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The artist: Eloi Biosca

Eloi Biosca [Spain]
I'm a Catalan photographer and filmmaker. My interest in the nude form in video does not only proceed from the values associated with natural living and freedom, which although I hold these values and they are present in my work, do not constitute its principal inspiration. For me, working with the nude form in the video medium satisfies another, stronger need, which is to teach how to see and value the beauty of the male body when it appears completely naked in situations and contexts of daily life and especially when it is in motion. I believe it is important to create sequences in which the contemplation of a nude man moving can generate a strong visual attraction capable of seducing the spectator by the beauty of the images, and that from the aesthetic pleasure these provoke one can, if possible, caress one's sensuality.
I also believe that in order to achieve these ends it is necessary to avoid the reflection of very elaborate movements, enacted by adequately trained dancers or athletes, and instead to go looking, among non-professional models, for the gestures and actions of daily life, which owing to their naturalness and freshness are potentially more stimulating.
Currently I have a doctorate from the University of Barcelona and I work in education.
Also, I'm a photografpher and, now, video nude art is a new field for me.

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