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The artist: Alessio De Marchi

Alessio De Marchi [Italy]
Alessio De Marchi grew up playing with materials. In 1999 he discovered his passion for e-waste and began producing some first experimental works.
In 2004, after graduating from the State School of Arts in Torino, Italy, he began working as a goldsmith in a master artisan's atelier and got a Master's degree in jewellery engineering at Politecnico di Torino, temporarily setting aside his sculptures to learn about precious metals and metallurgy. He then furthered his expertise in the entertainment industry working at Disneyland Paris. After serving a year as civil servant for a youth development program in Burundi, Africa, he is now student in International Sciences at Univesity of
Torino. Since 2014, he has started up the WHAT WEEE ARE project, which brings together all his experience. The project aims at raising awareness over the broader issues regarding our technological world. Hands-on experience, creativity and technical expertise make of him a 360° artist with a touch of social and political entrepreneurship.

WHAT WE ARE - WEEEDROPONICS - 10th ed. [read synopsis]



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