[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Bandinu Paolo was born in San Gavino (CA) on 16/08/1984. Graduated from the Art College of Cagliari in 2003 - 04 has since received his bachelor's degree in painting at the Academy of Fine

Arts in Sassari and in 2011 obtained the degree in visual arts and multimedia languages at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, where he lives and works. Temporarily domiciled in

My work movest hrough the pictorial stories that takes hape on the canvas and evolve by means of a video montage where the constant evolution of painting tells every single gesture and

sign painting becomes music and sublimated by the heat motion of matter. A succession of feelings and moods evolve into a situation that immortalize everything changes and indecision in

the balance between what happened and what will happen.
Solo Exhibitions
2011 Fluid perceptions Frigerio Barbara Milano gallery, curated by Barbara Frigerio
In 2010 he edited the video - stage sets for the play at TE, the municipal theater of Serrenti edited 'Association To you, with the sponsorship of the Joint Serrenti, directed by S. Bellu.
Group Exhibitions
2012 WHO ART YOU? - 25 may 2012 - Library Design Via Savona 11, Milan eds, Association No Lab Milan
Give me 5 2011, MLAC Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapienza University of Rome, edited by Cristina Mena Muñoz, Valeria Sheep, Carlos Sainz-Pardo Rodriguez, Gianna Ruiu,

Victoria Soto Madrid Rome
UnoNessunoCentomila 2011, Fabbrica Borroni Bollate Milan, three Persons by Annalisa Bergo
2011 People who like fear? "Casa Marta" Municipality of Corella by Cultural Association "The Key", Coredo, Trento.
2011 Film Festival Zone video2011 Game Over by the Pearl Empoli Empoli videa Association.
2011 May-prize First prize painting section, Milan, conceived and organized by Issue: SpaziArti Ungallery non-profit art project space Milan.
2011 Open asylums. Between memory, present and silences. Former Mount Granatico - opposite former insane asylum on Bishopric, churchyard of St. Pantaleo 09041 Dolianova (CA) by Michele

Andrich, Fabio Costantino Mace, Francis Picciau, Francesca Fadda, Alessio Barbarossa
2010 Festival Video 2010 Visual areas Empoli Guerrilla Cinema by The Pearl of 'Videa Association with funding from the town of Empoli. 1 st place section xsmall.
2010 The scientist video art edition IV International Festival of Video Art Hall in Piazza Municipio Este, Ferrara 3 by the Cultural Association "Ferrara Video & Arte", in collaboration with the

University of Ferrara and the Municipality of Ferrara, with the support of Arch L. Ferrara coordinator Vecere
2010 Artefatto Candyworld Palace "Gopcevich", Via Trieste by Rossini 4 of 'the culture department of Trieste with the sponsorship of the JHA
Detour5x5 MOLESKINE 2010 Dakar Biennale curated by S. Thirty and 27 Letter /
2010 Start point 2010 Institute of innocent Florence by M. Pozzi L. Vecere S. Accountants
Co.Co.CO 10 2010 A Space Natta Como Como by the Office to the culture.
2010 Mailart the talisman artist Quartissimo St. Helens by Andrea Gennaro Aversano, Sandro Giordano.
(2009), Start Point il ponte Gallery in Florence, edited by A. Alibrandi /
(2009, The house of creativity Florence by C.Isola /
2009 's Academy in the City, the regional media by Florence M. Pozzi L. Vecere, S. Accountants /
2009, Feltrinelli detour5x5 MOLESKINE Parma, edited by S. Thirty and 27 Letter /
2009, futuristic, Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Florence, edited by A. Crabs /
Video Break 2009 Art Center's Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato an idea of P. Bortolotti
2008 Young Artists & PROMO ROOM Sassari by M. Cugia, C. Peroni, C. Velilla/
Spring 2008 art residency in Ersu Coppino via Sassari, F. Bonanni / first prize painting section.
2008, June inart Rocca Paolina of Perugia by Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia /
2006 Spring Festival Academy of Fine Arts Sassari edited by R. Casiraghi, G. Ciccone /
2006 Miscellaneous Alghero by G. Ciccone /
2005 Eccit-arts club Samsa Sestu (CA) /

Paolo Bandinu - work on year: 1915

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