10th edition | 2016/2017
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It’s no secret that we live in a video-saturated world. We’ve all lost minutes—maybe even hours—of our lives watching Tasty videos on Facebook, even though we know we will never bake those 15 types of crazy-shaped cookies. Just this past week, whispers circulated on the Internet that Vine, the social media app favorited by video junkies, ... [read more]

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC) is pleased to announce Playtime, an ambitious exhibition of three recent video installations by award-winning British artist Isaac Julien. Each film installation explores the wide-ranging effects of how information, labor, and capital circulate in global, networked societies. Occupying three separate ... [read more]

A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
Video artist Lisa Marie Patzer and I met back in 2009 where she was completing her MFA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University with a friend of mine. She was living in South Philly and had been creating video art and new media pieces since 2001. In fact, I starred in her video “BLOW: Bubbles.” After moving away in 2011, we had lost ... [read more]
10 Times Square LED Display Launches With Video Art Exhibition
Sensory Interactive worked with building owner L.H. Charney Associates to present a video art exhibition to kick off the launch of a new digital display installation at New York’s 10 Times Square. Sensory Interactive’s involvement in the exhibition is an extension of their work on the design, project management, and commissioning of the ... [read more]
Artists’ Film International (AFI) 2017: Collaboration
Screenings at the n.b.k. Video-Forum on December 12 and 14, 2017, and an artist talk with Adrian Paci on December 14, 2017 The Video-Forum at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) will showcase the AFI 2017 program titled Collaboration on December 12 and 14, 2017. Artists' Film International is an initiative by the Whitechapel Gallery in London ... [read more]

International film and video festival Shortz
Based in Serbia, University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts, Department of new media arts, The city of Novi Sad. It is a nonprofit project that provides an international platform for video artist and short filmmakers as well as a platform for the production of New Media student video works. Its annual project for the past 7 years has been the ... [read more]

Robert Wilson: tales
An exhibition of great intensity and involvement conceived for Villa Panza by one of the greatest masters of contemporary visual art and performance. An unprecedented itinerary through the villa, where Robert Wilson has staged his Video Portraits so that each one establishes a special dialogue with the rooms, the furnishings and the collection. ... [read more]

NWFF’s New Video Art Gallery
Throughout 2018, and beginning this month with the December 14th Capitol Hill Art Walk, Northwest Film Forum will launch a new film and video art gallery. Recognizing the lack of galleries and outlets for these mediums, the space will serve as a complementary extension of the Forum, to bolster existing programming at the Forum as well as foster ... [read more]
Mike Kelley: Kandors
Michael “Mike” Kelley often took on an anthropological view of American pop culture throughout his artistic career. Never did he glorify it in his many works but, instead, gutted it deconstructively then pieced it back together in appalling ways. These amalgamations were often telling about culture, revealing something not before conceived. ... [read more]

Le Rideau Orange
In his film Scrapbook, Mike Hoolboom traverses time and finds the autistic Dona Washington, who was a resident in a mental development centre in Ohio, during her youth, 50 years ago. He suggests that she look at her past again and react to images taken during a workshop run by her old teacher Jeffrey Paull, at that time an audiovisual therapist ... [read more]

Addis Video Art Festival
Theme: LOVE TRIANGLE “triangulation: a method of finding a distance or location by measuring the distance between two points whose exact location is known and then measuring the angles between each point and a third unknown point”. In continuation of its first addition “New Home”, Addis Video Art Festival is seeking video art shorts that ... [read more]

From canvas to screen: Art is changing too
Galleries and collectors are warming up to video art, discovers Avantika Bhuyan. For nearly a month, starting September 2, 2017, video art took centrestage at Sunaparanta -- Goa Centre for the Arts. Curator Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi had gleaned works from the private collection of Anurag and Payal Khanna for the show Longing. Works on display ... [read more]

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