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the open call for international videoartists
After 100x100=900, F.I.V.E. and FOODS, Magmart come back with a new, intriguing project!
Discover more, read the call and participate!
Visit the project's website and read the call.
VideoMedeja 2017
International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA is basic activity of the Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA. This is an annual non-profit event lasting for a few days. Festival consists of the competitive program and various accompanying programs which, depending on the current productions and conception, happens on the different locations in Novi Sad ... [read more]
The Message: New Media Works
This fall, the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden will present “The Message: New Media Works,” a new exhibition of five contemporary film and video installations that resonate with the voices of music, film and pop culture, on view Nov. 18–April 22, 2018. The first exhibition organized by Mark Beasley, the Hirshhorn’s ... [read more]
On Google Cultural Institute!
On May 17, 2016,Magmart debut on Google Cultural Institute!
Our first presence is the 100x100=900 Project.
Splitted on five exhibit, each of which includes 20 of the 100 total artworks.
Next step, will be the 25 artworks of F.I.V.E. project, and then the artworks of FOODS project.
Finally, the hall of fame of Magmart Festival: all the selected artworks, from 1st edition of 2005/06 to last.
Look at our collections!
Videoart Network
A new great initiative by Magmart!
We are currently working on an international project focused on building a network for all videoart-related peoples (artists, curators, spaces, collectors, simply enthusiasts).
This will be a useful tool, mainly for all curators that work with videoart. More, it will also contain a large database (of artists and curators), that will be always fully open to your personal data management. You can access and modify the stored data, at any time, add new informations, or simply delete your presence. And, obviously, we'll never use your data for commercial purposes and won't transfer it to third parties, neither for money nor for free.
Why don't you to take part, and link to our videoart database? Check if your email address is already present, and enter your details. If not, just register and insert your data!
The network will be online very soon!
Changing Forms
Changing Forms celebrates an artist who forged a new feminine poetics in early video art. Currently at Henry Art Gallery, the exhibition Changing Forms excavates the luminous, underrated work of video artist Doris Totten Chase. The retrospective joins the larger resurgence of interest in the earliest female creators of media art. For a timely ... [read more]
WHYY series
A Philadelphia video artist born in Vietnam is currently shooting a documentary of a different sort, chronicling his personal connection to scars the war left on the landscape. When Boone Nguyen's family immigrated to America in 1975, they arrived at Mifflin Square in South Philadelphia. "We were one of the first — if not the first — Asian ... [read more]
Videoart in loop
dal 1 al 15 giugno 2017 | e dal 15 al 30 novembre 2017 | WorldWide IL CONCEPT Contemporary Visions 8 VideoArt in LOOP è l’evento che coinvolge la videoarte in un percorso articolato e condiviso in contemporanea in diverse parti del mondo. IL CONTEMPORANEO IN CONTEMPORANEA: questa è la volonta di AIAPI nel trasformare una esposizione in un ... [read more]
Videobar #47 Filipe Afonso
"VOYAGE TO ALIENATION, VIA HISTORY" VIDEOFORMES & SHAKERS present "Voyage to alienation, via history" by Filipe Afonso. As we gradually migrate into the digital world, where will our memories be stored and how will we access to them? This problem is addressed in this video installation with a film divided into 7 chapters and 7 ... [read more]
BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors. It gives the opportunity to people involved in VJing and other live visual arts to get in touch and connect, sharing their skills and showing their work to other collegues. The KinocirKus collective in collaboration with SIGNAL festival is preparing the 5th edition ... [read more]
The earth is a promise
Edited by Maurizio Vanni The earth is a promise we made to ourselves, it is the portrait of our conscience, the the home of our souls, the bridge that leads to our dreams, the mirror of our inner self. Three video artists - the works of art - three stories to describe the earth. Francesco Attolini, Igor Imhoff, Marcantonio Lunardi A ... [read more]