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On next september, we'll launch the call for the IX edition of Magmart Festival. As usual, all details will be explained after the summer.
Meanwhile, I would like to explain the reasons, the sense, that has for me the festival. All along, since the first edition nearly a decade ago, there was the search for an opportunity of confrontation between video artists from around the world. Due an artist needs to know what is produced (artistically) in the world.
But during these years videoart has grown a lot - and obviously so are video artists, both in quality and in quantity. New festivals, also excellent, they were born, while festivals of art or photography have opened sections dedicated to videoart. It greatly increased general attention to videoart.
And of course, this growth also affects me, by asking new questions, which demanded new answers.
This is also why was born the project 100x100=900, which took the opportunity to celebrate 50 years of videoart to experiment with new forms - conceptually and organizationally.
From that experience, for me (and not just for me, I think), I have drawn important lessons, which led me to create then the project F.I.V.E., and most recently to kick off a new project, FOODS, destined to materialize in 2015.
All this has profoundly changed the perspective with which today I look at videoart, and then to my work in this field.
For this reason, the sense of Magmart Festival is not only to set up a showcase for international videoart. It is also a unique opportunity to discover new talent, a vantage point to understand the changes that pass through this artistic sector, a fundamental moment of reflection and processing for new challenges.
It is the moment in which are formed and matured ideas for new projects. And when it becomes possible to identify those who will be the protagonists of these projects, and take on these new adventures.
Appointment in September, then.

  Enrico Tomaselli
Festival Art Director

International database of video artists

A new great new initiative by Magmart!
In view of a forthcoming international project focused on building a network of curators, we have launched an international campaign for the creation of a database on video artists.
This will be a useful tool for all curators that work with videoart. More, this database will be always open to your full worker management. At any time, you can access and modified the stored data, add new informations, or simply remove your presence. And, obviously, we'll never use your data for commercial purpose and don't transfer them to third part, neither for money nor for free.
Take part you too, linked to videoart database, check if your email address is already present, and enter your details. Otherwise, register and input your data!
Remember that you can follow the Magmart news flow even on social network: join Magmart Videoart Network on FaceBook or follow @MagmartFestival on Twitter.

Next F.I.V.E. screenings

Seed Space (in Nashville / Tennessee, USA / America)
(curator: Adrienne Outlaw)
Seed Space organize the F.I.V.E. screening.
The screening will have place on June 7-Aug 9 at: Seed Space, Nashville, TN, USA


Centre 3 for Print and Media Arts (in Hamilton / Canada / America)
(curator: Andrew Butkevicius)
Centre 3 for Print and Media Arts organize the F.I.V.E. screening as follow: One day screening. The screening will coincide with the monthly Art Crawl in Hamilton.
The screening will will have place on 2014-08-08 at: At Centre 3, located at the heart of Hamilton’s arts district in Ontario. It will be screened at 6 and 8:30 pm


Seed Space (in Nashville / United States / America)
(curator: Adrienne Outlaw)
Seed Space organize screening a full screening of F.I.V.E. project.
The screening will will start on 2014-06-07 and go on until 2014-08-09 at: Seed Space gallery (Nashville, TN, USA) located at 1209 4th Ave. South


Jaaga Gallery (in Bangalore / India / Asia)
(curator: Tara Misra)
Jaaga Gallery organize a full screening of F.I.V.E. project.
The screening will will start on 2014-08-08 and go on until 2014-08-09 at: At Jaaga, No 68, KH Double Road Opp. Corporation Bank Next to the K H Road Bus Stand Bangalore - 560027, India


100x100=900 catalogue

The 100x100=900 catalogue (214 pages, A4) finally available!
100 artists, 57 partners, 40 curators from around the world, for the project which celebrated 50 years of video art.
Order now your copy of printed catalogue!

(posted on 2014-07-29)

HOT Pixels

MAGMA Contemporary Art Exhibition Area invites you to the exhibition of video art called Hot Pixels which will be held Tuesday, July 29, 2014, at 7pm.
Artists: Bartha József, Imre Bukta, Csiki Csaba, Csontò Lajos, Előd Izsak, Kispál Attila, Kozma Szabolcs, KissPál Eva, Yvette Martini, Simona Homorodean, Szabó Péter, Domokos Vancsa.
The exhibition will be open until August 15, every day except Mondays, from 11am to 7pm.


(posted on 2014-07-29)

Video Works

Ashkal Alwan is pleased to announce the call for applications to the fifth edition of Video Works.
The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan is a non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. Over the past 19 years, the association has been committed to the production, facilitation and circulation of creative and intellectual endeavors across a range of disciplines and media. Ashkal Alwan’s programs include the Home Works Forum on Cultural Practices, curated projects in Lebanon and abroad, the publication of literary works and artists’ books, artists-in-residency programs and the video production and screening program Video Works. Through these initiatives and others, the association has established itself as a reference within the cultural landscape of the region and beyond. In 2011, Ashkal Alwan launched Home Workspace, a 2000m² facility in Beirut dedicated to arts education and production.
Started by Ashkal Alwan in 2006, Video Works is a grant and screening platform aimed at supporting the development, production and diffusion of new projects by emerging artists and filmmakers working and/or residing in Lebanon.
All applications, must be submitted before August 20, 2014.
Applicants will be notified of results by September 10, 2014 and selected projects must be completed no later than March 1, 2015.


(posted on 2014-07-29)

World Of The IEC

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is launching a video competition – World of the IEC – asking you to create a new short video, illustrating what the IEC does.
The challenge is to create a High Definition video (no longer than 3 minutes) which demonstrates the use and importance of IEC Standards and Conformity Assessment in one of the following areas: home, technology or renewable energy.
The World of the IEC video competition has a prize fund of 5,500 Swiss Franc, 3,000 from which are reserved for the best video.
IEC work covers a vast range of technologies: power generation (including all renewable energy sources), transmission, distribution, Smart Grid & Smart Cities, batteries, home appliances, office and medical equipment, all public and private transportation, semiconductors, fibre optics, nanotechnology, multimedia, information technology, and more. It also addresses safety, EMC, performance and the environment.
The World Of The IEC contest is open to everyone, except employees of the IEC.


(posted on 2014-07-28)

TIME is Love.7 [Show 6]

TORRANCE ART MUSEUM presents TIME is Love.7 [Show 6]
International video art program Curated by Kisito Assangni
Amina Zoubir, Arnaud Brihay, Belle Shafir, Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo, Eva Olsson, Evelin Stermitz, Irina Gabiani, Justyna Scheuring, Laura Focarazzo, Marie-Paule Bilger, Marina Fomenko, Margarida Paiva, Nina Lassila, Rahman Hak-Hagir, Robert Croma, Said Rais, Saul Levine, Sheri Wills, Simone Stoll, S/N Coalition, Sylvia Toy St-Louis, William Esdale.
TIME is Love is a video art project gathering several artists, and has traveled to major cities in the world: New York, London, Berlin, Paris, seoul...
Preoccupied with love, the project represents love stripped from its traditional clichés and timeless idealism. Each of the artists leads an interdisciplinary practice bringing a questioning and a criticism on a system of relation to others which appears to us as being dying.
Taking these ambivalent feelings as a starting point, the artists develop their own language according to their sensibility and history. The selected videos deal with prevented communications, disturbed feelings, globalisation, memory and spirituality. As a result, each video inspires the viewer to question the normative understandings of relationships in the occidental world.
Special Thanks to Max Presneill & Annabelle Boko
23rd August - 18th October 2014
TORRANCE ART MUSEUM 3320 Civic Center Drive Torrance, California 90503 USA
Free Admission


(posted on 2014-07-28)

2014 Seen and Heard Festival

Submissions are now open for the 2014 Seen and Heard Festival in Melbourne.
Seen & Heard Film Festival is dedicated to celebrating the diverse and immense works from women working in an industry that under-represents their art.
We are currently taking film submissions from any female-identifying filmmaker (including directors, producers, editors, cinematographers, screenwriters, and production designers) wishing to apply. Shorts or features, animation, genre, documentary, comedy, experimental, horror, musicals, sci-fi, drama, silent cinema, and more are all welcome for what promises to be a thrilling and diverse festival in Melbourne, 2014.
Please note that premieres will be looked upon favourably, however we are happy to receive submissions that have screened at other festivals as well.
Film submissions close August 1st 2014.


(posted on 2014-07-28)

Clash of the Shorts

We’re inviting submissions for Beeldbuis Festival, which takes place between 4 – 7 September 2014 in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Beeldbuis is looking for exciting and divergent shorts with a max. running time of 15 minutes for our short film competition on September 6th.
Beeldbuis runs a competition for recent short films without any restrictions with regard to genre or form. The entry form, regulations and awards are available on http://www.beeldbuisfestival.nl.
Deadline for submission 1 August 2014 (max. running time 15 minutes, produced after 1 January 2012).
Deadline: 01/08/2014


(posted on 2014-07-28)

Interactive Haiku

Memes, Vines, and Buzzfeed are all formatted for.our internet age. We consume a lot and fast. Yet,short experiences aren’t synonymous with an absence of quality or depth. Just think of poetry and news,short films and comic strips… of haiku! If you were to bring that last form to life online, how would you design an interactive haiku? Interactive creatives, the National Film Board of Canada and ARTE challenge you to create a surprising, stirring and thought-provoking short interactive project. 12 proposals will be selected, produced and gradually rolled out online.


(posted on 2014-07-27)


CELEBRATION [2004-2014]
10 videos / 10 Artistas / 10 ciudades
Curador: Silvio De Gracia
Celebrating 10 year of trajectory, Videoplay project is presenting a powerfull selection of video-performances from 10 renowned artists. This programme will be exhibited in 10 cities around the world. If you want to be part of this project you only must communicate with the platform and propose a venue and date for the next months during 2014.
All details about the itinerant exhibition will be included in the web of the project and in a digital catalog.
Videoplay is an Argentina-based international platform for the dissemination of videoart over the world. This is a non-profitable initiative started in 2004 by the visual artist and curator Silvio De Gracia, who is an artist-run with an extensive experience of organization and curating international festivals and events in videoart. In 2002, De Gracia began a draft exhibition of video art in an international shown. This year and the next had taken place PLAY I and II - International Exhibition of Video Art in Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2004, PLAY has become an international festival, which main concept was to invite to worldwide curators, and create a basis for interchange and cooperation between curators and organizations devoted to dissemination of video art. This festival had three editions: 2004 [Signals of the world], 2006 [The mediatized body] and 2008 [man in transit]. Parallel to the festival, Silvio De Gracia started in 2004 Videoplay project, an instance of collaboration and exchange, and since this year he has introducing curatorial programs at various festivals and events around the world. In October 2010 PLAY Festival changed its name to TRANSVIDEOPLAY, an nomadic festival with venues in Sweden, South Korea, Argentina, Italy and Spain [ 2010-2011] This is the last event organized by Silvio De Gracia under festival format. In late 2010 began a new phase in which all activities are concentrated on the platform Videoplay, and the focal purpose is increase the networking with institutions, galleries and festivals interested in the field of video art.
Currently, Videoplay is focusing especially on the gender of the videoperformance and other works which, though not clearly framed within the category of art-action, reflect a deep anchorage in the performatic sphere. The main purpose is to spread the video performance made by artists from around the world, especially Latin American artists.


(posted on 2014-07-27)

2014 Transient Visions

Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image was established in 2013. It celebrates the cutting edge art of the moving image through screenings, exhibitions, performances, and other festival events, providing a cultural experience that enriches the local community. The Festival works as a venue to meet artists in this region and beyond, exchanging and sharing ideas, while developing mutual relationship.
We accept entries only via online form.
Location: Johnson City, NY, USA
Deadline: August 24 2014
Exhibition date: October 17 2014 - October 18 2014


(posted on 2014-07-27)

Les Rencontres Internationales

Les Rencontres Internationales opens its annual call for entries until the 16th of August, for the event that will take place in Paris at Gaîté Lyrique and other venues on December 1-7, 2014.
Among the main events in Europe dedicated to contemporary moving image practices, it proposes every year a new international program made of works by internationally renowned artists and filmmakers, along with works by young artists shown for the first time.
ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION can submit one or several works. The call for entries is open to film, video and multimedia works, without any restriction for length or genre. Any submission is free, regardless of geographical origins.
* Video / Experimental video
* Fiction, exp. fiction / Short, middle and full length
* Documentary, exp. documentary
* Experimental film
* Animation
* Video installation, multimedia installation
* Multimedia concert, multimedia performance
You can choose between two types of registration:
- 100% online entry form, without postal sending
- Entry form to use with regular mail
PLEASE FORWARD this information as much as possible to art and film organizations, art networks, production organizations, artists and filmmakers you are in contact with.
Les Rencontres Internationales offers a forum for reflection and discovery dedicated to pratices of contemporary moving image. It introduces guests from all over the world : artists, filmmakers, institutions and emerging organizations, giving us a picture of an on-going creation, of new issues raised by the evolution of the production methods and ways to present new works, and of the different emerging artistic and cultural contexts.
The Rencontres Internationales reflects specificities and convergences of artistic practices between new cinema and contemporary art, explores emerging media art practices and their critical purposes, and create a necessary time during which points of view meet and are exchanged.
The event aims at presenting works to a broad audience, at creating circulations between different art practices and between different audiences, as well as creating new exchanges between artists, filmmakers and professionals.
It seeks to contribute to a reflection on our contemporary culture of image via a compelling program opened to everyone.
Les Rencontres Internationales is supported by the City of Paris, the Regional Council of Île-de-France, the DRAC Île-de-France - Ministry for Culture and Communication.


(posted on 2014-07-26)

365 Day Project

The filmmaker and poet Jonas Mekas has been one of the most influential figures in experimental film since the 1960s. Born in Lithuania in 1922, he found his second home in New York City in 1949 where he personally encountered the artistic movements of the city, quickly becoming part of the avant-garde.
In his films, videos and installations, Jonas Mekas frequently centers on the complex of biographical memory, simultaneously exploring the technological singularities of the various mnemonic devices he audaciously uses: classic 16mm film, digital video systems, internet based video platforms and other forms of non-collective reception beyond the movie theater. “Mekas on film” is thus always also “Mekas on film”.
For the 365 Day Project, Mekas recorded a video on every day of 2007. The resulting collection of videos forms a fragmented audiovisual journal. We see landscapes, live recordings of public events, gatherings with friends such as Jean-Jacques Lebel, archive footage and Jonas Mekas himself, reflecting on philosophical questions.
In the exhibition, the project is presented as an installation of 52 screens that allows watching the videos both individually and simultaneously as a large mosaic of moving images. The filmic technique of montage, for Walter Benjamin the manifestation of film’s revolutionary potential, is spatialized and the construction of a timeline thus left to the viewer. In addition, in Mekas’ work, it is a potential of light and color as well, as Mekas uses not only cuts but also exposure to detonate “the dynamite of the tenth of a second” (Benjamin).
Still, the 365 Day Project is neither finale nor culmination of Mekas’ work, but only one part of many, one part of a continuous chronicle of events. Through Mekas’ homepage, his video diary entries for the past few weeks are already accessible.
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe Lorenzstraße 19 76135 Karlsruhe


(posted on 2014-07-26)

Art in the Dunes 2014

L'associazione culturale Eikon indice per la 5a edizione di 'Art in the Dunes, percorso tra arte e natura', il bando di partecipazione per il Premio Art in the Dunes 2014. Art in the Dunes e' un evento speciale e cio' che lo rende speciale e' soprattutto il luogo in cui e' ospitato, un luogo straordinario e raro della costa adriatica: la Riserva Naturale di Punta Aderci a Vasto, e precisamente il sistema dunale della spiaggia di Punta Penna con la sua tipica vegetazione. Qui, da ormai 4 anni, artisti di varia provenienza si sono cimentati con delle installazioni temporanee elaborate su un tema preciso. Si tratta di opere di land art o site specific, realizzate con materiali reperiti sul posto oppure con introduzione di nuovi, purche' compatibili con l'ambiente della riserva. L'idea della manifestazione e' nata quasi in modo spontaneo e nel tempo, dato il successo dell'iniziativa, e' andata via via evolvendosi. La finalita' della manifestazione e' duplice: da una parte quella di promuovere il talento artistico dei partecipanti rendendoli protagonisti di una esperienza unica e, dall'altra, quella di valorizzare la bellezza di questo ecosistema fragile e meraviglioso. L'opera della Natura e l'opera dell'uomo per una volta alleati, in un confronto sicuramente fruttuoso. Quest'anno l'associazione Eikon, che si occupa di organizzare e curare l'evento in collaborazione con il Comune di Vasto e la cooperativa Cogecstre, introduce una importante novita': da questa edizione, infatti, Art in the Dunes diviene Premio Art in the Dunes. Una giuria di esperti, infatti, in occasione del finissage, designera' l'opera vincitrice e consegnera' all'artista un premio in denaro. Altra novita': fotografi e videomakers racconteranno e interpreteranno con la massima liberta' l'evento, divenendone parte integrante. Il frutto del loro lavoro, infatti, sara' oggetto di una mostra successiva e di un ulteriore premio in denaro per ognuna delle due sezioni anch'esso designato da una giuria di esperti.


(posted on 2014-07-25)

Web Video Biennal

The Web Art Center, is looking for video artists / collaborators, to produce a Web Video Biennial, at the Web Art Center, between October 15 and December 31. This project, directed by Jose Vieira, is one more of he’s collaborating projects held at the WAC.
The first project, directed by Jose Vieira was the Fonlad Festival, that has been evolving to a regular festival, out side the internet.
After Fonlad, José Vieira has produced the following collaborating projects: Fake Festival 2010, Non Biennale 2011, Non Biennale 2014. Now the artist present a new project centered on video art for internet.
The project is open to all video artists who are interested in collaborate with José Vieira in a new web art project. Dead line for applications: September 30.
1. The WEB VIDEO BIENNALE is a Collaboration Web Art Project directed by the artist Jose Vieira, organized by the Web Art Center. 2014 will be the year of its first edition. It is intended to promote digital web video productions of several artists who approach the new technologies in contemporary art.
2. The WEB VIDEO BIENNALE will run from October 15 until December 31, 2014, at the virtual space of the Web Art Center.
3. Any artist with any nationality could apply. Any participant could apply as many works as he pleases.
4. The participation in the Biennial is free. There are no commissions and monetary prices. Whoever, special nominations will be consider for the best works proposed by artists.
5. All proposals must be sent up to 30 September 2014.
6. All interested artists may participate by fulfilling a submission form for each work, which will include: name, nationality, email address, website, brief artistic resume, technical details of the work [title, format and technique] and text illustrating the work presented.
7. Each participant must submit all the works in digital format. The works must be publish on internet (vimeo, youtube or personal website). All videos must be public. Private videos are not aceptable.
8. Each artwork should be submitted on line: Artists submit the link to the page where the video is posted (own site, vimeo, youtube, etc.) and a frame of it. Images cannot be larger than 2MB.
9. All proposals must be accompanied with a declaration of transfer of rights of sound, image and display. No works will be admitted without this declaration.
DECLARATION (to copy and past to the email): I (name) declare to Web Art Center, the right to use images, sounds, and display the materials submitted for the WEB VIDEO BIENNIAL, to be held between October 15 and December 31, 2014.
10. Works should be sent by email until September 30, 2014, together with the submission form and the statement of transferring rights of image, sound and display. Proposals received after that date or not accompanied by the registration form and declaration of rights of sound, image and display will be excluded from the biennale.
11. All projects that do not meet all requirements in this regulation will be excluded.
12. After the event, the organization reserves the right to store the images / videos received with the aim of building a gallery of digital projects.
13. The participation on the NonBiennale implies acceptance of these rules by the artist.
14. The emissive cases situations to these regulations will count on an applicability and resolution of the commission’s biennale.
For any doubt or clarification in relation to the organization of the biennale, contact: Jose Vieira: webartcenter@gmail.com


(posted on 2014-07-25)

Commission Opportunity for Artistic Documentary

The European Cities of Advanced Sound and related arts (ECAS) network is looking for a talented, open minded critical/experimental artist or artist collective, who share(s) our interest for experimental advanced music and related arts.
The artist / collective will be asked to follow the last term of our ECAS project from September 2014 until May 2015 in order to create an artistic documentary. ECAS is a network project involving nine partner festivals from Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, Norway, Latvia, Poland and Austria.
The aim of the documentary is to gain an artistic, outsider perspective on activities within the final stage of the project, titled Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future – Tools for an Unknown Future. As this call is a call for an artwork, you are invited to respond with creative freedom on form, structure and approach, while keeping in mind the ECAS project’s interest in collaboration, capturing the general atmosphere of each organisation/festival, and delivering close ups on special ECAS-related activities and the people involved therein.
The final result should definitely be a piece of art rather than a traditional journalistic piece. If possible, it should both reflect on the nature of each ECAS organisation/festival while also putting it in relation to other members within the network, in order to transfer the network’s essentials and spirit to the general audience. The aim would be that a non-involved public gets a broad idea of the different partners, organisational project members, their characteristics, unique or shared features and perspectives, in short: an impression on ECAS – a European project, its dynamics, its nature, its visual and auditive image. The differentiation between partners should be equally palpable as the common spirit of ECAS. Please keep in mind that ECAS is part of the bigger international network ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound and related Arts.
Distribution: The documentary will be promoted through ECAS media partners as well as other renowned media channels. It will also be spread via social networks of the different ECAS and ICAS network members.
Time Frame: September 2014 – 1 May 2015
It is mandatory that you or a member of your team is present at each of the below festivals and events. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered, on top of the commission fee.
Main ECAS project events:
TodaysArt, The Hague, The Netherlands, 25-28 September 2014
Cimatics, Brussels, Belgium, 27 September 2014
Skanu Mezs, Riga, Latvia, 10-11October 2014
Musikprotokoll, Graz, Austria, 9-12 October 2014
Unsound, Krakow, Poland, 12-19 October 2014
Insomnia, Tromsø, Norway, 22-25 October 2014
CYNETART, Dresden, Germany, 13-19 November 2014
CTM, Berlin, Germany, 26 January – 1 February 2015
FutureEverything, Manchester, UK, 25-28 February 2015
Project requirements:
- Your stay at each site must be agreed upon individually with each corresponding ECAS partner, depending on your concept.
- The artwork must be submitted by the beginning of May 2015 (proposed date 1 May). It will be premiered in Berlin, Germany within the project’s final activities in May 2015.
- This commission involves the production of the following formats:
Ongoing output during the project’s timeframe: e.g. teaser, trailer or similar, for web
Final product: Depending on its nature e.g. a video or audio format should have a length of 25-45min, other media should be adaptable for web
We offer / Your benefits:
- fee: 18.000€ (includes conceptualisation, production and post production)
- hospitality costs: accommodation, travel expenses etc. will be covered in addition to your fee
- important connections in the feld of advanced music and related arts in Europe and beyond
- deep insight into some of the most interesting festivals/organisations in Europe
- pre-briefing with documentation coordinator and representatives of each festival/organisation
We invite you to submit your project proposal including a rough timeline, CV(s), a maximum of three examples of your previous works and a short description of your motivation including an artistic statement by filling our online form.
Questions may be sent to info@ecasnetwork.org
DEADLINE: 31.07.2014


(posted on 2014-07-24)

New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards honoring the World’s Best TV & Films™ is now open for entries.
The 2015 competition unveiled a robust number of categories created to recognize creativity from media content creators around the globe. New Categories include: Life Style Program, Culinary Program, Student Program, Student Journalist, Online Comedy, Online Drama, and Drama Special. Several Promo categories were added to honor engaging program marketing: Animated Program Promo, Licensing/Branding Promo, and Children’s Program Promo.
This year’s category roster also includes Movie Trailer launched to recognize the often viral, creative art of the movie preview and the Video Art & Experimental Film categories which showcase emerging and avant-garde work from digital media artists.
“I'm thrilled about the addition of a Video Art and Experimental Film category to the New York Festivals. To me, it feels very appropriate to not only award the "World's Best TV & Films" but to put the spotlight also on the fundamental creative work done by media artists. Much as basic scientific research spawns commercial applications, video art and experimental film often inspire popular film and television productions, but generally find less recognition. By honoring outstanding artistic works, the New York Festivals will introduce them to a wider audience and generate a boost to appreciation of their cultural importance,” said Alexander Hahn, electronic media artist and New York Festivals Television & Film Awards Advisory Board /GrandJury® member.
Rose Anderson, Executive Director of New York Festivals Television & Film Awards strategically evaluates the competition’s categories annually; monitoring trends and creative/technological advancements within the television & film industry with appointed Advisory Board members and industry professionals from around the globe. Her mission is to honor the World’s Best TV & Films™. “Our entrants embody the wide spectrum of programming in all genres from all continents. NYF’s categories continually mirror the global trends within the industry and encourage the next generation of story tellers and talent, said Ms. Anderson. “Our agenda is simple—to celebrate the achievement of the many talented men and women who make up the worldwide creative community.”
The 2015 Television & Film Awards will take place at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 14th, 2015. This official partnership with NAB Show, now in its fifth year, showcases the competition to more than 98,000 media and entertainment professionals from 159 countries, including more than 1,700 industry press representatives, and over 1,700 exhibiting companies.
The 2014 NYF Television & Film Awards Grand Trophy winners were honored at last year’s NAB Show: Peaky Blinders, Endemol Worldwide Distribution, Caryn Mandabach Productions & Tiger Aspect Productions; The Men Who Built America, History Channel; and Lauren Season 2, WIGS. Prominent Gold Medal winners include: Pacific Rim, Industrial Light & Magic USA; Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Done + Dusted; The Battle of amfAR, Telling Pictures Company; The Vikings, History USA; and Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown CNN USA.
2014’s Specialty Awards included: ESPN USA earned the Broadcaster of the Year Award, The Edge Picture Company UK was awarded Production Company of the Year, David Mazza, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for NBC Sports Group, was honored with the New York Festivals Lifetime Achievement Award.
The deadline to enter the 2015 Television & Film Awards competition is October 15, 2014. Entry details and competition rules and regulations can be found on the NYF Television & Film Awards website.
All Entries in the 2015 competition will be judged online and screened by New York Festivals Television & Film Awards Grand Jury of 200 plus producers, directors, writers, and other creative media professionals from around the globe. Award-winning entries will be showcased on the NYF Television & Film Awards website.


(posted on 2014-07-24)

18º Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporânea Sesc Vídeo Brasil

29/07 Conversa com artistas e curadoria
Com os artistas Bakary Dialo (Mali) e Basir Mahmood (Paquistão), cujas obras foram premiadas no Festival, e a curadora convidada Júlia Rebouças. Bate-papo de abertura abordando os conceitos e processos envolvidos na exposição. 19h. Grátis. Teatro Sesc.
O Samba do Criolo Doido
Performance com o artista baiano Luiz de Abreu, que recebeu o grande prêmio da edição 2014 do Festival Sesc Videobrasil. A apresentação aborda a discriminação racial e sua incidência no corpo. A partir de elementos associados ao negro brasileiro, como samba, Carnaval e erotismo, e de referências à Pátria branca, o artista cria imagens que falam de racismo, de transgressão como forma de resistência e da importância do corpo na construção da identidade. 20h. Grátis. Teatro Sesc.
30/07-05/10 Exposição de trabalhos artísticos que se utilizam do vídeo a partir de diferentes técnicas e olhares. As obras abordam questões estéticas, políticas, sociais e subjetivas que caracterizam a contemporaneidade, enfatizando as tensões especícos do "circuito Sul". Os 14 trabalhos escolhidos para a exposição no Sesc Campinas foram premiados, ou tiveram menc'ão honrosa, dentre os mais de 100 que fizeram parte da mostra Panoramas do Sul, em cartaz no Sesc Pompeia no final de 2013. A exposição ainda disponibiliza para consulta cerca de 1300 obras em vídeo proveniente da Videoteca do Videobrasil, construída durante os 30 anos de existência do Festival. Grátis. Galpão Multiuso.


(posted on 2014-07-23)

Ragnar Kjartansson

A celebration of creativity, community, and friendship, The Visitors (2012) documents a 64-minute durational performance Kjartansson staged with some of his closest friends at the romantically dilapidated Rokeby Farm in upstate New York. Each of the nine channels shows a musician or group of musicians, including some of Iceland’s most renowned as well as members of the family that owns Rokeby Farm, performing in a separate space in the storied house and grounds; each wears headphones to hear the others.
As the music begins and repeats, individual players stop, start, and move between rooms. Viewed together, the individual videos present an ensemble performance Kjartansson calls a “feminine nihilistic gospel song.” The piece itself sets lyrics from a poem by artist Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Ragnar´s ex-wife, to a musical arrangement by the artist and Icelandic musician Davíð Þór Jónsson; the title comes from a 1981 album from Swedish pop band ABBA, meant to be its last.
ICA 100 Northern Avenue on Boston


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Festival of videoart that will take part every month at PPC Gallery (Berlin).
Last weekend of each month we will create a projection night when video makers will share their universes. From short movie to VJing we will love to explore videos in various dimensions.
Passionate and challenging filmmakers are invited to participate. They have a fifteen days to send us
your creations (up to 8 minutes), and we will choose the ones touching us.). Open call open from 22th of July
Line breaks: uni|verse
Pronunciation: /'ju?n?v??s
The Universe is all of spacetime and everything that exists therein, including all planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy. Similar terms include the cosmos, the world, reality, and nature.


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Field Broadcast / LUX Collection Residency

FIELD BROADCAST and LUX are delighted to announce a new collaborative residency programme based at LUX in association with FIELD BROADCAST's live broadcast programme.
Proposals are invited from artists and curators to undertake a research-based residency within the LUX collection, Europe's largest collection of artists' film and video, leading to the creation of a live broadcast screening event during the residency period at LUX.
Founded in 1966, the LUX Collection represents over 6000 works by more than 1500 artists dating from the early twentieth century to the present day. Originally established with a policy of open access submission, the changing nature of the organisation and its acquisition policies over the decades have created a eclectic combination of well-known and near unseen works, spanning experimental film, performance, essay film through to contemporary digital video.
Field Broadcast works with live digital broadcast as a medium, commissioning artists to make work specifically for this platform. Field Broadcast has developed through the practice of, and is run by, artists Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith. Field Broadcast works with a custom built app to send broadcasts directly to viewer’s desktops, tablets and phones, outside of a web browser. This method of transmission means that each broadcast arrives to the viewer unannounced, creating a unique experience for each viewer, who experiences the broadcast as an interruption in their daily activities.
This FIELD BROADCAST / LUX COLLECTION RESIDENCY invites artists and curators to consider the context of the LUX collection, as a history of artists' independent broadcasting and digital distribution, in relationship to a live event based practice. As part of the residency the artist or curator will be supported to stage a live broadcast (such as a screening programme for broadcast, talk/text or performance), developed with FIELD BROADCAST, that reflects on their project during the course of the residency.
Residency Period: 01 October 2014 - 30 November 2014
On Offer:
£800 Honorarium
£400 Production
Access to LUX and the LUX collection with desk space at LUX for up to 2 months
Curatorial, professional development and technical support from both Field Broadcast and LUX staff
Travel and accommodation is not included. Applicants must be a EU passport holder and/or a UK resident and not be in formal education during the residency period. Artist duos may apply but the total award remains the same.
Please read the above details carefully. Should you still have a query then you are welcome to contact Rebecca Birch at field@fieldbroadcast.org
Deadline for Applications: 5th September 2014


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Video Interview: Bill Viola's Martyrs

Video artist Bill Viola's latest installation Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) is now on permanent display at St Paul’s Cathedral.
Bill Viola and Tate curator Matthew Gale talk us through the genus of the project and how the artist took on the challenge of creating the first moving-image artwork to be installed in a British cathedral or church on a long-term basis.
Martyrs, a work by Bill Viola and Kira Perov, features four individuals, across four vertical screens, being martyred by the four classical elements Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Flames rain down, water cascades, winds rage, and earth flies up. However, each martyr’s resolve remains unchanged during the darkest hour of the martyr’s passage through death into the light.
Tiny Deaths was made in 1993. Barely visible figures are perceived in the darkened space until crescendos of light and sound bring moments of drama. The three projections envelop the viewer in the intense experience of the appearance and sudden disappearance of these presences.
Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) by Bill Viola is now on permanent display at St Paul’s Cathedral and will be accompanied by a second piece entitled Mary from 2015. For more information on the work, please visit the St Paul’s website.
This video interview is part of TateShots, a great online video series about art and artists.



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