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Magmart new project!
VideoWords is the fifth special project by Magmart. And it comes at a particular time, at the turn of the covid19 pandemic, which will undoubtedly mark a global cultural change - for better or for worse we still don't know.
The pandemic, and in particular the lockdown measures variously adopted in many countries of the world, has in any case already had a significant impact on the methods of use of the visual arts: closed at home, people have seen the online artistic offer grow exponentially, in especially that of video art. Last but not least, always on the initiative of Magmart, the #videovirus marathon should be remembered.
There are therefore the preconditions for video art to try to hook an audience wider than that of the insiders.
With this new project, the focus is this time on words. Fifteen pairs of words, antinomical to each other, which represent as many aspects of life, emotions and human expectations. Thirty international artists, therefore, are called to interpret these words - what they represent - trying to weave a dialogue with the public.
As visually represented also in the project logo, the intention is to pierce the viewer's eye so that he sees everything he usually doesn't see - and perhaps he doesn't want to see. Just like in the opening scene of the surrealist Un chien andalou, and with the same ambition.
The challenge, as always, is in the hands of the artists who take it up.
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A exposição Vídeo_MAC, com curadoria de Roberto Moreira S. Cruz, resgata um acervo e um momento muito especiais da história do MAC USP. Ela traz vídeos de artistas que atuaram na instituição, entre 1977 e 1978, num projeto pioneiro para um museu de arte no Brasil: um setor de vídeo que funcionou como uma espécie de laboratório no qual ... [read more]

Maat / Videoarte em Agosto #2
“We do not erase the truth, nor indeed the lie”, the slogan of may 68. The session is a series of silent films, the Ciné-tracts, short films, deliberately anonymous, made from may 1968, in Paris. They were always filmed in the form of an unsigned collective work, sometimes by confirmed directors, such as Jean-Luc Godard or Chris Marker. ... [read more]

YICCA 20/21
INTERNATIONAL CONTEST OF CONTEMPORARY ART L’obiettivo del concorso è quello di promuovere gli artisti iscritti, dando la possibilità agli stessi di entrare a far parte concretamente del mercato dell’arte contemporanea internazionale. Internazionalità e networking rendono YICCA un’immensa opportunità per gli artisti iscritti, che ... [read more]

Prototype Conversations
“It’s deeply weird that the internet has made cats and radio famous, but not video art.” – Lauren Carroll Harris, curator, Prototype Go beyond cat and corona-memes with our series of free, online conversations about video, art and the makings of both at a time when everyone is being sucked into the internet at high-speed. Presented in ... [read more]

FUSO 2020
LISBON INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL Created in 2009, FUSO is the only open-air video art festival in Lisbon, in unique spaces such as gardens and museum cloisters. With free admission and over six nights, the festival welcomes artists, curators, the general public and Portuguese institutions involved in this artistic practice. A ... [read more]

Barbara Marcel
5.8. – 7.9.20 In the IBB-Video Space Barbara Marcel is a Brazilian artist and film-maker. Her works explore historical views of nature and how these relate to colonial imagery. The artist devoted her doctoral dissertation to the essay film as a genre and as a historiographical tool for decolonial thought. Her explicit focus is on issues in ... [read more]

Denis Ogorodov and a New Wave of video artists
It would be a bit blasé to say that media post-production has changed drastically in recent years. Of course it has changed. A workflow so heavily dependent on technology and online solutions can’t avoid shifting alongside the tech that makes it possible. But post-production isn’t only changing on a technical level. We are now seeing a ... [read more]

Cloud Sculptures Over the Atacama Desert
On Saturday 8th August Terry Flaxton's new moving image artwork "Cloud Sculptures Over the Atacama Desert" will be released on Sedition Art for £40 but for those with the code it will be free. This will be made available on Saturday so please tune in here to get this work for free.

VI Festival Video Arte Palmira
JUNIO - OCTUBRE 2020 Palmira, Colombia UrbanArte Corporación Cultural con el apoyo del programa nacional de concertación de Ministerio de Cultura, Distrito al Foco Palmira, Colectivo Rosado Crema, Cronotopo Docs+Films (Chile), Cine Recursivo, en alianza con CINETORO Experimental Film Festival, Fincali - Festival de Cine Ambiental de Cali, ... [read more]

Welcome to heaven
NRW-Forum Düsseldorf Elma Selman & Ivana Rezek: The Present Ivana Rezek ‘The Present’ is a fragment of a larger collaborative performance ‘The Return’, performed on a bridge in Sarajevo in September of 2011, which dealt with the issues of returning home after great trauma and moving on with life. The performer, in order to liberate ... [read more]

One Minute vol. 10
A project by Kerry Baldry (UK) from the 1st of august to teh 10 of september 2020 VisualcontainerTV is proud to present the new 10th volume of the collection of videoart created by Kerry Baldry during several years of research Artists: Gordon Dawson and Louisa Minkin, Anna Mortimer, Zeljko Vukicevic (Zhel), Eva Rudlinger, Bob Georgeson, ... [read more]


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