Magmart XI edition is now!
The edition 2018/2019 of Magmart, the XI of our story, is start! Submit your video(s) from now, until april 2019. Read the rules and become part of our good story!
We'll wait for your submission...
Macro-scopio: seminars on videoart
Macro-scopio, a project born by collaboration between Magmart and Pensiero Meridiano, in partnership with Macro, announces the schedule of seminars to be held at the Macro museum in via Nizza, Rome, starting next October.
Stay tuned!
- Videoart and cinema (reciprocal influences and invasions of field, places of border between the narration and the experimentation)
wednesday october 10 and wednesday october 24
- Videoart and exhibition space (moving-image in museums, galleries and in public spaces, the installation and interactive video)
wednesday november 7 and wednesday november 21
- Videoart and art market (collecting and distribution, dissemination channels)
wednesday december 5 and wednesday december 19
- Videoart and visual communication (tv, new media, musical clips)
wednesday january 9 and wednesday january 23
- Videoart and Festivals (the dialectic between work and context, the work of the videoart festivals)
wednesday february 6 and wednesday february 20
- The female presence in video art (feminine videoart, today predominant as in a few other media, themes and ways)
wednesday march 6 and wednesday march 20

Walled Unwalled
During the Cold War, the East German republic designed and built prisons with walls weaponized against the prisoners within. Once perfected, the model for an “acoustics of incarceration” was exported to the Eastern Bloc, Colombia and Angola, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. The sonic penitentiaries became known as the “Mercedes-Benz of prisons,” ... [read more]
The New Infinity
Berliner Festspiele’s planetarium-inspired exhibition ‘The New Infinity’ in Mariannenplatz is host to a rotating cast of artists and performers throughout this month. To kick things off, game designer and artist David OReilly offered his immersive Eye of the Dream projection: a fusion of imagination, technology and science. In under two ... [read more]
This Structure Exists in Real Life
Digital Video Work by Orr Menirom Artist in Attendance! Monday, November 20 at 7:00 pm, $7-10 The Nightingale is delighted to present Orr Menirom and a solo screening of her digital video art. Surveying work from the past eight years, this screening follows Menrioms development from a sculpture background into a concrete exploration of the ... [read more]
Experimental & Expanded Animation
Call for papers for one day conference. Proposals are invited for an interdisciplinary one-day conference with an evening reception, screening and exhibition. At the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey, UK. THEME This conference aims to reach further into understandings of what experimental animation is and has been since Robert ... [read more]
Vidéo 1 Minute
VIDEOFORMES organise au niveau national un concours de création vidéo, soutenu par la DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, l'Atelier CANOPE 63, et le Rectorat de Clermont-Ferrand (D.A.A.C.). Ce concours est ouvert à tous les jeunes, aux établissements scolaires comme aux associations, et à échelle nationale. Le concours s’inscrit dans une ... [read more]
Marathon - Rassegna Online di Videoarte
Con la curatela di Alberto Ceresoli prende forma Marathon - Rassegna Online di Videoarte. Il progetto è sostenuto dal Comune di Bergamo, dall'Associazione Bergamo Smart City & Community, dall'Assessore all'Innovazione Giacomo Angeloni e dall'Assessore alla Cultura Nadia Ghisalberti, impegnati in un lavoro che riflette l'attenzione rivolta alle ... [read more]

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