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Magmart XI edition is now!
The edition 2018/2019 of Magmart, the XI of our story, is start! Submit your video(s) from now, until april 2019. Read the rules and become part of our good story!
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Macro-scopio: seminars on videoart
Macro-scopio, a project born by collaboration between Magmart and Pensiero Meridiano, in partnership with Macro, announces the schedule of seminars to be held at the Macro museum in via Nizza, Rome, starting next October.
Stay tuned!
- Videoart and cinema (reciprocal influences and invasions of field, places of border between the narration and the experimentation)
wednesday october 10 and wednesday october 24
- Videoart and exhibition space (moving-image in museums, galleries and in public spaces, the installation and interactive video)
wednesday november 7 and wednesday november 21
- Videoart and art market (collecting and distribution, dissemination channels)
wednesday december 5 and wednesday december 19
- Videoart and visual communication (tv, new media, musical clips)
wednesday january 9 and wednesday january 23
- Videoart and Festivals (the dialectic between work and context, the work of the videoart festivals)
wednesday february 6 and wednesday february 20
- The female presence in video art (feminine videoart, today predominant as in a few other media, themes and ways)
wednesday march 6 and wednesday march 20

CONVOCATORIA ABIERTA DE VIDEO ARTE Y GIF Acerca de PDS#3: En las primeras ediciones de PDS nos propusimos ocupar un espacio, nuestro pregunta era qué hacer en un patio de servicio de un hotel, nuestra sede original. Esa pregunta define nuestro festival: PATIO DE SALVATAJE es un lugar de acopio, abastecimiento, suministro , ... [read more]
Elisabetta Di Sopra, Pietas
Bugno Art Gallery è lieta di presentare la personale di ELISABETTA DI SOPRA PIETAS. La mostra, curata da Daniele Capra, raccoglie una dozzina di opere – video e stampe fotografiche di alcuni dei più significativi fotogrammi – frutto di tre recenti progetti dell’artista accomunati dall’analisi dei concetti della dedizione, della cura, ... [read more]
Videoformes @ St-Petersbourg
VIDEOFORMES présente une selection de vidéos du 15 au 17 novembre au musée d'art moderne de St-Petersbourg, en présence du commissaire Gabriel Soucheyre / VIDEOFORMES. VIDEOFORMES presents a video art selection from November 15 to 17 at the Museum of Modern Art in St. Petersburg, in the presence of curater Gabriel Soucheyre / ... [read more]
Artists working in moving image
OPEN CALL for artists working in moving image, film, performance and zines/editions The screening event will be on Friday 7th December 2018. Doors at 7pm. Run in collaboration with the BF artist film festival DEADLINE 21 NOV 23:59 Moving image/film artists We are looking for works of length under 30mins to contribute to a screening cinema ... [read more]
Desperate Artwives and Leyden Gallery present SHESHOWS in collaboration with artist Christina Vasileiou and Katy Howe. Women are programmed, both genetically and socially, to bear. We bear growing up in patriarchal world. We bear physical discomfort on a regular basis. We bear pressures around our appearance. We regularly bear unwanted sexual ... [read more]
Proyector 2019
12º Festival de videoarte CONVOCATORIA: hasta el 31 diciembre 2018 12º Videoart Festival OPENCALL: until 31 December 2018 INFO: Solo 1 vídeo / Only 1 video!

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