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Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival
Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival is a pioneering showcase of avant-garde and experimental cinema in Turkey. Our goal is to bring the best in contemporary experimental cinema from around the world to live audiences in Istanbul. Our festival aims to advance artistic expression while creating a genuine networking platform for ... [read more]
Designed Reminiscence Vol.2
Designed Reminiscence Vol.2 is the second event in a larger screening series of the same name. The program will include films and videos - from all over the world - that explore concepts of family, home and memory. By focusing on these essential components of the human experience, Designed Reminiscence attempts to bridge the geographic and ... [read more]
Acción34.361 de [1668]
Festival Mucho Más Mayo. 19.05.2019 a las 12:30h Acción "34.361" de [1668] para el festival Mucho Más Mayo Cartagena que se realizará con Aisa Boaa, Domix Garrido, Mario Gutiérrez Cru y nuevos colaboradores. Un proyecto de [1668] que desde el año 2014 trabajamos por la concienciación sobre el drama de la migración, fronteras y refugiados ... [read more]
Arthur Jafa Awarded Golden Lions at 58th Venice Biennale
The jury for the 58th Venice Biennale has presented its Golden Lion awards to artist Arthur Jafa, recognized as best participant for the film The White Album, and the Lithuanian Pavilion, which won best international pavilion for the indoor beach opera-performance Sun & Sea (Marina) by the artists Lina Lapelyte, Vaiva Grainyte and Rugile ... [read more]
IVHAM 2019
Además de la exposición: “En un fist fast” de Rocio Boliver (Congelada de Uva) Museo C.A.V. La Neomudéjar y las Instalaciones de video de Marta Lázaro, Marta Azparren, Jeroen Clukers y Sandrine Deumier en Museo Zapadores Ciudad del Arte contaremos con las siguientes actividades: Miércoles 22 de Mayo 12:30 Museo C.A.V. La Neomudéjar ... [read more]
Karrabing Film Collective
MoMA PS1 presents the first solo museum exhibition in the United States of the Karrabing Film Collective, an indigenous media group based in Australia’s Northern Territories that uses filmmaking and installation as a form of grassroots resistance and self-organization. The exhibition features the collective’s entire filmic output to date, ... [read more]

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