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The artist: Roberto Voorbij

Roberto Voorbij [Netherlands]
Roberto Voorbij (1974). Lives and works in Amsterdam. Studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts and - as part of an exchange program - at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he was taught by, among others, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle. For his B.F.A. graduation he was nominated for the ‘Prins Bernhard Fund’ and the ‘Piet Bakker Prize’, and more recent for the ‘Artist in Action Prize’. Public space, commerciality and (national) identity are recurring themes in Voorbij's work. What highly fascinates him about this is the underlying politics and marketing strategy of our seemingly neutral environment. Notable exhibitions: '9streetsRED' - Amsterdam, ‘The Summer Exhibition' - The Municipal Museum, The Hague, 'Silence is a lie' - SEZ, Berlin, ‘FREEDOM? PRIVACY?’ - Decumanus Gallery, Krk, Croatia, ‘TheArtFabric’ - São Paulo, Construction Festival 2015 - Ukraine.

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