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The artist: Gio Lingao

Gio Lingao [Philippines]
Bio: Gio Lingao is an independent filmmaker living in Las PiƱas. In 2014, he made his first short film Without A Soul, followed by Degrees Of Separation in 2016. His feature debut Heartbeats is currently in progress.

Director's Statement: It is composed of self-documented footage shot inside the bathroom of our home beside my room. The footage contains body portraits of my strange quirks and behavior drawn out by the sense of isolation in this particular place and space. Whenever I'm bathing myself, these subconscious involuntary movements are somehow paired with some of my long lost memories and sudden realizations in my mind. This personal experience led me to the making of this film: it is an exploration of the separation of man and his long lost memories and epiphanies that are physically and mentally translated within small cracks of his emotions and movements. It is accompanied by a short poem that I wrote about my consciousness then. This personal experience and exploration also speaks about my emotional separation with some friends, family, and close relatives that I lost touch with, as I grew apart from all the beliefs and principles that kept our lives connected to each other.

DEGREES OF SEPARATION - 10th ed. [read synopsis]


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