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Magmart new project!
VideoWords is the fifth special project by Magmart. And it comes at a particular time, at the turn of the covid19 pandemic, which will undoubtedly mark a global cultural change - for better or for worse we still don't know.
The pandemic, and in particular the lockdown measures variously adopted in many countries of the world, has in any case already had a significant impact on the methods of use of the visual arts: closed at home, people have seen the online artistic offer grow exponentially, in especially that of video art. Last but not least, always on the initiative of Magmart, the #videovirus marathon should be remembered.
There are therefore the preconditions for video art to try to hook an audience wider than that of the insiders.
With this new project, the focus is this time on words. Fifteen pairs of words, antinomical to each other, which represent as many aspects of life, emotions and human expectations. Thirty international artists, therefore, are called to interpret these words - what they represent - trying to weave a dialogue with the public.
As visually represented also in the project logo, the intention is to pierce the viewer's eye so that he sees everything he usually doesn't see - and perhaps he doesn't want to see. Just like in the opening scene of the surrealist Un chien andalou, and with the same ambition.
The challenge, as always, is in the hands of the artists who take it up.
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The Agency of Failure
INVITATION TO VIDEOKANAVA'S EXHIBITION IN VBKÖ GALLERY, VIENNA 18-26.9.2020 We are pleased to invite you to Videokanava's next exhibition in VBKÖ gallery Vienna, Austria! The exhibition begins on Friday 18th and ends on Saturday 26th of September! There will be seen Videokanava's all this year's selected videos, with the theme "Subordinated ... [read more]

Interview with Enrique Ramirez
The tenth edition of Video Sound Art festival was inaugurated by the Chilean artist, who for the occasion invaded all the spaces of the historic Romano swimming pool in Milan. His production is suspended between myth and historical fact, political action and poetic action. The 2020 edition of Video Sound Art festival started in Milan on ... [read more]

Festival de Videoarte SPMAV
II SPMAV International Video Art Festival invites everyone to submit video art productions for exhibition during UFPel's IX SPMAV (IX Research Seminar of the Master in Visual Arts at the Federal University of Pelotas) Aiming at the dissemination of the most diverse videoartistic manifestations, the II festival is open to artists of any ... [read more]

Dumping Core
In Dumping Core, a frenzy of images appears across 13 video monitors, creating an information overload set to a proto-techno soundtrack. The installation mimics and exaggerates the pervasive media culture prompted by then-new television networks like CNN and MTV. As Bender said, “I quickly got caught up in the way in which TV moves, the ... [read more]

The Four Temperaments (Cate)
Cate Blanchett brings a storm of emotion to Marco Brambilla’s “The Four Temperaments (Cate),” the video and sound installation on view at Michael Fuchs Galerie in Berlin until Nov. 28. A significantly compromised version is also available as an augmented-reality experience in the Acute Art app. The video, which I watched on a computer ... [read more]

Madatac XI
Biennial of New Digital Media Art Topic: [ IN ALBIS_DILAPIDATED ELLIPSIS ] NEW MEDIA ART – VIDEOART – AUDIOVISUAL TECHNOLOGIES Videoart [Internacional Oficial Section] CINE ESTUDIO DEL CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES 19/10/2020 19:00 – 24:00 HRS

2021 Damah International Film Festival
Award & Prize Film & VideoFestivals Damah looks to create unique events that foster a true sense of community. Our past events have featured Panel Discussions, Workshops, Interactive Screenings and Q & A sessions, all designed to stimulate discussion and provide a platform for artistic expression. Taking place in the heart of Tokyo, and ... [read more]

Baroque moments on fire
2020 VR (sferical dome), 7 minutes Synopsis Exuberant details, deep colour, achieving a sense of no simplicity and no austerity in forms on mouvement. Credits created-directed-produced by: anabela costa music by: Marco Testoni image generation–animation-edition by: anabela costa

Visions in the Nunnery
Visions in the Nunnery will next take place this September 2020 and welcomes lead artists Hetain Patel, Nye Thompson and Benedict Drew, whose work will guide the themes and ideas for the exhibition's three programmes. Bolton-born and London-based Hetain Patel is the 2019 Jarman Award winner and known for his beautifully shot films and ... [read more]

33e Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2020
Notre appel à participation est maintenant fermé. Nous remercions chaleureusement les plus de 1000 artistes qui nous ont fait la confiance de nous envoyer leur travail. Sachez que nous le regarderons avec attention, étant conscients que la poésie électronique est fragile et délicate : un frémissement. Début octobre au plus tard, nous ... [read more]

Nature Art video exhibition
Nature Art is a highly field-oriented art expressed with installation, drawing and performance. You can meet 130 pieces of nature art in a view of nature that comply with the order of nature and spirit of creation. Exhibition period: august 29 / november 30, 2020 Exhibition venue: Yeonmisan Nature Art Park 74 Teams (80 Artists) from 28 ... [read more]

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