10th edition | 2016/2017
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Camera Lucida
The work of eight new media artists from around the world is on view at Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University in the exhibition, "Camera Lucida," Aug. 27 through Jan. 7 in the Bill L. Harbert Gallery and Gallery C. “In the same way artists in previous eras used oil paint, printing and other media, artists today claim video ... [read more]

Vito Acconci: Where we are now (who are we anyway?)
As one of the exhibitions celebrating the institution's 40th anniversary, MoMA PS1 presents a survey of early works by Vito Acconci, whose projects exemplify the energy and innovation of the decade that preceded the museum’s founding in 1976. Titled after one of his iconic pieces, VITO ACCONCI: WHERE WE ARE NOW (WHO ARE WE ANYWAY?), 1976 is a ... [read more]

OPEN CALL for GLITCH ART apply: June 18th - September 1st 2016. [expo: September 2016.] Open call for glitch art aimed at any and all who make stuff by breaking stuff. We will materialize your digital randomness into hardcopied objects, screen your videos, click your net art and run your sound installations through air. Any digital media and ... [read more]

Visual Paths in Italian Videoart
Artisti: Basmati film (Audrey A Coïaniz, Saul Saguatti), Marcantonio Lunardi, Christian Niccoli, Giovanna Ricotta, Debora Vrizzi. A cura di Silvia Grandi Nell’ambito del progetto +Praxi/+Atti dei Deadbeat Escapement come parte delle celebrazioni per i 130 anni del quotidiano Peloponneso Opening venerdì 2 settembre, dalle h. 21.00 Agora ... [read more]
Artist Profile: Anna Zett
BY TESS EDMONSON Questionnaire Age: 33 Location: Berlin How/when did you begin working creatively with technology? The first time I recall using an electronic recording device artistically was in the third iteration of our DIY circus, when I was around 10 years old. Instead of playing our musical instruments live behind the curtain, we ... [read more]

9th Short Waves Festival 21 – 26 March 2017 Poznań, Poland Briefly, intensively and excitingly. From 21st till 26th of March 2017 Short Waves Festival will overflow Poznań with the most interesting short films from all around the world! SWF2017 competitions: International Competition, open for all film forms from all over the world. ... [read more]

Round 7
Round 7 of FLAMIN Productions is currently open for applications. The deadline for applications is 5pm, Monday 24 October 2016. About FLAMIN Productions Supported by Arts Council England, FLAMIN Productions is a unique two-stage commissioning scheme which goes beyond simply producing work - it is committed to nurturing talent and supporting ... [read more]

Interference Festival - Freedom of Form Contest
Interference Foundation – the main organiser of the Interference Festival of Visual Communication Forms in Gdańsk – is pleased to open the competition “Freedom of Form”, inviting entries of visual works in one of four main competition categories. 1.FOUND FOOTAGE[max 5 mins] 2.VIDEO CLIP [max 10mins] 3.CREATIVE ADVERTISING PIECE [max 5 ... [read more]

Raw Vegan Lifestyle
We are inviting creative people from all around the world to be part of our 3rd episode! SUBJECT: -RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE- Our upcoming episode is all about RawVegan Lifestyle and we invite you to join us with your art of rawesome tasty dishes, fresh jummy fruits & veggies and anything related to veganism. Participation is FREE! RULES AND ... [read more]

TransPiksel Festival de arte electrónico y tecnologías libres
Con muestras artísticas, talleres y conciertos, desde el 24 al 31 de agosto, el Festival PIKSEL se instala en Medellín, para redefinir, intercambiar y compartir los valores de libertad, enfoque y apertura sobre el arte y el uso abierto de las tecnologías. Con la presencia de artistas y desarrolladores internacionales, el Festival Piksel llega ... [read more]

Prelude: A Preview to Aurora 2017
Every other year, Aurora, powered by Reliant, transforms the Dallas Arts District into an open air, urban playground of new media art: light, video, sound, performance, and projection. In 2015, Aurora attracted over 50,000 attendees to the free event, with a confluence of 80 local and international artists participating in Aurora. The result is ... [read more]

Animated Dreams 2016
The Animated Dreams 2016 animation festival will be taking place from 13th to 17th of November 2016 and will comprise: • an international competition programme of short and half-length films; • special programmes and retrospectives; • a programme of full-length animated films; Films meeting the festival requirements must: • be ... [read more]

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