Documentary film "sombobona jekane lokiae" (duration-5min). This film attend to final participant" My village, my pried" competition (2011). Organized by Gram web
5. Documentary film "play & learn" (duration-1min) screening to international conference on "Teriary Education: Realities and Challenges (2013)". Organized by Daffodil International University (DIU).
6. Short film "Kukurer poti…” (10.09 min) produced by Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute (BCTI)
a. Twice screening to 11 countries participate "International documentary & short film festival-2015" 4-9 September, Dhaka, Bangladesh Organized by deki projojona.
b. screening to Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute 2nd foundation program 1-2 November, 2015 at National Museum Auditorium.
c. screening at Pori, Finland, 29 November as Part of "1st Pori Film Festival, 25-29 November,2015”.
d. screening at 19 January as Part of 14th Dhaka international film festival-2016, 14-22 January, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
e. Award-Best sound take cetagory. "Sodesi Short Film Festival & Compition-2015”, 3-5 January-2016. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
f. screening at 17 March as Part of U-Special International Campus Film Festival-2016.NewDhilli, India.
g. screening at 18 May at 44th Festival of Nations-2016, 13-19 May, Lenzing, Austria
h. screening at 2 September at International FerFilm Festival-2016, 2-6 September, Ferizaj, Kosovo.
i. screening at 11 October at CINE ECO 2016-22nd International Festival of Environmental Cinema of Serra da Estrela, 8-15 October-2016, Seia, Portugal
j. screening at 7 November at Hrithik Ghothok Film Festival, 4-8 November -2016,Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
k. screening at 18 November at 20th Faludi Youth Film Festival-2016, 18-19 November, Budapest , Hungary.
j. screening at 27 March at 6th Bijoy Film Festival, 27-28 March -2017,Rajshahi College, Rajshahi,Bangladesh.

7. Short film `orthohin mhuhortho(1.5 min)
8. Nesha khor (3 min)
9. Short film ` Mitali joins the battle’ (10:09 min)
A. screening at 2 December at 6th Dheki International Motion Picture’s Festival-2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
B. screening 18 March at 1st Rajshahi International Film Festival, 17-21 March -2017, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

10. Documentary film ` Lessons for new days going on in silence "(12:16 min).

MITALI JOINS THE BATTLE - 10th ed. [read synopsis]


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