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The submission time for Magmart Festival is over; thank you to all videoartists that has submitted their videos, doing this was a record edition.
Waiting to know the 30 selected by the jury, see you all at the next edition. But keep in touch, our projects are not finished ...

In the meanwhile, look at the videos of this edition!
(591 - the list is till on update)

 The artist behind the video 

A new program of interviews to video artists

This week we launch a long series of interviews with international video artists, that will go under the title: "The artist behind the video".
All the questioned artists answer to the same eight question, so we can draw a wide overview over some defined themes. The interviews will be published weekly, and the order is simply that of reception.
We hope this will offer new sparks of reflections for all videoart lovers...
The interview of this week is with:
Nara Denning
read the Interview

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(posted on 2015-05-06)

Magmart at FONLAD & IVHAM

Magmart has been invited to present own selection to FONLAD (Portugal) and IVHAM (Spain).
The video presented at FONLAD are:
Anatomy of a Poem - Rebecca Ruige Xu (United States), Little Falling Words - Igor Imhoff (Italy), O. - Adrian Regnier Chavez (Mexico), Topology of the Nine Circles / Open Set 5 - Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain), Ungun - Jessica Fenlon (United States).
The video presented at IVHAM (just italian artists) are:
370 New World - Marcantonio Lunardi, Blackpainter - Elena Tagliapietra, Eruptio - Roberto D'Alessandro, Har- 1Ts V 1-3 studio - Donato Arcella, In the Cave (of technology) - Alessandro Amaducci, Lights of change - Lucio Inserra, Meandro Rosso - Paolo Bandinu, Reverse metamorphosis - Eleonora Manca, SpreadYourSelf - Luca Acito, Unter oben - Francesca Amati, Vuoto lucente - Carlo Pucci, Zero - Igor Imhoff.

(posted on 2015-05-05)

Guest artists at 19th Festival Videobrasil

Internationally recognized and with artistic researches into issues of the South, artists Abdoulaye Konaté (Mali), Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal), Kcho (Cuba), Rodrigo Matheus (Brazil), Sonia Gomes (Brazil) and Yto Barrada (Morocco/France) are the guests for the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas
In past editions, major solo shows by artists like Olafur Eliasson and Peter Greenaway were held parallel to the exhibition of artists selected via the open call for the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, encouraging a dialogue between art productions from the global South and North. This year, the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas goes in-depth on the global South, featuring an exhibition by guest artists whose focal point is the Africa-Caribbean-South America triangulation.
Abdoulaye Konaté (Mali), Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal), Kcho (Cuba), Rodrigo Matheus (Brazil), Sonia Gomes (Brazil) and Yto Barrada (Morocco/France) are the artists invited by the committee composed of curators Bernardo de Souza (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), Bitu Cassundé (Ceará, Brazil), João Laia (Lisbon, Portugal) and Júlia Rebouças (Sergipe, Brazil), working in collaboration with Solange Farkas, the Festival’s chief curator. The selected artworks attest to the potency of art production from this geopolitical area and reflect the radicalization of this edition’s proposal, which transformed the South and its myriad issues into the core of the curatorial axes. The 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas will run from October 6 to December 6, 2015, at different venues throughout the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The six artists have been invited for their backgrounds and their landmark research work into the global South — and in keeping with the curatorial guidelines in place for this edition.
Abdoulaye Konaté, one of the most revered contemporary artists from Africa, was the first artist invited for the 19th Festival, opening the curatorial research work for this edition. Abdoulaye will present a brand new piece commissioned especially for this edition of the Festival: a large panel built with fabric, using a technique he has developed since the ‘90s, which updates this fundamental form of African expression. His striking commentaries on globally relevant political and environmental issues, coupled with the artisanal, aesthetical traditions of Mali, have made his work central to the Festival and to the choice of other guest artists. The nefarious effects of globalization, human rights violations, genocide, the impact of AIDS, deforestation, dictatorship and wars, religious extremism, and African immigration are some of the issues he takes on in his work. The softness of weaving opposes the harshness of the subject matters Abdoulaye works with, rendering his critique all the more powerful. Konaté has participated in the Documenta 12 (2007), in biennials in Africa, including Dak’Art and the Johannesburg Biennale, and exhibited in museums like Centre Pompidou (Paris, France), Moderna Museet (Stockholm, Sweden) and the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, Holland), and his work is part of the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA) and the Musée National du Mali (Bamako, Mali), among others. He was recently featured in a comprehensive retrospective show at Berlin’s Blain|Southern, curated by Koyo Kouoh, the art director for Raw Material (Senegal) and a member of the Award Jury for the 18th Festival (2013).
Resonating with African culture and featuring fabric as its primary material, the work of Sonia Gomes converses with Konaté’s production. At age 67, the Brazilian artist has developed her art for over four decades, although she only achieved public renown recently, as attested by her participation in the main show of the 56th Venice Biennale. In her work, Sonia Gomes creates complex three-dimensional structures with twisted up fabrics, embroidery and juxtapositions. They, however, are not new or recently acquired materials, but ones impregnated with the past, which the artist either found or received. The artist was born in the city of Caetanópolis, a major textile hub in Minas Gerais, and her work translates the popular influence of her maternal grandmother, a midwife and spiritual healer, and the scholarly influence of her paternal family, from whom she got her formal education. Sonia Gomes builds a private cosmos connected with family memory, racial identity and social history, all the while discussing the possibilities of sculpture. Pieces from series like Torções and Patuás will be brought together for the Festival, producing a previously unseen large-scale artwork.
Transit in the works of Kcho and Yto Barrada
In their inquiries, guest artists Kcho (Cuba) and Yto Barrada (Morocco/France) set out to understand migration flows
The oeuvre of the French-Moroccan Yto Barrada, who recently won the The Abraaj Group Art Prize, takes on the complex Africa-Europe relationship. Wallpaper – Tangier, to be featured in the 19th Festival, is a blown-up reproduction of wallpaper from an Alpine landscape the artist photographed from inside a cafeteria in Tangier. Besides being a clear exercise in meta-language and a discussion on the nature of image, it is also a denunciation of how both sceneries (the original one and the café’s) lose their own identities and are instead seen from the prism of exoticness. The founder and president of Cinémathèque de Tanger (devoted to developing film culture in Morocco), Barrada contemplates the political, physical and psychological barriers that shape the lives of Moroccans, and inquires: what is the condition of a place whose people want to leave? As the government of Morocco strives to lure tourists in, thousands of Moroccans make the illegal and perilous crossing to Europe via the Strait of de Gibraltar, to which Tangiers has access.
One of Cuba’s leading contemporary artists, Kcho looks into issues relating to displacement, migration and insularity via installations, sculptures and drawings that incorporate aspects of Cuban iconography and everyday life. Built from reused objects that are clearly referential of the sea — like boat hulls, paddles and propellers —, his works boast a certain precariousness that endows them with an unstable factor. Kcho’s work at once reflects on his own biography and on the history of Cuba. The son of a carpenter and an arts teacher, he was born in one of the islands that form the country and made constant trips by sea to the main island. For the 19th Festival, he proposes a development of El David, a monumental installation shown in his solo exhibit at the Gran Teatro de La Habana (2012). Recently, Kcho has made his internet connection available to the Cuban people, creating his country’s first free internet point.
Detours of the gaze
Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal) questions the notions of territory and globalization through film language, whereas Rodrigo Matheus (Brazil) appropriates industrial or organic day-to-day objects, creating defamiliarization, new meanings and new possibilities of representation
In his work, Portugal’s Gabriel Abrantes subverts and problematizes Hollywood conventions as he transposes them into the reality of territories where, according to the artist, “the future is being outlined”. Hailed as a promising new Portuguese talent by Fundação EDP in 2009, Abrantes discusses the effects of colonialism, globalization and cultural and sexual identities in films shot in countries such as Angola, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Haiti. The artist will participate in the 19th Festival with Liberdade (2011), a short film made in Luanda that builds a metaphor about the country through the massive numbers of immigrants coming from China, incarnated by a sexually impotent young man in a relationship with a beautiful Chinese woman. Liberdade won prizes at the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) and at IndieLisboa (Portugal), both in 2011. A video program featuring works by Abrantes is also part of the Festival's schedule.
Finally, Brazil’s Rodrigo Matheus participates in the Festival with site-specific works distributed across the exhibition space, suggesting bridges with the artworks by other guest artists, acting as a sort of amalgam of the exhibit. Appropriating industrial artifacts or organic materials found in urban centers and in nature, Rodrigo Matheus creates sculptural bodies that deal with the hybrid culture-nature connections. In operating juxtapositions or putting these elements against each other, the artist breaks the logic of mass production and explores new possibilities of representing the very notion of functionality, creating defamiliarization and giving new meanings to technologies viewers were familiar with before. His work is featured in collections such as those of the Instituto Inhotim and the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo.


International database of video artists

A new great new initiative by Magmart!
In view of a forthcoming international project focused on building a network of curators, we have launched an international campaign for the creation of a database on video artists.
This will be a useful tool for all curators that work with videoart. More, this database will be always open to your full worker management. At any time, you can access and modified the stored data, add new informations, or simply remove your presence. And, obviously, we'll never use your data for commercial purpose and don't transfer them to third part, neither for money nor for free.
Take part you too, linked to videoart database, check if your email address is already present, and enter your details. Otherwise, register and input your data!

100x100=900 catalogue

The 100x100=900 catalogue (214 pages, A4) finally available!
100 artists, 57 partners, 40 curators from around the world, for the project which celebrated 50 years of video art.
Order now your copy of printed catalogue!

(posted on 2015-05-05)

Point de Dèpart

Videoart from Québec
The works selected for this program follow one after the other to lead us, in the manner of a progressive videographic journey, through the landscape of Quebec to Montreal’s urban landscape.
It begins with PARALLÈLE NORD, Félix Dufour-Laperrière’s experimental video, which takes us through a dense and dark boreal forest. From there, we emerge onto an ice-covered lake where eagles and ravens fight over the same feast. Directed by Tomy Grgicevic and Louise Larivière, the documentary essay MIGIZI presents a metaphor of the reign of the law of the strongest that leads inevitably to the exclusion of the weak.
In Rachel Echenberg’s video performance, BLANKET, that is just what is depicted. The artist lies motionless on a bench in winter. Her body is slowly covered by falling snow, to utter indifference.
Despite its vast territory, the population of Quebec is concentrated in several major urban centres including Montreal. There, the homeless and marginalized gather in numbers.
Living on the edges of society, these individuals, those who are excluded, become the characters of Donigan Cumming’s latest film, EXIT INTERVIEW. Cumming enters their daily lives and their private spaces, he gives them an opportunity to speak so that they can better berate him.
In a similar vein, HIGH SPEED, an experimental documentary by Dominic Gagnon, presents us the philosophical and existential point of view of Harold aka RIP, a wise homeless man living in a park in Montreal.
Despite a very precarious social and financial situation, these individuals use free speech to show us their resistance to the neo-liberal and capitalist political system in place.
In Montreal in 2012, large public demonstrations took place in reaction to the neo-liberal austerity policies of the Quebec Government, then led by Jean Charest. This social movement became LE PRINTEMPS ÉRABLE. Initially begun by students, the movement gathered together many Quebec citizens. And where are we today? This is the subject of CARRÉ NOIR, a video made by young artist Marie-Pier Côté during IN VIVO, a creative immersion program at Videographe.
Sonja Zlatanova is a visual artist and independent curator based in Montreal, Canada. Her works include installations, photographs and drawing as well as curatorial works. She has exhibited in Europe and Montreal and is involved in several diffusion projects in Montreal. Since January 2015, she has worked with the artist run centre, Videographe, as a curator and has initiated new collaboration projects between Videographe and art spaces in Europe.
About Videographe:
Videographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to the creation, dissemination and distribution of independent media art works based in Montreal, Quebec.
[.BOX] Videoart project space Via F. Confalonieri 11 20124 Milan


(posted on 2015-05-05)

CinéWomen 4th Edition

DEADLINE: MAY 15th, 2015
In collaboration with womenartconnect.com, CinéWomen launches its fourth annual call for women artists, filmmakers and choreographers. You are invited to submit your work by May 15th.
The selection will be proceded by our team and will cover worldwide productions. It is possible to tender up to 2 works. Selected artists will be published in our art review. There are 3 categories to submit works to: video art, independent cinema, dance/performing arts.
Building on the success of the third edition, CinéWomen continues showcasing video practice from around the world. Honoring the influence of women in video art, cinema and choreography, we will present a selection of worldwide artists for our 2015 Edition.


(posted on 2015-05-03)

7th Cairo Video Festival

Video Art & Experimental Films
Deadline for submission: 31st May 2015
Medrar for Contemporary Art is accepting applications for the 7th Cairo Video Festival, which will take place in December 2015.
Initiated by the Cairo-based artist initiative Medrar for Contemporary Art in 2005, this festival continues its focus on providing a platform for sharing and discussing newly produced high concept/low-budget experimental videos and films. Based on a call for works by emerging artists, the festival program takes the format of a concise series of video screenings, accompanied by talks and discussions with active video-makers and curators to tackle some of the key themes and issues presented in the works
Guidelines and conditions
Individuals, groups, curators or associations are invited to participate.
The number of entries by one author is limited to three works.
The documentary, feature or commercial videos are not accepted.
Videos should be produced after January 2012, and no longer than 30 min of duration
Attach 3 high-resolution video stills for each submitted film.
Screening of the submitted videos should not have any specific recommended format of installation
The festival does neither offers screening fees nor does it request any entry charges from applicants
A committee appointed by the festival organizers will make the selection
All applicants will be notified of the status of their applications via email by 26 July 2014
The organizing crew has the right to use the participating data within all promotional means and publications, with reserved copyrights
All works submitted will be included in the festival’s video archive, and may be screened for retrospective research and/or educational (in no case commercial) purposes in the various screenings that might take place later. Medrar will not screen to public, give, sell or rent copies to other institutions or private persons interested without written consent by the producer of the video
Videos with narration in languages other than English and Arabic should have English or Arabic subtitles
Videos missing the festival application form or send by snail mail will not be regarded as entry
The submission of the application form designates the acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation in the 6th Cairo Video Festival, and a declaration that the applicant holds all rights to the submitted material or has the permission of the legal owner of the rights to the submitted material (pictures, sounds, texts)
Video files and stills should be uploaded to Dropbox and copy then paste the download link to our online application form (we advise you to start the upload online process before you proceed with filling in the application form)
Please submit your videos as only screening copies in the best available quality (HD if available)
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions cvf@medrar.org


(posted on 2015-05-03)


HearteartH is a project created by video artists Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica and Maria (Felix) Korporal.
They continue the collaboration hopefully opening to other visual artists and musicians.
video, sound, installation, photography, performance
HearteartH is now a CALL for artists and media makers - The concept took life from these two interlocking words: HEART and EARTH, shaping an anagram projecting some kind of spell from where we cannot escape: a destiny •••> Heart and Earth affect each other permanently.
HearteartH is so a PROJECT IN PROGRESS as the theme is infinite, H is at beginning and end, and it could sound as a breath, giving life and most of all reaching for corrections and adjustments •••> SO PLEASE JOIN US in this intent and purpose participating at the Call, because Art, as we all know could give new openings and new feelings about this theme so close to us and so lovely to us: HAVE FUN on creating new operas related to HearteartH!
- Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica and Maria (Felix) Korporal -
how to participate
• please send a link to your work with 2 lines description of the connection between the theme HearteartH and your creation to heartearthcall@gmail.com
• when your proposal is accepted for the project, we will ask you:
• for video submission: if you did not already do so, please load the video in your own Vimeo account and follow our channels
> vimeo.com/channels/heartearth
> vimeo.com/channels/heartearthproject
We will then add your video to both channels.
• for sound submission: if you did not already do so, please load the sound in your own Soundcloud account and follow our channel
> www.soundcloud.com/heartearth
We will then add your sound to our dedicated playlist.
• for photographs submission: if you did not already do so, please load the photo(s) in your own Flickr account and follow our channel
> www.flickr.com/photos/heartearthcallforartists
We will then add your photo to our dedicated gallery.
• for animated gifs, please send us your very short video sample or a gif sequence to be included in > www.animatedgifs-call-heartearth.weebly.com
where gifs will have a link to your work or your web page.
• EACH submitted work (video, sound, photo or gif) will have its own interactive frame in our virtual video wall
> www.heartearth.xyz
If you prefer a moving thumbnail in your frame, then send us a video extract or a sequence of max. 2 minutes.


(posted on 2015-05-03)

Channels 2015

Channels will be hosting a series of exhibitions, screenings, forums and events in September 2015. Submissions are now open to all Australian and international artists who work with video. Selected works will be curated into our festival screening program in Melbourne, Australia and our international satellite events.
Our first artist-led festival in 2013 was a great success showcasing over 120 artists from Australia and around the world. We received over 900 videos and after weeks of watching them all and discussions with our selection panel, we curated a series of screening events across Melbourne including the most popular Video Visions, a 2-hour long screening event at the cinema of Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI), and Rooftop Transmissions for NGV Melbourne Now.
This year, alongside our exhibition program, we will once again bring you a series of curated screenings. Working with ACMI, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) (UK), Ferry Gallery (Bangkok), Federation Square and Speakeasy Cinema, our festival program will reach an audience of an international scale. By entering your work to Channels you are exposing your practice to a diverse group of Australian and international curators, video artists and festival makers.
Let us channel your video vision for 2015 and beyond.
Submission period: 1 Feb to 3 May 2015 (23:59 AEST)
Duration: Under 15 minutes
Submission fee: AUD 5 per entry
Number of Entries: Maximum 3
Format: Single-screen video
(We welcome experimentation of multi-channel video using split screens. However please be aware that videos will be screened as a single-screen projection.)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Please use Letterbox if your video is in formats other than 16:9)
Due to the number of entries, we only accept online-hosted videos.
Please upload your video to Vimeo/ YouTube/ Dropbox/ Google Drive before you apply.
If you have trouble accessing any of these sites please feel free to contact us.
Submission will only be accepted via our ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM.
Email submission will not be accepted.
Late submission will not be accepted.
We ask you to submit a finished work in its full length. Unfortunately we cannot assess anything that is work-in-progress.
If you wish to create new work specifically for Channels, or to submit a video that falls outside of the parameters for this submission (single-screen / short duration), please get in touch.
Please provide English subtitles if your work is in a different language.
Selection made by the panel will be solely based on artistic merits.
Submission is un-themed, however, the Channels team is passionate about diversity in processes, practices and origins.
We welcome everyone who considers themselves an artist to apply, no matter where you are or who you are.
Submission Fee AUD 5 can only be submitted via PayPal.
Entries without a confirmation of payment will not be accepted. If you have problem accessing PayPal please get in touch.
We can also accept payment directly transferred to us (artists in Australia only) however please make sure you speak to us before you apply.


(posted on 2015-05-02)

Under the Subway Video Art Night

At The ANNEX Art Social Space in New York and Project Space Kleiner Salon in Berlin.
Saturday, June 20.
Deadline: June 1st, 2015.
Organized and curated by Antonio Ortuño.
"Under the Subway Video Art Night" is an event that exclusively focuses on Video Art. In the previous four editions, this Video Art Night has shown the works of over 200 artists from around the world. For this upcoming fifth edition, our video-projections will cover not only art spaces and street walls of New York City, but also will take over Berlin, which joins us on the same day for this once-a-year occasion devoted to Video Art.
Terms and conditions:
- All artists can participate without consideration of nationality or age.
- Works can be individual or groups projects .
- Works must be dated after 2011.
- Only one piece per artist or collective.
- Pieces that include dialogue, text or voice should be translated to English.
- Videos can’t be longer than 5 min.
- The video have to be uploaded in Youtube.
- All participating artists will be notified via email.
- Deadline: Monday June 1st.
Documentation to contribute (Word by email):
- Title.
- Year and place of production.
- Link of the video in Youtube.
- Brief Synopsis.
- Artist Resume.
- A still frame of the video (jpg).
Technical Specifications:
- Production Format.
- Sound: hi-fi, stereo, mono, no sound.
Contact: underthesubwayvideoartnight@gmail.com
The ANNEX Art Social Space 248 Roebling St. Brooklyn. NY 11211
Project Space Kleiner Salon Manteuffelstraße 42, 10997 Berlin, Germany


(posted on 2015-05-02)

PLAY Semana de Videoarte 2015

La Secretaría General de Extensión Universitaria Delegación Corrientes de la UNNE convoca a todos los artistas del videoarte a participar de PLAY Semana de Videoarte 2015 con obras de video con temática libre. La misma se llevará a cabo del 31 de julio al 11 de agosto de 2015, en la sede del Centro Cultural Universitario, en Córdoba 794 de la ciudad de Corrientes.
La selección de las obras estará a cargo de un jurado especializado. Además las obras de artistas argentinos seleccionadas pasarán a formar parte de la Base de datos de ARCA Videoarte Argentino
Condiciones para la presentación
1. Fecha límite de presentación: 15 de junio de 2015.
2. Se realizará la recepción de obras propuestas para la exhibición vía mail a la siguiente dirección (hasta el 15 de junio): play.videoarte@gmail.com
3. Se podrá presentar hasta un máximo de 2 (dos) obras por artista o grupo.
4. Formato y componentes de la presentación:
a) Deberán enviarnos el link del video para su visualización (Vimeo, Youtube, etc).
b) Ficha técnica (descargar ficha adjunta): Título, año de realización, duración, breve reseña o descripción de la/s obras.
c) Los videos tendrán una duración máxima de 7 min.
d) Adjuntar 1 fotografía del video en formato JPG 300dpi.
e) Currículum vitae abreviado (no más de 8 líneas).
Los artistas seleccionados serán informados por email el 25 de junio y tendrán un plazo de 10 días para enviar la obra en formato (.MOV o .AVI) a través de los siguientes servidores: wetransfer www.wetransfer.com, dropbox www.dropbox.com.
(*) Las obras en otros idiomas deberán estar subtituladas en español.
(**) Los artistas tendrán que hacerse cargo de los elementos necesarios para su presentación/reproducción.


(posted on 2015-05-02)

TIME is Love.8 [Show 4]

Saturday 16th May
Sala Rekalda, 11.30 : Screening introduced by Kisito Assangni
Kalao Panafrican Creations, 18.30 : Screening | 20.30 : Performance by MAGMA DAM (Itziar Markiegi & Myriam Petralanda)
Abdelaziz Taleb, Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Alexandre Braga, Anthony Rousseau, Carlos Aires, César Schofield Cardoso, Cristina Pavesi, David Blandy, Flavio Sciole, Francesca Lolli, Irina Gabiani, Isidora Ficovic, Joas Nebe, Kai Welf Hoyme, Laura Celada, Marcantonio Lunardi, Marc Neys, Margarita Novikova, Michael Meldru & Marina Moreno, Monika K. Adler, Mouna Jemal Siala, Nao Sakamoto, Niclas Hallberg, Paako Sallah, Ramia Beladel, Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning, Sandrine Deumier, Sinasi Gunes, S/N, Sydelle Willow Smith, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, Tommy Becker, Triny Prada, Tyrone Brown-Osborne, Yuri Pirondi & Ines Von Bonhorst, Yvana Samandova & Borjan Zarevski, Zierle & Carter.
TIME is Love is an international video art project gathering several artists on the theme of love in hard times. Established in 2008, the program has traveled to major cities in the world attracting a vibrant mix of media professionals, researchers, young people and families.
The screening is accompanied by exciting events, including talks and live performances.
Curated by Kisito Assangni
Special Thanks to Jesus Ahedo.
SALA REKALDE Alameda Rekalde 30 48009 BILBAO
16 May – 24 June 2015 KALAO PANAFRICAN CREATIONS Arbolantxa N°6 48001 BILBAO


(posted on 2015-05-02)

artvideoKOELN – audio-visual experiences 01

A collaboration with Cologne OFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Now & After Videoart Festival Moscow,
VideoBabel – Audiovisual Festival Cusco/Peru
Jury: Yoshiro Shimizu, Kai Welf Hoyme, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
@ TENRI – German-Japanese Cultural Centre Cologne
16 May 2015 19h
Program 19h-23h
main hall
program I – Fukushima mon Amour!
program II – No More Women’s Land
artists talks
underground space
program III – No Home
mezzanine space
program V – No Balance – 7 Cologne based artists
upper space
program VI – Now & After Videoart Festival Moscow
program VII – Videobabel Audiovisual Festival – Cusco/Peru
program VIII – Athens Digital Arts Festival
online space
program IV – No Time
Program I
Fukushima , mon amour!
Nico Winz (France), Shuai-Cheng Pu (Taiwan), Anupong Charoenmitr (Thailand), FRANCOIS KNOETZE (RSA), Emil Zenko & Evgenij Romashov (Belarus), Farid Hamedi (Rohina), (Iran), Krzysztof Rynkiewicz (Poland), Albert Bayona (Spain), Francesca Lolli (Italy), Sávio Leite (Brazil), Gabriel Hosovsky (Slovakia), Olga Ozieranska (Poland), Mehmet ÖGÜT (Turkey)
Program II
No More Women’s Land
Johannes Gérard (Deutschland), Ninfa Sánchez & Karen Vilchis (México), Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy), Sunita Prasad (India), Kristina Frank (Sweden), Valerio DE BONIS (Italy), Amitai Arnon & Ester Bires (Israel), Francesca Fini (Italy), Gabriele Stellbaum (Deutschland)
Program III
No Home
Anca Bucur (Romania), Wrik Mead (Canada), Gregg Biermann (USA), Tiziano Bellomi (Italy), Dimitris Argyriou (Greece), Danijel Zezelj (Croatia), Neil Ira Needleman (USA), Dee Hood (USA), Maureen Bachaus (NL), Tushar Waghela (India), Kushtrim zeqiri (Kosovo), Machia & Lolina (UK), Bruno Pavic (Croatia), Riccardo Matlakas (Italy), Lisa Birke (Canada), Marina Chernikova (Russia), Damian Gromala (Poland), Ayman Alazraq (Palestine), Livia Ungur and Sherng-Lee Huang (USA), Michael Salkeld (UK)
Program IV (online only)
No Time
Aliénor Vallet (France), Sasha Litvintseva (Russia), Jolene Mok & Troels Primdahl (HK/Germany), Raquel Claudino (Spain), Haleh Jamali (UK), Tais Bean (France), Pablo Molina Guerrero (Chile)
Ann Oren (Israel), Ariane MAUGERY (France), Vera Iona Papadopoulou (Russia), Stine Gonsholt (Norway), Yani B (UK), Piotr Piasta(Poland), Bruno Vianna (Brazil), Silvia De Gennaro, Italy
Michael Gaddini (Italy), Iona Pelovska (Canada) Talia Link (Israel), Maria Korporal (Netherlands) Meritxell Aumedes (Sweden) Roland Quelven (France) Hannah Ford /(UK) Diana Rönnberg / Kordian Lewandowski (Sweden/Poland), Henri Gwiazda (USA), Simon Welch (France) Luca Nanini, Italy, Mauri Lehtonen (Finland), Alison Ballard (UK) Susanne Wiegner (Deutschland), Jana Wisniewski (Austria) –
Diego Pazó (Spain) Cristina Pavesi (ITaly), FRANCOIS KNOETZE (RSA), Jean-Michel Rolland (France)
Program V
Cologne based video artists – including
Johanna Reich, Sunjha Kim, Kai Welf Hoyme, Kristina Kanders, Lyoudmila Milanova, Robert Olawuyi, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Program VI (screening only)
CologneOFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival – presents
Urban Processes 2 – curated by Marina Fomenko (Now & After Videoart Festival Moscow, Russia) – including Roman Mokrov, Marina Fomenko, Haim Sokol, Marina Chernikova, Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Dmitry Bulnygin
Program VII (screening only)
CologneOFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival – presents
Latin American Videoart – curated by Vera Tyuleneva – VideoBabel – audiovisual Festival Cuscu/Peru – including
Maurico Sanhueza (Peru), Christian Tapies (Argentina), Fernando Livschitz (Argentina), Tatyana Zambrano Cardona (Colombia), Hector Delgado (Peru ), Leyla Rodriguez ( Peru), Maia Navas (Argentina), Jonas Paz Benavides ( Peru), Rocío Gauna (Argentina), Álvaro Sarmiento (Peru)
Program VIII (screening only)
CologneOFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival – presents
Athens Videoart Festival – selection curated by Sotiris Iliadis & Timothy Laskaratos (Athens Digital Art Festival) – including
Achilleas Gatsopoulos (Greece), 2. Dagly Zeynep (Turkey), Jazbec Masa (Slovenia), Thessia Machado (Brazil), Vincent Gisbert (Spain), Dimitris Papoutsakis (Greece), Guido Salvini (Italy), Rogelio Sastre (Spain), Giorgio Constantine (Greece), VasilisTzikas(Greece)


(posted on 2015-05-01)


Damer House Gallery is organising its second year running project ‘Homeland’ Video - Loop.
We are delighted to invite you to participate to showcase contemporary video art. Our focus is to show a selection of International and National film and video artworks for the duration of two weeks in Damer House Gallery. We hope by bringing exciting new work to the midlands that conversations will be initiated between artists and audiences, local communities and schools. Last day for receiving your work is 31st April. Artworks have to be high standard, format of your choice, no longer then 7-9 minutes. You may send your work by Memory-Stick or by Internet like drop box, preferable Memory Stick. We hope to hear from you soon of your interest to participate before the last day of submission and thank you in advance for your commitment to Damer House Gallery.


(posted on 2015-05-01)

Chinese Visual Festival 2015

Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) is proud to announce its 2015 program, which runs from May 7th – 22nd at King’s College London, with events also being held at the British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank, Bertha DocHouse and Chelsea College of Arts. For its fifth edition, the festival is thrilled to welcome to London some of the most exciting directors currently working in Chinese language cinema, showcasing documentary, fiction and experimental video art from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond.
Highlights include:
• Guest artists Zhang Peili, the father of Chinese Video Art, Wu Xiaohai and Rao Yifan
• Guest directors Gu Tao, Singing Chen, Yee Chih-Yen, Chiayun Wu, Shen Xin
• More than 40 cutting-edge films, including world and UK premieres
• Vision Taiwan strand, featuring the best in independent cinema from Taiwan
• Panel discussions and sessions on queer cinema, Hong Kong Urban Diary and more
• UK tour, including Newcastle, Nottingham and Sussex Universities


(posted on 2015-04-30)

M/45 artspace

Rebecca Russo, Presidente della Fondazione Videoinsight, Direttrice del Centro Videoinsight, Fondatrice del Corso di Alta Specializzazione Videoinsight, Creatrice del Metodo Videoinsight, Collezionista di Arte Contemporanea, in collaborazione con l’Architetto Hajo Bahner e con l’Artista Tilmann Krumrey, ha creato un nuovo spazio per la VideoArte in Monaco di Baviera, nella carismatica Mullerstrasse, cuore pulsante della vita culturale della citta’. Il nome e’ M/45 artspace. Piattaforma di lancio anche per la neonata Fondazione Trafopark, M/45 artspace e’ un centro Multifunzionale, un living art lounge, un osservatorio sperimentale, un loft creativo per l’integrazione, l’apprendimento, l’educazione, l’innovazione e l’evoluzione sociale.
Video con Alto Impatto Videoinsight® tratti dalla Collezione Videoinsight® sono mostrati al pubblico, con frequenza settimanale, secondo il Concept Videoinsight®, per la Promozione del Benessere Psicofisico degli spettatori. Il Programma comprende video di Artisti internazionali: Nathalie Djurberg, Hans op de Beeck, Keren Cytter, Victor Alimpiev, Laure Prouvost, 
Katarzyna Kozyra, Kate Gilmore, Ragnar Kjartansson, Ali Kazma, Niklas Glodbach, Ivan Argote, Koki Tanaka,Marcello Maloberti, Marzia Migliora, Michael Fliri, Ulla von Brandenburg, Regina Jose’ Galindo, Ursula Mayer, Beatrice Pediconi, Ottonella Mocellin & Nicola Pellegrini, Petra Lindholm, Eulalia Valldosera, Vyacheslav Akhunov, Said Atabekov, Tobias Zielony, Tilmann Krumrey, Larissa Sansour, Maria Josè Arjona, Sophie Whettnall, Julika Rudelius, Agnieszka Polska, Vlatka Horvat, Fatma Bucak, Masbedo, Goldiechiari, Erdem Tasdelem, Vladimir Houdec, Cheryl Pope, Alice Cattaneo, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Aya Momose, Beatriz Millar0,Burku Gokcek, Canan, Driant Zenely, Edson Luli, Elena Kovilyna,Emilia Faro, Entang Whiarso, Farniyaz Zaker, Jhafis Quintero, Mary Sue, Melati Surjodarno, Naufuz Ramirez Figueroa, Maurizio Camerani,Gian Luca Beccari, Nezaket Ekici, Noa Gur, Polina Kanis, Shana Moulton, Ra’ di Martino, Sissi, Taus Makhacheva, Tejal Shah, Hiwa K,Janet Biggs, Vlad Nanca, ... Tutti i Programmi Videoinsight® Art for Care per la Promozione della Salute e della Qualita’ della Vita sono importati nel M/45 artspace dal Centro Videoinsight®. M/45 artspace comincia le sua attivita’ nell’Aprile 2015.
Mullerstrasse 45 Munich


(posted on 2015-04-30)


Submit for ACTIVA’2016 – V Edition. (2015-2016)
You have to send me the following documents by email > jaimerguez1968@hotmail.com
1- Title
2- Technical details DVD PAL - 16:9 or 4:3 - duration in minutes and seconds. [ Preferably less than 10 minutes ]
3- Sound artist name> link to his work and his email & nationality (address)
4- Video artist name> link to his work and his email & nationality (address)
5- Short text about the concept of the work (sound-video Art)
6- Link of the work on Vimeo or Youtube.
7- Send for Wetransfer the video in mpg file at the same email.
Both artists are equally important, may be of a different nationality. It may also be that the sound and the video is made ​​by the same artist.
(Only admit a total of 30 videos to participation, which will select between 7 and 9 works. The selection is made by the participants themselves, voting 2 videos between all presented)
Shipments may take place from April 1, 2015
Dead line is finish when are covered the 30 entries or September 1, 2015.


(posted on 2015-04-03)

Addis Video Art Festival

The inaugural international video art festival in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Addis Video Art Festival intends to provide a platform for innovative video art in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The festival will screen throughout the city in a variety of locations including street corners, rooftops, public centers and art centers. By sharing video art in both conventional and non-conventional settings, the festival will reach both the artist community and the everyday passerby. The festival aims to create a dialogue between local, and international artists by encouraging digital media culture.
Addis Ababa is currently in the midst of massive transformation. It is expanding drastically, over a quarter of its current residents will be relocating to new neighborhoods. Old communities are disappearing and new ones are forming. Paralleling the current state of the city, Addis Video Art Festival seeks works that explore and interpret the complex and layered meaning of the theme "new home" whether it be an external literal physical home, an internal psychological home or a cyber-home.
Regulation and Guidelines
- Open to national and international artists
- Submission deadline August, 01 2015
- Free submission
- Theme: "New home"
- Single channel videos only
- Works must be made within the past 3 years
- If the work uses a language other than English, it must be subtitled in English
- Maximum duration 15 minutes
- Two works may be submitted per artist/ requiring a separate entry form per submission /Download entry here: http://addisvideoartfestival.net/AVAF15-entry_form.doc
- Preview links (to Vimeo, YouTube or a personal website) should be sent to contact@addisvideoartfestival.net with password if required
- Selected artist will be notified by Nov 1st at which point a screening copy will be requested


(posted on 2015-03-29)

European Independent Film Festival

ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival is pleased to present the experimental films of three video artists: KEPLER by George Drivas, MY NAME IS FRANCO AND I LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE by Silvia De Gennaro and OUT OF REACH (RAIN NIGHT) by Pablo Diartinez.
The tenth edition of ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival will take place in Paris from April 10th12th and screen 85 films from 32 countries. ÉCU is the premier event for independent cinema in Europe who fosters the very best Independent filmmakers in the world.The filmmakers will compete for 25 awards in 12 categories, including The Best European Independent Film 2015. ÉCU 2015 will also present the: Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking and Women Filmmakers Award and Special Award for Excellence in Women’s Filmmaking.
George Drivas is a Greek filmmaker that lives between Athens and Berlin. Jumping to one city to another gives him the possibility to find new stimula and improve his technical skills in experimental film creation. He has won numerous prizes for his work and participated in many contemporary art festivals. KEPLER is the name of a newly discovered planet that could offer the same life conditions of Earth.
Silvia De Gennaro is unique Italian filmmaker in ÉCU’s Official Selection. In the last ten years she has worked with digital photography, animation and video art. She participated in numerous videoart festivals like Visionaria and F.I.V.E Feelings International Videoart Experience. MY NAME IS FRANCO AND I LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE is about a man of 2033 who decides to disconnect himself from the network in order to find his identity. Analysing media’s impact on human life with an ironic view is one of the filmmaker’s goals.
Pablo Diartinez is a Spanish director who works in different art fields such as music, painting, graphic design, animation, film direction and transmedia arts. OUT OF REACH (RAIN NIGHT) the first instalment in a series of short films that adapts poetry to the screen by means of a musically animated collage of motion graphics, texts and silent live action scenes. He aims to point out that his cinema is not a mere way of shooting films, but a fusion cinema.
ÉCUThe European Independent Film Festival will take place in Paris at Cinéma 7 Parnassiens from the 10th to 12th April.



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