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 The artist behind the video 

A new program of interviews to video artists

This week we launch a long series of interviews with international video artists, that will go under the title: "The artist behind the video".
All the questioned artists answer to the same eight question, so we can draw a wide overview over some defined themes. The interviews will be published weekly, and the order is simply that of reception.
We hope this will offer new sparks of reflections for all videoart lovers...
The interview of this week is with:
Nara Denning
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(posted on 2015-03-29)

European Independent Film Festival

ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival is pleased to present the experimental films of three video artists: KEPLER by George Drivas, MY NAME IS FRANCO AND I LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE by Silvia De Gennaro and OUT OF REACH (RAIN NIGHT) by Pablo Diartinez.
The tenth edition of ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival will take place in Paris from April 10th12th and screen 85 films from 32 countries. ÉCU is the premier event for independent cinema in Europe who fosters the very best Independent filmmakers in the world.The filmmakers will compete for 25 awards in 12 categories, including The Best European Independent Film 2015. ÉCU 2015 will also present the: Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking and Women Filmmakers Award and Special Award for Excellence in Women’s Filmmaking.
George Drivas is a Greek filmmaker that lives between Athens and Berlin. Jumping to one city to another gives him the possibility to find new stimula and improve his technical skills in experimental film creation. He has won numerous prizes for his work and participated in many contemporary art festivals. KEPLER is the name of a newly discovered planet that could offer the same life conditions of Earth.
Silvia De Gennaro is unique Italian filmmaker in ÉCU’s Official Selection. In the last ten years she has worked with digital photography, animation and video art. She participated in numerous videoart festivals like Visionaria and F.I.V.E Feelings International Videoart Experience. MY NAME IS FRANCO AND I LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE is about a man of 2033 who decides to disconnect himself from the network in order to find his identity. Analysing media’s impact on human life with an ironic view is one of the filmmaker’s goals.
Pablo Diartinez is a Spanish director who works in different art fields such as music, painting, graphic design, animation, film direction and transmedia arts. OUT OF REACH (RAIN NIGHT) the first instalment in a series of short films that adapts poetry to the screen by means of a musically animated collage of motion graphics, texts and silent live action scenes. He aims to point out that his cinema is not a mere way of shooting films, but a fusion cinema.
ÉCUThe European Independent Film Festival will take place in Paris at Cinéma 7 Parnassiens from the 10th to 12th April.


(posted on 2015-02-18)

GLOWFestival III° Edizione 2015

Festival Internazionale dedicato alla luce, al video mapping e ai suoi risvolti artistici per la valorizzazione dei beni culturali

4 – 6 Aprile, Centro Storico di Ostuni (Br)

"L'architettura è il gioco sapiente, rigoroso e magnifico dei volumi nella luce" Le Corbusier

Giunto alla sua III° Edizione, il GLOWFestival – curato dal GlowArp Studio e dal collettivo “Primitivi Digitali” – decide di regalare un'esperienza ancora più inebriante e coinvolgente. Il 2015 è stato proclamato dall'UNESCO “Anno Internazionale della Luce e delle Tecnologie basate sulla Luce”, e il GLOWFestival ha avuto il patrocinio da parte dello YIL (Year International of Light)! Le novità di quest'anno sono tante, tutte finalizzate a utilizzare la luce come forma artistica. Le attività previste:

° call di video mapping con la scelta di una delle tre location messe a disposizione;
° mapping 4kids! Possono partecipare i bambini di tutte le età, colorando i tracciati che metteremo a disposizione. Così vedranno il loro disegno proiettato su una delle tre location di video mapping;
° call per la stampa del gadget in 3D del Festival;
° call per installazioni che abbiano come tema la luce;
° BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer - Porta il tuo proiettore) nel centro storico di Ostuni. Il GLOWFestival ti offre la possibilità di far vedere a tutti cosa sei in grado di fare con il tuo proiettore e computer!
° Workshop e seminari durante i giorni del GLOWFestival.

Queste le attività che includono e coinvolgono quanti si sentono chiamati a partecipare attivamente. Per chi invece vorrà godere della magica atmosfera della terza edizione del Festival di Video mapping indoor, GLOWFestival inaugura alle ore 21.00 del 4 aprile. Ogni serata ha inizio alla stessa ora e termina alle 24.00. La sede di svolgimento è il Centro Storico di Ostuni, in cui saranno allestite le seguenti location: il Chiostro di San Francesco, il Museo delle Civiltà Preclassiche della Murgia Meridionale, Via Cattedrale e Arco Scoppa. L’ingresso è gratuito.
fb: www.facebook.com/pages/GLOWFestival/288029448005205?ref=hl
twitter: https://twitter.com/glowfestival_it
a cura di Paola Loparco / 329.2624747


Thank you, videoartists from around the world!

Magmart IX edition is ending (very few days, until deadline on april 5), and we count +620 submissions... (so many, that we delay in updating the website, a few more days!)
We have received videos from:
Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.
Wow! Thank you again to all of you!!!

International database of video artists

A new great new initiative by Magmart!
In view of a forthcoming international project focused on building a network of curators, we have launched an international campaign for the creation of a database on video artists.
This will be a useful tool for all curators that work with videoart. More, this database will be always open to your full worker management. At any time, you can access and modified the stored data, add new informations, or simply remove your presence. And, obviously, we'll never use your data for commercial purpose and don't transfer them to third part, neither for money nor for free.
Take part you too, linked to videoart database, check if your email address is already present, and enter your details. Otherwise, register and input your data!

100x100=900 catalogue

The 100x100=900 catalogue (214 pages, A4) finally available!
100 artists, 57 partners, 40 curators from around the world, for the project which celebrated 50 years of video art.
Order now your copy of printed catalogue!


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