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The artist: Thiago B. Mendonca

Thiago B. Mendonca [Brazil]
Thiago B. Mendonca is a director, screenwriter and playwriter. He has a distinguished career in Brazil as a filmmaker. His films participate in major brazillian festivals (Gramado, Brasilia, It's all true) and also by international festivals (Amiens, Amsterdan, Hamburgo, Huelva, Shangai, Barcelona, Sapporo, Bogota, Montevideu, etc), receiving numerous awards. He works with important Brazilian directors of the new generation as a screenwriter. He is also a music composer, curator and film critic. It stands out in Sao Paulo as a cultural activist. He is one of the founders of the carnival group "Cordao da Mentira" (intervening against the military regime's torturers), member of the Zagaia Collective, editor of the magazine of aesthetic criticism Zagaia and director of Cia do Terror Theater Group.

ESPERANDO GORDAO - 10th ed. [read synopsis]



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