[Born in: Iran / Live in: United States / Female]

Transmedia artist, writer, curator, and "animal advocate" Alysse Stepanian was born in Iran and currently lives in Southern California. Her work is visually enticing and socially and politically engaged. Stepanian's videos, installations, paintings, photographs, web art, performances, and curations have been presented in over 200 shows in 40 countries. Her installations in collaboration with Philip Mantione as the BOX 1035 duo are multi-sensorial, with social, political, psychological and philosophical references. Stepanian is the creator and curator of Manipulated Image video and multimedia events, and URBAN RANCH PROJECT on Facebook, featuring work in all media, to bring awareness to the interconnectedness of racism, sexism, ageism, speciesism, and other social and hierarchical prejudices.

ALYSSE STEPANIAN - work on year: 1900


[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Female]

Evelin Stermitz, M.A., M.Phil., studied Media and New Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and holds the degree in Philosophy from Media Studies. Her works in the field of media and new media art focus on post-structuralist feminist art practices. In 2008 she founded ArtFem.TV – Art and Feminism ITV ( and received a Special Mention for the project at the IX Festival Internacional de la Imagen, VI Muestra Monográfica de Media Art, University of Caldas, Manizales, Colombia, in 2010. Her works have been exhibited and screened at various venues such as the Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City / Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina / PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli / CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy / Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia / Fundació Joan Miró and CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain / Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, ... (read more)

EVELIN STERMITZ - work on year: 1901

GRUPPEFISCH (Marius Leneweit + Rocio Rodriguez)

[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Female]

Gruppefisch was formed by M. Leneweit and R. Rodriguez in Barcelona-Spain, 2007.
The group is dedicated to videoart, photography and installation.
Marius Leneweit
1975 Hamburg, Germany
2006 University Lüneburg
Diploma: Applied Social Sciences. Lüneburg, Germany
Rocío Rodríguez
1979 Caracas, Venezuela
2006 MA in Digital Performance, University Doncaster College, UK
2004 Multimedia and video studies, Centro de Estudios Punt multimedia, Aula pedagógica S.G.A.E, Spain
1996 Dance diploma, Escuela Ballet Arte, Venezuela
M. Leneweit/ R. Rodriguez
Wilmsstr. 21b
10961 Berlin
awards/ mentions
MAGMART 2011 by CAM (Casoria Contemporary Art Museum), Naples, Italy
A.RE.S – Film and Media Festival 2011 by ERGOFORM, Siracusa, Italy
BLOOOM and ART-FAIR 21, Staatenha... (read more)

GRUPPEFISCH (Marius Leneweit + Rocio Rodriguez) - work on year: 1902


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

Emily Alden Foster is an interdisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. Her short films and videos, which incorporate stop-motion animation, handmade sets and costumes, and silent film aesthetics, have shown in venues around the world. In addition to filmmaking, she is the editor of Cross My Words and Hope to ___ (VERB), an interactive literary puzzle zine.

EMILY ALDEN FOSTER - work on year: 1903


[Born in: Serbia and Montenegro / Live in: Serbia and Montenegro / Male]

as a start of artistic career I would chose early works on comic books in different d.i.y. publications all over former Yugoslavia, and few of publications I made myself during my high school years; also drawing graffiti and different street art works that later resulted in video works and in participation in different festivals while presenting my work along with my art crew - undergrad, that is formed sometime around year 2000; undergrad is a non-formal group of several artists that combine their skills and fields of work in one production, and it was initiated by me; I cooperated with Open arc theatre, Amsterdam cyber theatre and National theatre Užice in different experimental theatre projects as a video producer; from 2002 I started working on video, both as narrative and experimental media, doing mostly video journals and music videos for the music of my colleagues, but also for the other people I agree cooperation with; in video work I use my original shots, as well as lot of s... (read more)

DANILO STOJIC - work on year: 1904


[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Female]

Márcia Beatriz Granero(1982) lives and works in São Paulo Brazil. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in São Paulo and conducts projects that explore the creation of a fictional character, recorded in short videos and photographs.
Jaque Jolene is the core of the work, a carefully constructed persona and performed by Marcia Beatriz.
Individual exibition: Veredas Gallery (2012) and yet in 2013 exhibition at the Centro Cultural São Paulo; Group exhibitions: Contemporary House (2011), Veredas Gallery (2012), Centro Cultural São Paulo (2012), Gallery 13 (2012), Baixo Centro Festival(2012), Museum of Image and Sound Campinas (2012) and Casarão Campinas\SP(2013). Exhibition videos also to in Simultan Festival#8 in Romania, IV Muestra Internacional de Videoarte del Cusco-Perú, Festival Internacional de Videoarte(FIVA) in Buenos Aires(PRIZE), among others.
Works with art direction for cinema: "Anna K." (98', fiction, 2013) of José Roberto Aguilar, "The best of Lamb... (read more)

MARCIA BEATRIZ GRANERO - work on year: 1905


[Born in: France / Live in: France / Male]

Capturing images, whether made in photography or video, it's like a battle with the time, want to keep what is essentially leak, and thus always already past. On one side we have the earth, the land in the memory, and on the other we found that footprint who exists implicitly in the depths of our bodies and our souls.
Hervé Penhoat was born in Brettany. After different trip, he actually lives and works in Paris. His practice uses for a long time video, film, photography, drawing and sound. He obtained in 1996 the DNSEP with «Mention» at ENSAPC de Paris/Cergy and actually is in thesis at the University Paris 1 Sorbonne. He takes part since 1995 to differents solo and group exhibitions in France, Belgium, USA, Italy, England, Brasilia ...

HERVé PENHOAT - work on year: 1906


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Silvia De Gennaro (1961 – Siena – Italy) lives and works in Rome.
She's an interdisciplinary artist, who explores and investigates spirituality and the human condition through her different works.
Her artistic activity began with painting: her works of the first period can be found in italian/foreign private collections and in permanent exhibitions, such as the National Museum of Modern Arts of Alexandria (Egypt).
In 1999, under the name "Assaus", she undertook a fruitful cooperation with the architect Alessio Scarale.
joining their personal visions and skills they wage a joint research on expression and form within a wide range of interests: painting, architecture, design, light installations, screening and projections attending and contributing to several expositions and art contests.
Her actual interests and research focus mainly on digital art, multimedia videos and graphic animation.
With her videos she takes part in both national an... (read more)

SILVIA DE GENNARO - work on year: 1907


[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Italy / Male]

Ries Straver (Holland, 1975) is a video producer/director with a background in art, design and carpentry. His work ranges from documenting the experiential momentum to scripted, concept based narrative and interactive installations. He has written, produced and directed dozens of independent and commissioned video related projects, and screened internationally to high critical acclaim for his unique blend of cultural commentary, spirituality and nuanced irony. His work has also been described as "an intellectualization of toilet humor". Currently, Ries Straver resides in Treviso, Italy and divides his time between the development of personal projects and heading the Video Department at Fabrica, Benetton's Communication Research Center, where he leads a team of international video makers, animators, and motion designers.

RIES STRAVER - work on year: 1908


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Born in Torino (Italy) in 1967. He worked with the Archimedes Centre of Visual Arts (a cultural centre of a District in Torino), were he held workshops on video, with the National Film Archives of Resistence (Torino), where he realized documentaries about the Second World War, the Resistance, about workers struggle and other subjects relevant to the activity of the Archive, and with Theater Juvarra in Torino in the realization of multimedia shows and videoperformances. He is also professor of video language and practice in DAMS, University of Torino. He wrote several books about videoart; video technics and aesthetics of electronic arts. Since 1989 he realizes experimental videos, music videos, videoinstallations, multimedia shows and videoscenographies for dance performances.

ALESSANDRO AMADUCCI - work on year: 1909


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

Suburban Primitive artist living in Orlando, Florida environs.
Paintings are thick and scratched acrylic paint. Themes are sociopolitical and Floridiana.
Exhibiting paintings since the early 1990's. Created the "Element of Surprise" art car in 2004. Began video work in 2009.
The short films have been screened at many film festivals and one was selected for Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams film series.

CARL KNICKERBOCKER - work on year: 1910


[Born in: Peru / Live in: Peru / Male]

Mauricio Sanhueza (1978,Lima), studied five years at the School of Communications at the University of Lima, and then in 2002 entered the School of Visual Arts Corriente Alterna graduating in 2006 with the silver medal of his class. Since 2004 he participated in several collective exhibitions inside and outside of Peru, and his videos have won and participated in many international festivals.

MAURICIO SANHUEZA - work on year: 1911


[Born in: China / Live in: Canada / Male]

I am a Toronto based multimedia artist of Chinese descent.
My artwork often deals with social, political issues and involves audiences, public as active participants.
Currently I am doing an interactive art project entitled Rocky Railway High (Closure), for the symbolic return of the Chinese railway workers who perished during construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway between 1881-1885, to their homeland Guangdong Province, China (an important Chinese custom at the time).

DAVID CHEUNG - work on year: 1912


[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Male]

Arthur Tuoto is a Brazilian filmmaker and visual artist, with a diverse work that merges electronic art, film, photography and new media, the artist develops a research focused on imperatives of a politic of the gaze that is increasingly present in our everyday life, exploring an imagery going from the television media to urban flagrant, from the tension of certain contemporary images to personal affective memory. He showed his work at places like the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia), Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Brazil), Casoria Contemporary Art Museum(Italy) and Galerie octObre (France), also was part of the Porto Santo's Biennial (Portugal), 5th Latin-American Visual Arts Biennial – VentoSul (Brazil), besides participation in film festivals such as Videoformes (France), São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil) and Kunstfilmtag (Germany)

ARTHUR TUOTO - work on year: 1913


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

Born in San Francisco in 1976, Nara Denning is a native of the fringes and seeker of invisible realities. She has made a body of work which interprets what she has so far encountered, collecting antique elements to create seductive, turbulent dreamscapes inspired by personal memoir as recalled by the symbolic language of the heart. Denning creates a heightened reality that merges the external and internal experience.

NARA DENNING - work on year: 1914


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Bandinu Paolo was born in San Gavino (CA) on 16/08/1984. Graduated from the Art College of Cagliari in 2003 - 04 has since received his bachelor's degree in painting at the Academy of Fine

Arts in Sassari and in 2011 obtained the degree in visual arts and multimedia languages at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, where he lives and works. Temporarily domiciled in

My work movest hrough the pictorial stories that takes hape on the canvas and evolve by means of a video montage where the constant evolution of painting tells every single gesture and

sign painting becomes music and sublimated by the heat motion of matter. A succession of feelings and moods evolve into a situation that immortalize everything changes and indecision in

the balance between what happened and what will happen.
Solo Exhibitions
2011 Fluid perceptions Frigerio Barbara Milano gallery, curated by Barbara Frigerio
... (read more)

PAOLO BANDINU - work on year: 1915


[Born in: Norway / Live in: Norway / Male]

Ulf Kristiansen (b. 1969-11-03, Norway) is a painter and video-artist. Ulf Kristiansen is currently living at Nesodden, a peninsula outside of Oslo, Norway. While starting out as a figurative painter, Ulf is now mainly focusing on 3d animation and machinima. His films have partaken in numerous international video festivals and exhibitions.

ULF KRISTIANSEN - work on year: 1916


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Born in Torre del Greco (NA), Italy in 1972. He studied Architecture at the University of
Naples Federico II. He has produced works in the field of electronic music since 1996.
Multimedia artist (music, painting, photography, video, sculpture, installation) that turns his attention to the constant research (formal and conceptual) of beauty as an absolute value. He has exhibited his work in numerous public and private spaces.

PIERO CHIARIELLO - work on year: 1917

FERRIE = DIFFERENTIEEL (Ferrie Maaswinkel)

[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Netherlands / Male]

ferrie = differentieel is a pseudonym of Ferrie Maaswinkel (1947, Amsterdam)
differentieel means a ‘switching mechanism‘ in Dutch
but also means ‘variation‘
the greater the variation, the more the brain is challenged, are his thoughts.
this variation can be found in his background
first as a painter and designer,
but since 2007 as a sound-designer, arranger and composer. meanwhile he also has an impressive list of compositions to his credits.
he has strong preference for collaborations with other artists from varied disciplines.
music and sound according to him, gives an extra dimension to a movie, a picture, a work of art
the imagination of the visitor is thus in many ways stimulated. in short, the brain is challenged.
although his music as cinematic is circumscribed,
it does not make music for the masses.
his music is for the curious listener, for those who are open to a different interpretati... (read more)

FERRIE = DIFFERENTIEEL (Ferrie Maaswinkel) - work on year: 1918


[Born in: Italy / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

Barbara Agreste was born in Pescara. Very early in her life she showed a passion for drawing, and her parents agreed to let her train at the art school in her city, a period in which she also took dancing classes and and trained as an actress at a regional Academy of Performing Arts. Later she moved to Milan to attend a course in Theatrical Design at Brera Academy of Arts, and soon after she moved to London where she continued her studies of contemporary dance, soon starting to work as a performer for Rawhead Dance Theatre Company. After her experience with theatre and live performance, Barbara returned to devote herself to the visual arts enrolling in Kent Institute of Art & Design where she learned the techniques of Film & Video Production, and deepened her knowledge of psychoanalysis, philosophy, gender studies, and film theory. Barbara graduated from KIAD in Visual Communication with First Class Honours, and returning to London achieved a Masters degree in Fine Art at Central St. M... (read more)

BARBARA AGRESTE - work on year: 1919


[Born in: Mexico / Live in: Italy / Male]

Born in Mexico City in 1966. From 1988 to 1991 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of the National Institute of Fine
Arts in Mexico City. In 1991 he went to New York with the interest to supplement its own research on the Aca art. In
1991 he moved to Italy where in 1996 he graduated at the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti di Bergamo with the thesis -
COGNITIVE PROCESSES AND THE VIRTUAL REALITY. In 1997 he attended the 5th year of specialization
established in the Academy. In 1997 selected the Advanced Course in Visual Arts proposed by Ratti Foundation in
Como (IT), having as a Visiting Professor Allan Kaprow. Since 1995 he undertook numerous seminars at leading
software companies worldwide in the use and analysis of software for multimedia production, is dedicated to artistic
research (involving media ranging from photography, video and new technologies) and the design and construction of
multimedia products. In 1998 he participat... (read more)

AGUSTIN SANCHEZ - work on year: 1920


[Born in: China / Live in: China / Male]

Zhao Liang
1971 Born in Dandong, Liaoning province.
1992 Graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.
From 1993 lives and works in Beijing.
2010 Together 84 mins
2011 The 61st Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
The 35th Hongkong International Film Festival, China
1996-2009 Petition 124 mins (Director version, 318 mins)
2012 London Documentary Festival. OPENCITY, U.K.,
2011 The Marek Nowicki Prize, the XI International Film Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film, Warsaw, Poland
2010 Golden Reel Award, the 9th Tiburon International Film Festival, California
Jury Award, Festival Internationnal du Film des Droits de I’Homme à Paris, France
Humanitarian Awards for Documentaries, the 34th Hongkong International Film Festival
Documentary Edge Best Director, DOCNZ 2010 Auckland, New Zealand
2009 Award for Best Feature Documentary, the 7th DOC LISBOA: City ... (read more)

LIANG ZHAO - work on year: 1921


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Elisabetta Di Sopra is an Italian video artist working and living in Venice. After completing her first degree in painting she began her Masters in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her videos and installations intend to investigate the most sensitive dynamics of the daily dimensions of life, expressing the hidden narratives within everyday life. Behind the clean and minimal style of Elisabetta’s videos, lays a hidden density of thought and a unique approach to research. Most of them are focused on the female body viewed as an embodiment of memory. The theme of motherhood plays a crucial role in Elisabetta’s videos. As a digression from this topic, all of her works speak to ideas of humanity, commenting on the cyclical movement of everything that exists on a scale greater than the individual, continuously renewing itself. The imagery is tied to the repeated sense of being reabsorbed into the cycle of life and death.

ELISABETTA DI SOPRA - work on year: 1922


[Born in: India / Live in: India / Male]

My recent works are the result of my evolving alternative approaches in dealing with questions I ask myself about changing facets of human relations and sensibilities, environmental issues, struggle for identity in urban reality/context. Along with the seen, I have tried to mingle/mix/combine intangible aspects of my surroundings. I use metaphors, variations in scale and repetition as the devices to achieve the desired results.
V.G.VENUGOPAL: Born 27.05.1976 (Valakkunja, Kasaragod Dist, INDIA)
BFA in Painting from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), Mysore in 1998; MFA in Printmaking from Chitrakala Institute of Advanced Studies, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore in 2000.
Solo shows: 'NOW SHOWING….' Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore(2003) and 'MONOLOGUES', Gallery Blue Spade, Bangalore (2010).
Important group shows include 'NEW COLOURS OF SUMUKHA', Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore (2005), 'NOW', Arushi Arts, New Delhi (2005), 'TAKE 2- ... (read more)

VENUGOPAL V.G. - work on year: 1923


[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Italy / Female]

Born 1962 in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. She studied graphics and painting at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda. During her studies she began working with photography and she graduated with, among other things, a video installation. After her studies, in 1986, she moved to Italy, where she returned to painting. In 1989 she co-founded the Italian publishing house Apeiron, directing the production and book design. In this environment she became involved with the use of computers, and she began applying digital techniques also in her art work. Since 1998 she has dedicated herself to using the new media arts for her expression.
The artistic production of Maria Korporal includes video art, digital imaging and installations. During the last she has worked almost exclusively with video art. Besides she is active as web- and graphic designer.

MARIA KORPORAL - work on year: 1924


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

Dennis Miller received his Doctorate in Music Composition from Columbia University and is currently on the Music faculty of Northeastern University in Boston. Miller is also the founder and artistic director of the Visual Music Marathon (, an ongoing program that includes screenings of works by filmmakers from around the world.
His mixed media works, which employ processes from music composition applied to the visual realm, have been presented at numerous venues throughout the world. Recent exhibits of his 3D still images include the Boston Computer Museum and the Biannual Conference on Art and Technology, as well as publication in Sonic Graphics: Seeing Sound (Rizzoli Books) and Art in the Digital Age (Thames and Hudson). Miller’s music and artworks are available at personal website.

DENNIS H. MILLER - work on year: 1925


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Mario Raoli
He was born in Anagni, a town near Rome. He studied philosophy at “La Sapienza” University of Rome getting his degree in English Literature with a thesis on the Italian influences into the English Theatre during the Elizabethan Period.
He started his career in the film industry after the studies and now he works in Italy as First AD and Line Producer for several independent production companies. He worked with several directors like Enrico Pitzianti, Marco Turco, Stella di Tocco, Mauro Mancini, Emanuela Rossi, Ivan Silvestrini, Giovanni Columbu, Liliana Cavani and Giuseppe Tornatore.
He started to make video art since 2008 and his work have been selected/showed in several festival and exhibitions:
Videoformes, Prototipo Festival, Skepto Film Festival, Microreel, Microcose, FestArte, Duncan 3.0, Arcipelago, Cortopotere.
In 2008 he made his first video named Look.Blind.Eyes. In 2009 and 2010 he made two other videos: “Narciso” and ... (read more)

MARIO RAOLI - work on year: 1926


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Spain / Male]

Antonello lives in Madrid. He is a director of independent short films (that have won international awards). He works for a regional television as TV director and he's an editor and cameraman for national television, commercials, and for satellite. Moreover, he organized the exhibition of the director-photographer Floria Sigismondi. He participated in some workshops and courses with important and international directors and professionists as: Abbas Kiarostami, Alain Escalle, Vittorio Storaro, Giuseppe Ferrara, Age, Mario Monicelli.

ANTONELLO NOVELLINO - work on year: 1927

OUESTBROUQ (Adrian Michael Westbrook)

[Born in: United States / Live in: France / Male]

Monsieur OUESTBROUQ is the pseudonym of Californian writer-filmmaker Adrian Michael Westbrook, whose portfolio of award-winning art, entertainment and communications work ranges from documentary and reportage to short fiction, experimental video and the written page. He holds a degree in Film Directing from the École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation in Saint-Denis and lives in Paris.

OUESTBROUQ (Adrian Michael Westbrook) - work on year: 1928

VIDEOPAPER (Didier Feldmann)

[Born in: France / Live in: France / Male]

Video Artist, born in Paris in 1954. Create Art Video for communication needs and develop a personal work based on Construtivism and Surrealist revisited by digital technologies.

VIDEOPAPER (Didier Feldmann) - work on year: 1929

SOUNDBARRIER (Pasquale Napolitano)

[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Pasquale Napolitano is multimedia artist, expert in new media and vdeo design. It's teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and at the IED in Rome. Is contributor to the magazine "Digicult".
Pasquale Napolitano è studioso di design e comunicazione visiva. Sulle possibilità progettuali del video come forma espressiva ed il rapporto tra queste e le derive della visualità contemporanea è anche incentrato il suo percorso di ricerca come dottore di ricerca in Comunicazione Visiva presso l'Università di Salerno, con una tesi dal titolo: Video-Design: Progettare lo spazio con il Video.
E’ docente di Video digitale presso l’Istituto Superiore di Design di Napoli per il Corso Triennale di Grafica Multimediale. Dal novembre 2011 è docente di Digital Video presso il triennio di Nuove Tecnologie dell'Arte presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli.
Artista multimediale, video-maker e video-artista, partecipa a numerose mostre, rassegne, residenze. Col collett... (read more)

SOUNDBARRIER (Pasquale Napolitano) - work on year: 1930


[Born in: Egypt / Live in: Egypt / Male]

Khaled Hafez is a visual artist who is born in Cairo, Egypt in 1963 where he currently lives and works. He studied medicine and followed the evening classes of the Cairo fine arts in the eighties. After attaining a medical degree in 1987 and M.Sc. as a medical specialist in 1992, he gave up medical practice in the early nineties for a career in the arts. He later obtained an MFA(Master of Fine Arts) in new media and digital arts from Transart Institute (New York, USA) and Danube University Krems, Austria. Hafez’s practice spans the mediums of painting, installation, photography, video and experimental film. His works were shown at the 11th Havana Biennale, Cuba, 2012, the 9th Bamako Photo Biennale, Mali 2011, the 8th Mercusol Biennale, Porto Allegre, Brazil 2011, Manifesta 8, Murcia, Spain 2010, the 12th Cairo Biennale, Egypt 2010, the Dakar Biennale 2004 & 2006, the Singapore Biennale 2006, Sharjah Biennale 2007, Guangzhou Triennale 2008, Thessaloniki Biennale 2009, as well as in Hi... (read more)

KHALED HAFEZ - work on year: 1931

MURKA (Maarit Murka)

[Born in: Estonia / Live in: Estonia / Female]

Born on 02-12-81
2009- ... Baltic Film and Media School screenplay MA
2004- 2006 Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki painting MA
2000- 2004 Estonian Academy of Arts painting BA
1997- 2000 Old Town Educational College art department
2007 Estonian Artists Association
2007 Estonian Painters Association
2005 Estonian Authors` Society

2010 "Dark Land" Hobusepea Gallery Tallinn
2010 "Hairpower" Gallery 21 Riga Latvia
2010 "Hairpower" Korjaamo Gallery Helsinki
2010 "Hairpower" Bottega Gallery Kiev Ukraine
2010 "Hairpower" Y Gallery Minsk Belarus
2010 "Hairpower" Vaal Gallery Tallinn
2009 "0.43" ArtDepoo and SooSoo Gallery Tallinn
2009 "0.43" Korjaamo Gallery Helsinki Finland
2008 "I´m an artist from post-soviet country?" Nobilis space Paris France
2007 "ART+POLITICS=POWER" ArtDepoo Gallery Tallinn
2007... (read more)

MURKA (Maarit Murka) - work on year: 1932

EVO PREISNER (Roelof Broekman)

[Born in: Netherlands / Live in: Netherlands / Male]

Evo Preisner makes videoart in which he combines words, images and his own composed music. His videos are played at festivals all around Europe in 2011 and 2012.

EVO PREISNER (Roelof Broekman) - work on year: 1933


[Born in: Sudan / Live in: Italy / Female]

Loredana Raciti was born in Khartoum in Sudan from Montenegrin origin mother and Italian father. After her artistic studies in Rome and the Academy of Costume and Fashion she works as a stylist. She enters in the world of art with the movement Metropolism. Attracted by the Emotion Painting, the carrier path evolves in a polyhedral direction. Her research, always floating, unconventional. Her Nomadism is open to culture of West and East axle, expressive potential of sediment.
The searching of her multiform work is aimed to a monothematic thought
Her informal and conceptual , abstract and symbolic work, often oneiric and surrealistic approaching multiple creative interplay.
As a matter of fact her work reflects a refined irony that leads to an underground dialogue between dream and reality , asking on the mystery of the human condition always split between soul and matter .
The Vision of a Transavance status is multi face fragments of her feeling and living ... (read more)

LOREDANA RACITI - work on year: 1934


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

Robert Ladislas Derr uses various modes of making that center on a barrage of questions about life and art. Selected exhibitions include the Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon, SK, Canada), The School of Visual Arts (New York, NY), Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt, Germany), Jack the Pelican Presents (Brooklyn, NY), Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, OH), LIVE Performance Art Biennale (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Photographic Resource Center (Boston, MA), American Academy in Rome (Rome, Italy), Art Interactive (Cambridge, MA), DiVA Festival (New York, NY), Irish Film Institute (Dublin, Ireland), Western Front (Vancouver, Canada), CAVE (Brooklyn, NY), and Parsons School of Design Gallery (New York, NY). He has received awards from the Urbana Public Arts Commission, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Ohio Arts Council, among others. Lectures about his practice have been hosted by the University College Cork (Ireland), Taik - University of Art and Design Helsinki (Finland), and University of Rhode I... (read more)

ROBERT LADISLAS DERR - work on year: 1935


[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Israel / Female]

Video art creator, illustrator, new media designer.
I dream and try to catch my dreams into camera or on paper.

ORA KOLMANOVSKY - work on year: 1936


[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Male]

Cleantho Viana was born in Salvador, Bahia in 1964, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Studied Social
Communication at Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC -RJ), graffic design at National Technical School for
Trade Affairs (SENAC), cinema at City University School (Faculdade da Cidade), television at Bennett Institute/Globo
TV Network and the Advanced Program 2010 at the Visual Art School Parque
Lage of Rio de Janeiro.
His most relevants exhibits: 2010 Acquisition Award at Arte Pará 2010 - Fundação Rômulo Maiorana, Belém, PA;
Abotoados pela manga, São Paulo, SP / 2009 Magmart 4th - CAM - Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Nápoles
– Italia / 2008 I Visual Art Salon Of Petrópolis 2008 (First Prize) – Centro Cultural Raul Leoni – Petrópolis, RJ /
2007 Athens Video Art Festival – Technopolis – Atenas, Grécia / 2006 OUTVIDEO’06 (Video of the day award)
– International Videoart Festival in Public Spac... (read more)

CLEANTHO VIANA - work on year: 1937


[Born in: Argentina / Live in: Spain / Male]

Iñigo Orduña was born in Madrid but soon left for England where he studied and worked for more than a decade on videogame development, multimedia and postproduction. As an interactive designer, art director and filmmaker, he innovates for different production companies and advertising agencies. In southern Europe there is nobody more true to the motto: “give me a pixel and I will move the world.”
Claudio Molinari Dassatti grew up in California and has lived in several European countries since the early 90’s. Translator, writer and poet, he specializes in digital literature -ultra compressed texts of extreme density for the digital media and the ADD generation—: “Beauty needs a bit more content, and truth a dash more style”.

They have worked together on several projects, Homo Modernus was their first aesthetic-literary collaboration.



[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Russian Federation / Female]

Marina Fomenko is a media artist focused on video art, site-specific and interactive installations. She graduated from Moscow Technical University of Telecommunication and Information and holds PhD in Economics. After graduating School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops” in 2005 Marina started her career as an artist. She participated in numerous video art festivals and exhibitions throughout the world. Marina is also a director and curator of International Video Art Festival “Now&After”. She lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

MARINA FOMENKO - work on year: 1939


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Lino Strangis is an intermedia artist (video art, Sound art, installations and more) director, composer and theorist of art born to Lamezia Terme (cz) Italy. In his job he uses the elements of the audiovisual composition as metaphoric elements, constantly uniting form and content. He participated in numerous festivals and international shows.

LINO STRANGIS - work on year: 1940


[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

Producer, photographer and occasional musician, Juanma Carrillo has been working in audiovisual world since 2000, moving between avant-garde films and video art. His shorts movies and video creations have been showed in festivals all around the world, in cultural centres as AMA Museum in Washington, New York Queens Museum, London Barbican Center or La Casa Encendida and Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid,winning numerous awards and honors and has participated in many important film festival in Europe, Asia, and America, including retrospectives of his work in some of them.

JUANMA CARRILLO - work on year: 1941


[Born in: United Kingdom / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

Studying a masters degree in Painting at Royal College of Art, London, UK. I am a Digital Moving Image Fine Artist.
'Operating out of an ‘arte difettoso’ mindset my process-led practice treats defects in filming, (or even glitches in rendering) as springboard creative opportunities to create a bigger potential than would otherwise occur. In simpler terms it is creatively stimulating to face the challenge of failure/flaws and reconcile them.'
‘It’s all in the edit and the artist’s intent’.

DEBRA FEAR - work on year: 1942


[Born in: Israel / Live in: Israel / Female]

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Art director and animator at Polygon Animation Studio. Head of classic animation department at IAC – the Israeli Animation College. Studied animation, acting, music, film and fine art. Teaches classic and 3D animation and acting. Animated and directed for TV series, feture films, commercials, music video clips, computer game cinematics, video art pieces and more.

TAL LOTAN - work on year: 1943

ALEJANDRO RAMIREZ (Alejandro Ramírez)

[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

Graduate on Fine Arts at UCLM University, Cuenca (Spain), also Postgraduate on visual Communication at the HFBK, (Hochschule für bildende Künste), Hamburg, Germany. His work is developed in the fields of video, film and photography, focusing his artistic practises on and around politics related to the representation of the subject within the image context. His works have been exhibited internationally at the Contemporary Art Institute, Tetouan, Morocco / Centro Metropolitano de Diseño, Buenos Aires, Argentina / AMA Art Museum of the Americas, Washington DC / The Camagüey International Video Art Festival of Cuba / Region 0 at Big Screen Project, New York / Museo de Antropología y Arte Contemporáneo MAAC, Guayaquil / Festival CHROMA, Guadalajara, México / Festival Close Up, Centro Cultural Cuále, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Galeria Les Singuliers, Paris, France / Cine 8 y Medio, Quito, Ecuador / Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany / MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo, España / Da2... (read more)

ALEJANDRO RAMIREZ (Alejandro Ramírez) - work on year: 1944


[Born in: Lebanon / Live in: Lebanon / Male]

Born in Beirut in 1983. Graduated in international business management and started his visual career with still photography. Followed a FILM FORM workshop at The National Film School of Denmark conducted by Arne Bro and filmed a documentary titled Hands screened at Beirut Film Festival, CPH:DOX, Videoformes – Clermont-Ferrand and Stillhetsfestivalen – Oslo.
In 2011, filmed a video titled ‘wired’ screened at Atopia – Oslo, Oberhausen Film Festival, Magmart VII edition and Videoformes Clermont-Ferrand 2012.
Since 2011, started working with Art Video Exchange as a curator.
Collective photography exhibitions: Be-sides (Goethe-Institut, 2008) - SALON D’AUTOMNE (Musée Sursock, 2008/2010/2012) – Les Jeux De la Francophonie - Badguer.
Lives and works in Beirut in the film production field, videos and photography.

ELI SOUAIBY - work on year: 1945


[Born in: Mexico / Live in: Mexico / Male]

He's born October 7th 1983 in Mexico City.
Graduated in Design and Visual Communication at the National School of Plastic Arts, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

His artistic work has been developed through drawing and video. His inspirations and references are the extraterrestrial culture, teratology, the cinema, Ripley, the rock music, faith and religion.

Visually he interpret these themes to describe that which is beyond our natural experience in the world.

He has exhibit individually and collective since 2005 in several spaces such as Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC), Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Arte MUCA Roma, Museo Ex Teresa - Arte Actual.

¨My work intended as a reflection about the role of man in the universe¨

MANUEL DIAZ - work on year: 1946


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Gennaro Cicalese, visual artist born in 1964, lives and works in Milano, Italy.
After graduated in painting at Fine Arts Academy of Naples, he began collaborating with alternative art spaces and Fluxus artists in Italy and Germany.
His work develops between painting and intermedial action, experiencing collage, installations, assemblage, digital painting, animation and video.
He has made several solo and group exhibitions and participated in some international cultural projects, working in Naples, Cologne, Milan, Parma, Berlin, Venice, Marrakech, etc. In his artworks mixes influences from Pop, Naive, Fluxus and Conceptual art, always paying attention to the contemporary media-filled reality, with a signatory touch of irony.

GENNARO CICALESE - work on year: 1947


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

Ann Steuernagel is an experimental video and sound artist. Her visual work accentuates the gestures and quotidian rhythms of her subjects and is accompanied by unique sound designs that blend field recordings, found sound, music, and noise. Steuernagel’s work has been shown at festivals, and galleries throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

ANN STEUERNAGEL - work on year: 1948


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

Henry Gwiazda is a new media artist/composer whose artistic trajectory has taken him from sampling, sound effects, and immersive technologies to his current work with new media. This new work is a comprehensive artistic approach that has resulted in work that is multimedia in nature and focused on movement. Gwiazda's works are regularly screened in festivals and galleries throughout the world including New York, Paris, Madrid, Cairo, Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Sao Paolo, Naples, Marseilles, Seoul, Damascus, Athens, Istanbul, Moscow and many others. He has won prizes at Abstracta Cinema (Rome, Italy), Magmart Video Festival (Naples, Italy), Festival InOut (Gdansk, Poland), Crosstalk Video Art Festival (Budapest,Hungary), GIGUK Video Art Festival (Giessen, Germany), and the Grand Prize for Best Audio at the 2008 DIGit Media Exposition (Narrowsburg, NY). His work is available on Innova Recordings.

HENRY GWIAZDA - work on year: 1949


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

Caroline Koebel makes experimental films and videos to provoke new modes of aesthetic and critical engagement with topics ranging from early cinema, technology and the maternal body through commodity culture, world affairs and representations of violence to human-animal interactions. She has had recent retrospectives at Festival Cine//B in Santiago, Chile, and Directors Lounge in Berlin, Germany. Other screenings include MadCat (USA), Edinburgh International Film Festival (Scotland), dança em foco (Brazil), Ladyfest Toronto (Canada), European Media Art Festival (Germany), Camagüey Festival of Video Art (Cuba), and Abstracta: International Exhibition of Abstract Cinema (Italy). Sponsorship includes the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Experimental Television Center, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, and the Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle. Koebel holds a BA in Film Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and ... (read more)

CAROLINE KOEBEL - work on year: 1950


[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Female]

Christin Bolewski (1966): digital media artist and experimental filmmaker; undergraduate studies in film, video and photography at FH Cologne; postgraduate studies in audiovisual media at Academy of Media Arts Cologne Germany. Christin has been a researcher and lecturer in film, digital arts and audiovisual design at Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Konstfack Stockholm, UCSC California and a professor in audiovisual media at FH Lemgo Germany. She is currently a senior lecturer in fine arts at Loughborough School of the Arts UK. Her artwork is a critical investigation of the potential of digital media to expand the aesthetic possibilities of audiovisual / film art. It includes experimental film and sound, video installation, genre mix, alternation and remediation of traditional art concepts / film structures, nonlinear storytelling, combination of still / moving image, video / photography. Since 1989 she has regular exhibitions at international digital media art events including SIGGRAPH ... (read more)

CHRISTIN BOLEWSKY - work on year: 1951


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

25 Novembre 1978 (Savona, Italy)
"I'm a Photographer, Video Artist, Performer, Creative/Graphic Designer.
I'm passionate about visual arts and performing dance since I was a child, already fascinated by the mystery of the human body, human energy, space and colours. At the age of 9 I'm chose contemporary and jazz dance, but I didn't feel a dancer, but something different.
At the age of 13 I attended the "Art Institute" (Imperia, Italy), where I'm learned the art of photography, direction Tv/video, graphic designer.
I'm graduated at the age of 17 in photography, direction Tv/video (analogue technique), graphic design.
I'm graduated at the age of 21 in photography and direction video/Tv (sound and vision psychology, editing, Shooting and image processing, visual communication, scenography, set lights, at the "CTC" Studios, Film and Television Techniques School (Milan, Italy)
Over the years, I'm approached lots of different dance styles, Contempo... (read more)

CHIARA MAZZOCCHI - work on year: 1952


[Born in: Portugal / Live in: Portugal / Female]

Born: 1975
Nacionality : Portuguese
Since 1998 to 2012 Visual artist, developing artistic activity in Installation, Video Art, Performance, Painting and Sculpture with focus investigation in dissolution of sense in Art, trough various aspects of madness and paralel realities.
2010/2011 Completion of 1st year curriculum of the Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation University of Aveiro. Department of Art and Communication
1999 Degree in Fine Arts - Painting College of Fine Arts, University of Porto Technological training Screenprinting, Photography and Cinevideo 1997/98 Erasmus Scholarship Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona [development of artistic projects in Painting and Cinevideo]
Represented in Institutional and Private colections, with video art, painting and drawing.
Since 2009 :
Professor of Higher Education in Institut Politecnic of Oporto- ESE

CLáUDIA MELO - work on year: 1953


[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Male]

Gerald Roßbacher (Austria, 1974) is media artist and musician. He is currently exploring how real world objects are represented in digital media and the influence of this abstarction on the perception of reality. Lives and works in Vienna.
Michael Weingärtner (Austria, 1974) is architect. In his experimental concepts he transforms information between reality and virtuality. Lives and works in Linz.



[Born in: Canada / Live in: Canada / Male]

I create video installations to explore the autobiography and the narrative potential of new media. By juxtaposing narrative devices found in other media such as literature, comic books, videogames and music, I am progressively creating a narrative structure that reflects my past, personality and influences. By revisiting my childhood misinterpretations, I can gradually pose questions to the audience about my upbringing while connecting my experience to their own. It is in this connection where I find my purpose for making autobiographical work, allowing me to develop new relations in order to gain a further understanding of how I came to be.
Born is Windsor Ontario, Joe Hambleton is now an emerging artist based in Toronto. He is a graduate of the University of Windsor where he received his BFA in visual arts, and York University where he received his MFA in visual arts. He creates video installations to explore how the medium can be used as a narrative device for the autobiogra... (read more)

JOE HAMBLETON - work on year: 1955


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Germany / Male]

Alessandro De Vita was born in Naples (Italy) in 1979. He has graduated at “I.C.R.A. Project” School as Corporeal Mime, training under the guide of Michele Monetta (who has studied in Paris Corporeal Mime for 2 years with Etienne Decroux) and Lina Salvatore, and studying Lecoq and Feldenkrais Techniques. He also studied Direction with Michele Monetta. He has won literary prizes as poet and has founded the Company for theatrical research “I Pedoni dell’aria” (“The Strolls in the Air”, name inspired by Ionesco’s Le Piéton de l'air, 1963), in which he works as playwright, director and video-artist. He is interested also in the relationship between theatre and anthropology and is studying this aspect in the plays by the Polish author T. Kantor. In the past years he attended several national and international stages and workshops with Hanon Reiznikov, Judith Malina, Peter Clough, Marise Flach, Elena Kuzina, Polina Klimovitskaya, and Marco De Marinis. As for theatre, he is n... (read more)

ALESSANDRO DE VITA - work on year: 1956


[Born in: Switzerland / Live in: Italy / Male]

I attended an Academy somewhere in this country, not in New York nor in a foreign country, even if actually it’s very cool studying somewhere around there. I attended an Italian Academy, i got it right, that is quite enough, i graduated from that Academy, i had a specialization course and i have been happy for a while till i didn’t get drunk i caught the wrong bus and i fell in Naples. When i realized i was there and i couldn’t get out anymore. This happened some times ago, since then i have rented a dismal apartament in a suburb, i live together with a cockroach who thinks he’s a errant knight, and a rebel who thinks he’s his squire. That’s me, i still can’t say anymore, but if you want to know more, you can ask to the cockroackh.

EMILIO RIZZO - work on year: 1957


[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Male]

Thorsten Fleisch works with digital and experimental film and video art. With materials such as the body, crystals, fire and electricity, he works directly on 16 mm film strips. Crystals are grown on the film and 30,000 volts burn through it. The results are poetic and abstract visual systems with references to catharsis, cosmos and the universe. In 2003 Fleisch received Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica in Linz (Austria) for his computeranimated film Gestalt. High voltage is at the centre of his film Energie! for which he has won international acclaim.

THORSTEN FLEISCH - work on year: 1958


[Born in: Belgium / Live in: France / Male]

Arnaud Brihay was born in 1972, in Belgium. He lives and works in Lyon, France. He studied photojournalism and audio-visual communication at I.H.E.C.S. Brussels and holds also a Master in Business from EML. Arnaud Brihay principally works with photography, video, mixing often these media to art installations. His photographic work reflects his frequent travels and trips around the world, wanderer catching loneliness, strangeness or intimate scenes which he gently violates. On the other hand, he produces videos approaching, among others, either instinctive sensuality, intriguing portraits and moving sequences extending his photography work. His work was exhibited in many events, biennials and cities such as Shanghai World Expo 2010, Traffic Dubai, Bruxelles, Paris, Lyon, New Caledonia, …

ARNAUD BRIHAY - work on year: 1959


[Born in: Hong Kong / Live in: France / Male]

Wong Pak Yin
Born in 1979 in Hong Kong, he currently lives and works in France. Before moving to France, he was a graphic designer in Hong Kong.
He has exhibited in France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea in galleries, festivals, and museums internationally including The Museum of Fine Art of Nantes, France. A group drawing show was on tour showing at Gallery 59 Rivoli in Paris.
Awards include: Prix art school, France (2012), Magmart International Video Art Festival, Italy (2010), The Master of Design Awards, Taiwan (2005), Explore New Horizons Design Awards, Asia (2002), logo design competition, Hong Kong (2002).
In his work, Wong Pak Yin often focuses on the domain of human behaviour, the significance of the human body, the relationship between each of us and the link between his work, the spectators and himself. Drawing, video and installation are his major mediums.
Wong Pak Yin holds a national degree in fine... (read more)

WONG PAK YIN - work on year: 1960


[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Russian Federation / Female]

Tania Antoshina holds her PhD in fine art from Industrial Academy (Stroganovskoe), Moscow.
Her work has been exhibited at MUMOK, Vienna, Moderna Muzeet, Stockholm; Nationalgalerie Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; Ludwig Museum, Budapest; Royal Academy, London; Chelsea Art Museum, NY; Corcoran Art Museum, Washington.
2012 - resident artist at Mariposa, Canary Islands, Spain;
2005 - resident artist at Art Omi, NY, USA;
2001 - resident artist at Yaddo, NY, USA.
Collections at: MUMOK, Wien; Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen; National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington; Corcoran Art Museum, Washington DC; Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples; Olympic Fine Arts Museum, Beijing; Penang State Art Museum, Penang; The American University Museum, Washington; The Francis J. Greenburger Collection, New York; Omi International Arts Center Collection, New York; Krasnoyarsk Cultural Historical Museum Complex, Krasnoyarsk; Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm... (read more)


MALAVENTURA (Fernando G. Tamajon)

[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

Based in Fuengirola (Malaga, Andalucia), Malaventura is the moniker of Fernando García Tamajón (Malaga, 1978) BA in Audiovisual Communications studies by the University of Malaga.
His work range from experimental electronic music, videoart pieces, multi-touch interfaces programming, random experiments with online movie editing or the “Audiovisual Sampler” artifact, a tool that make possible to launch movie clips in live action to create a live cinema show. Since the year 2000 delivering music & video works under open licences

MALAVENTURA (Fernando G. Tamajon) - work on year: 1962


[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Male]

Andreas Mares is a passionate artist, a trait that shows not only in the motvation that drives his art but also in the way he goes about his work and more than anything it shows in his work itself.
His work, drawings, objects and videos, are far from pompous; on the contrary their reduced and clear aesthetics have an elegant quality to them.
Beneath their luring surface lies a passionate, wild intensity that moves and stirres us.
In his work he deals with primary topics -birth, death, fear, the artist's fragile self; and in his work the spectators find themselves reflected.
Andreas Mares' videos, I'd rather call them filmed performances, have a meditative character.
The videos' repose only serves to intensify the poignancy of his work; a work which allows him to question the very existence thus creating emotions that get under one's skin.
born in linz, austria
since 1980
1990 - 2006
paint... (read more)

ANDREAS MARES - work on year: 1963


[Born in: Japan / Live in: Germany / Female]

She is a fine artist creating transdisciplinary works. She was born in Hiroshima, Japan and lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She is an artist member of GEDOK ( and Berlinerpool ( in Germany.

She transforms autobiographical experiences and motives from her social environment into an artistic context and creates projects with different media.
Her works comprise a spectrum of both themes and media that spans from sculpture and photography by way of video and performance art all the way to mixed-media installations. Among these works, one of the most prominent is the serial project “still/silent” that is documented here for the period from 2007 through 2010. By structurally inscribing her work with a re-contextualization of space-times and media, she has it refer and point to the potentiality of the identity creating function of remembering. The spatial transfer that is programmatically expressed in the choice of divergin... (read more)

ERIKA MATSUNAMI - work on year: 1964


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Videoartist and live media performer living and working in Rome. She approached the world of contemporary art in 2000, when she met the American conceptual artist Kristin Jones, and began collaborating on the “Tevereterno” (Eternal Tiber) project, creating urban installations for the City of Rome. She currently participates as a videoartist and performer in exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.

FRANCESCA FINI - work on year: 1965


[Born in: Bosnia and Herzegovina / Live in: United States / Male]

Zlatko Ćosić is a video artist born in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ćosić earned a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art from Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Video Production and Interactive Digital Media from Webster University. Ćosić’s work spans from short films, video and sound installations to theater projections and live audio visual performances. The themes of Ćosić’s work often relate to issues of identity, immigration, and the complexity of living in a new environment concentrating on the necessity to embrace cultural differences and establish dialogue among people. His artwork was shown in over twenty countries for which he has received a variety of recognition. Ćosić currently lives in St. Louis and works as a multimedia producer, professor and artist.

ZLATKO ĆOSIć - work on year: 1966


[Born in: Ethiopia / Live in: United States / Male]

Ezra Wube (b. 1980, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Ezra moved to the United States at the age of 18 and received his BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, and an MFA from Hunter College, New York, NY. His works encompassing video, installations, drawing, painting and performance.

EZRA WUBE - work on year: 1967


[Born in: Chile / Live in: Chile / Male]

My artistic career has been mainly related towards the new technological media development; namely, video, digital art and sound exploration to name but a few. This allows me to explore and record images alongside audio features at different levels.
My creations deal with marginal elements from urban areas, where new languages naturally develop, beginning with a mixture and an over exposure of visual as well as audio records.

HERNAN APABLAZA - work on year: 1968


[Born in: Israel / Live in: Israel / Male]

Shahar Marcus (Israel 1971) is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video, performance and installations. He regularly appears in his video works, playing different roles, crossing his personal and artistic figure with that of someone else. In his performances he relates his body to organic and perishable materials, such as dough, bread, juice or ice. His relationship to those materials examines the position and the role of his body as both human and creator. His choice of perishables likewise highlights the nature of art and life.
Marcus had exhibited in many exhibitions around the world including Tate modern in London, The Israel and the Tel Aviv museum in Israel, The Charlottenburg kunsthhalle in Copenhagen, The Moscow and Poznan Biennale The Moscow museum of modern art and other venues in Germany France, Italy and Usa.

MARCUS SHAHAR - work on year: 1969


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Loredana Antonelli is a Multimedia Artist based in Naples, Italy. Her work is centered around a wide variety of media: audiovisual project, installation, videoclip, documentary, animation and live concerts. She collaborated with many musicians: she's 99 Posse's Official Vj and she has participated to the International Audio\Video Project: EW - Exquisite What project. Loredana's videos has been seen in Venice Music Biennale - 56th International Festival of Contemporary Music; in Shanghai Expò 2010 and in Flussi Festival where has been awarded for video installation.

LOREDANA ANTONELLI - work on year: 1970


[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Female]

Margit Nobis,
Visual Artist,
1977 born in Austria
1996 School for Artistic Photography Vienna (Friedl Kubelka)
1999-2005 Master's degree "Experimental Design" / University of Art and Design Linz
2004 Academic exchange / University of the West of England, AMD, Bristol
Working in the fields of videoart, photo collages and patterns

MARGIT NOBIS - work on year: 1971


[Born in: Turkey / Live in: Turkey / Male]

He was born in Istanbul in 1979. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communications Department of Cinema-TV in 2001. He has produced works in the fields of short film, documentary and video since 1998. As a form of artistic expression every type of moving images attracts his attention.

He has recently produced works mainly in the field of video art. He is continuing his post-graduate degree in cinema-tv and is giving cinema lessons at Lycée Saint Michel.

RECEP AKAR - work on year: 1972


[Born in: Russian Federation / Live in: Russian Federation / Female]

Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, painter, videoartist, was born in Moscow, Russia, studied at The Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts. In 1995 was grant-holder of Berlin Academy of Arts, Germany. She had also grants for visiting Universities TUFTS, Harvard, Parson’s The New School of Design.
She had solo exhibitions in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, The National Center of Photography, St. Petersburg, The Saratov Art Museum (2008), The State Art Gallery of Hanti-Mansiisk (2010), “ERA” Foundation for the Support of Visual Arts “Living processes”(2011)
Alexandra Mitlyanskya’s works were shown in many group museum exhibitions, most notable -“Results”, Berlin Academy of Arts (1995), ‘’Abstract Art in Russia ХХ century’’, The State Russian Museum (2001), “Collage”, Pushkin State museum of Fine arts, (2003), “Collage”, The State Russian Museum (2005), ‘’ART- index”, The Latvian National Museum of Art, Latvia (2008), “Art about Art”... (read more)

ALEXANDRA MITLYANSKAYA - work on year: 1973


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Paola Luciani after achieving the diploma in arts, worked for diferent newspapers and comic magazines. She got the diploma in animation at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografa Rome in 1990. She's been collaborating whit several Italian animation studios since 1990. She's commissioned to create videos art and paintings for shows and exhibitions. She's a teacher.

PAOLA LUCIANI - work on year: 1974


[Born in: France / Live in: France / Male]

Gérard Cairaschi, multimedia artist, video artist, photographer and creator of installations, lives and works in Paris. His work has been shown and won prizes in numerous exhibitions and video festivals around the world.
His work questions the image’s cultural dimensions, its codes, its means of representation and its historical status and reference. He shows joyous or solemn images of nature or people, which refer to the history of art, to myth, to religion, to literature, to cinema, to a shared history and to that of the individual.

GéRARD CAIRASCHI - work on year: 1975


[Born in: Japan / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

Noriko Okaku was educated at Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, completing an MA (RCA) in Animation in 2005. Her work explores the variety, eclectic nature and strangeness underlying everyday things and actions. Her video work incorporates drawing, collage, photography, painting and animation.

NORIKO OKAKU - work on year: 1976


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Born in the south of Italy, Salvatore Insana attended the University of Roma Tre Dams concluding his masterful way in 2010 with a paper on the concept of useless.
With Elisa Turco Liveri, actress, choreographer and performer he has created in 2011 the company Dehors/Audela (
He continued his research in motion pictures, photography and other media forms collaborating with the experimental filmmaker Roberto Nanni, with the Atelier Meta-Theatre, historic space of theatrical research directed by Pippo Di Marca, with the SLIM art label, with the experimental group Villanuccia-Lyrics.
He has worked in visual search paths with musicians and sound artists Aron Carlocchia, The Additive, Frank Heierli, Tobias Faar, Ynaktera, Playing with Nuns, Leira Kabuki, Nino Martino, Santiago Merino and with the label Brusionetlabel.
He's also editor of the movie magazine, and collaborates with Krapp's Last Post and Zero. He has co... (read more)

SALVATORE INSANA - work on year: 1977


[Born in: Brazil / Live in: Brazil / Male]

Khalil Charif (b.1967, Rio de Janeiro) began his artistic education in the scenic art in 1985, when he took part of a theatrical company for a few years. In late 90's, while living in New York City, attended Parsons School and NYU. Afterwards, studied at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, obtained a post-graduate degree in Art History, and further studies in Art-Philosophy. His work field follows the art media that best respond to the specificity of project or idea in which he is immerse - that has been mostly in videoart, performance and photography, among others. Have participated in several exhibitions and festivals, including: “Low Lives 4”, USA, 2012. “60n Os International Film Festival”, Norway, 2012. "24es Instants Vidéo", France, 2011. “Façade VideoArt Festival”, Bulgaria, 2011-2010. “Foto Lage / FotoRio”, Brazil, 2009. “International Triennale of Contemporary Art”, Czech Rep., 2008. “Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid”, France, Germany, Sp... (read more)

KHALIL CHARIF - work on year: 1978

BOLDIZSáR CR (Boldizsar Csernak)

[Born in: Hungary / Live in: United Kingdom / Male]

Boldizsar is London based Hungarian filmmaker with a background in Sociology. His main focus is the body, space, performance and camera work.
He has shown work internationally in art galleries, cinemas, conferences and temporary spaces. He started his visual career as a VJ in music events
and visual theater. In 2006 he moved to the UK to start his MA course “Artists’ Film, Video and Photography” at the University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone.
Currently he runs ASWESAW experimental documentary project and works as a freelance filmmaker on documentaries, music videos and fashion films.
His goal is to direct feature films on his own way.

BOLDIZSáR CR (Boldizsar Csernak) - work on year: 1979


[Born in: Iraq / Live in: Italy / Male]

Resmi Al Kafaji
Lives and works in Florence and Prato (Italy) since 1977.
He was born in Diywania, Iraq. There he earned a degree in art from the Institute of Fine Arts of Bagdad, then later from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, Italy.
He partecipated in various exhibitions in Iraq, Syria, Italy and several european cities . He had solo exhibitions in Italy, Great Britain, The Netherland, Sweden and Belgium.
After many years painting in oils, Resmi Al Kafaji has quite naturally and unselfconsciously turned to using watercolour and video.
Some of his video has been selected at Magmart Festival, PAN, Palazzo delle arti, Napoli and Museo di arte contemporanea, Casoria (CE), 3rd Bagasbas Beach International Eco Arts Festival, Filippine, VideoArt Festival, Macro Testaccio, Museo di arte contemporanea di Roma, Roma; Ravello LAB, Torre Maggiore di Villa San Rufolo, Ravello, 2010 and neon campobase, Bologna, La rincorsa della lepre, Brolo (ME); FestAr... (read more)

RESMI AL KAFAJI - work on year: 1980


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Visual artist, photographer, performer, video artist

First level Italian degree in History of Russian Theatre (Faculty of Education, Degree course in DAMS [Art, Music and Performing Arts ]), University of Turin, 2005.
Second level Italian degree in Theatre and Arts of the Stage (Faculty of Education, Degree course in DAMS [Art, Music and Performing Arts]), University of Turin, 2007. Her second level thesis (Icona e scena. Teatro e arti figurative nelle avanguardie russe [Icon and Stage. Theatre and Visual Arts in Russian Avantgarde]) was awarded as the best thesis work of the year in its degree course.
She taught History of Cinema and History of Theatre for public and private organizations and (from 2005 to 2007) in the courses of di History of Scenography and History of Russian Theatre (DAMS-University of Turin). She has been member of Centro Studi di Fenomenologia della Rappresentazione e dello Spettacolo (Study Center in Phenomenology of Representation a... (read more)

ELEONORA MANCA - work on year: 1981
https://vimeo. com/eleonoramanca


[Born in: Spain / Live in: United Kingdom / Female]

Azahara Cerezo graduated with a First Class BA Honours degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2010. In 2011 she graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with a Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia.
Her projects are mainly focused on social changes, social movements, physical and virtual public space and the connections of these elements with power.

AZAHARA CEREZO - work on year: 1982


[Born in: Syrian Arab Republic / Live in: United States / Male]

Kevork Mourad’s paintings and drawings have been featured in prominent galleries throughout the United States and the Middle East. He is a member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. He created a technique of spontaneous performance painting, and has painted on stage with musicians and artists from around the world, including Kinan Azmeh, Tambuco, Brooklyn Rider, Mari Kimura, Ken Ueno, Liubo Borissov, Eve Beglarian, Rami Khalife, Maya Trio, and Yo-Yo Ma. He has performed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Chelsea Museum of Art, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Nara Museum in Japan, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Rubin Museum of Art, Harvard University, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mourad grew up Armenian in Syria and now lives and works in New York. He is represented in the Middle East by the Rafia Gallery in Damascus, Syria.

KEVORK MOURAD - work on year: 1983


[Born in: Israel / Live in: Israel / Male]

Artist & Astronomer. I do drawing, painting, Sculpting, Photography and Video.
I work alone and also with a group.
I'm trying to find some aesthetics in everyday life and to bring it to a level of art.
Also matching between Art and Astronomy in Telescope design
B.Sc Technion - Israel Institute of Thecnology
B.F.A University Of Haifa, Israel

EDEN ORION - work on year: 1984


[Born in: Serbia and Montenegro / Live in: Singapore / Male]

Vladimir Todorovic is a filmmaker, new media artist and an educator. His debut feature “Water Hands” premiered at the 40th international Film Festival Rotterdam 2011. It received a special mention award at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.

His films and projects were shown in numerous venues including: FEST, SEAFF, YIDFF, CINDI, Cottbus, Cinemanila, 40th IFFR, Impakt, Ars Electronica, l'Alternativa 2010, Curtas Vila do Conde, 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam, ISEA2010, Rencontres Internationales 09, Videoformes, ICA Singapore, ISEA08, Enter3, Wired NextFest, Dislocate07, ISEA06, Siggraph 06, Transmediale 05, File 2004, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Machinista, Entermutlimediale 2, WRO 05, Museum of Contemporary Arts Belgrade, etc. He is currently working on series of films that are studying the relationship between the man and landscapes.

VLADIMIR TODOROVIC - work on year: 1985


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Agata Chiusano was born in Biella and presently lives in Frascati, Roma
She graduated at University of Turin with a thesis on Video Art. She collaborated with RAI.
In 1992 she founded the group of self-production "La Jena" (the hyena) which operates in the audiovisual experimentation.
Interested in all the commingling and contamination between the arts and the video that led her to collaborate with various artists, dealing with
production and artistic reality.
In 2005 she wrote, directed and performed the play "The Way Mirror: Morante/ Moravia". The play was shown during the week of Italian culture in Israel, by the Italian Cultural Institute, at the Municipal Theatre in Haifa.
Since 2005 she teaches Video Art at the University of Naples 'Suor Orsola
From 2009 she organizes the exbition of the video art 'Vuotociclo', in collaboration with the University SOB, the Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Castel dell'O... (read more)

AGATA CHIUSANO - work on year: 1986


[Born in: Spain / Live in: Spain / Male]

Matías Montarcé (1978) is a video artist based in Madrid, in his works he connects empirical processes with conceptually abstract elements using poetic and visual resources.
The absence of dialogues, symbolism, spirituality or ethno-anthropological elements are
common characteristics in his work.
His work have been exhibited internationally at International Video Art Festival Miden, Greece; International Video Art Festival Magmart, Italy; The Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts MADATAC 02 -03; BLUEBANANA Video Art Contest. Germany; The Bret Llewellyn Art Gallery, NY; dokumentART. European Documentary Film Festival, Poland; Souvenirs From Earth TV, France and Germany; Transfera TV, Spain; “PI". Performance & Intermedia Festival, Poland; International Video Art Festival VIDET ´10, Spain; International Video Art Festival Camagüey, Cuba and the International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair KUNSTART `08, Italy.

MATíAS MONTARCé - work on year: 1987

ILIANT0 (Igor Imhoff)

[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Igor Imhoff was born in San Giovanni Rotondo in 10/02/1976.
Graduated at the Institute of Fine arts of Foggia. Actually he works as graphician and illustrator for videogames and entertainment machines. The artistic activity, above all dedicated to the paint and video animation, includes many art-exhibitions in Italy and on the outside, and some prizes: “Premio Felice Casorati” 2004 and international festival of short films “Mestre Film Festival 2005”, RTP2 Ondacurta prize at “Circuito Off Short film Festival” 2008, Best Veneto Short film 2009, RTP2 Ondacurta Prize at Circuito Off Festival 2009, “Award for Best European Short Film: Animation” at Go Short Film Festival 2010, RTP2 Ondacurta Prize at Circuito off, First Prize ad Laura film festival 2011 and First prize at Arte Roma Video Festival 2011

ILIANT0 (Igor Imhoff) - work on year: 1988


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

Attending to themes at the crossroads of consciousness + social conditions, meta-physics + science, Laurel Beckman’s video-animations investigate perceptual phenomena, stage and screen space, language, and affect. Beckman is based in California, USA, and her projects have been presented/screened in festivals public spaces and galleries throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Palestine, Australia, India, Switzerland, Macao, and the Netherlands. She is a professor of art at the University of California Santa Barbara.

LAUREL BECKMAN - work on year: 1989


[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Female]

Rona Rangsch studied physics at the Universities of Cologne and Saarbruecken where she graduated in High Energy Physics in 1996. After scientific research activities at several renowned institutions she made physics her hobby to start a carreer as a media artist. She was trained in multimedia design at ca-medien.colleg Essen and a guest student at Kunstakademie Duesseldorf.

The media she is working with comprise video, photography, installation and 3D animation. Moreover, Rona is interested in adopting multimedia techniques that are usually applied to non-artistic contexts.
Her concepts are developed and realised along guidelines not unlike scientific methodology, the revelation of formerly unseen relations between subjects and phenomena being at the core of her works. Beside thematic research activities, her aims are accomplished through the unprejudiced interpretation of geophysical, climatic, historic and/or socio-cultural particularities which made travelling... (read more)

RONA RANGSCH - work on year: 1990


[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Francesca Leoni was born in Italy but grew up in Brazil. Graduated in Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where she started her first Theatre and performance studies. Back in Italy she worked with video productions and kept on studying theatre and performance. In the last years she's been working at an artistic project of video performance videos and live performances.

FRANCESCA LEONI - work on year: 1991


[Born in: Pakistan / Live in: Canada / Female]

Nida Fatima Khan was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. She moved to the United States to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for BFA in fine arts. While studying at SIAC, Nida explored concepts Persian miniature painting with Dadaism and Modernism; in her investigations of material incidents that occur during the process of staining, she discovered narratives within each incident. She became particularly involved with developing narratives using experimental techniques and started exploring digital platforms. Now, her canvas has shifted to modern systems, where she continues to explore and discover the combination of traditional techniques alongside experimental procedures. Most recently, Nida’s video "Chal Diye" has been nominated by UK Film Festival for Best Music Video. "Chal Diye" is also a winner of the Magmart Festival and is featured in CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy. Nida currently resides and creates in Vancouver, Canada.

NIDA FATIMA KHAN - work on year: 1992


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Female]

Colette Copeland is a multi-media visual artist and cultural critic/writer whose work examines issues surrounding gender, death and contemporary culture. Over the past 8 years, her work has been exhibited in 13 solo exhibitions and 54
group exhibitions/festivals spanning 18 countries.

She teaches art and digital media at University of Texas, Richland and Collin Colleges in Dallas, Texas as well as writes for Glasstire, and Ceramics: Art and Perception magazines.

COLETTE COPELAND - work on year: 1993


[Born in: United Kingdom / Live in: United Kingdom / Male]

In the late 1970s Philip Sanderson was founder of the Snatch Tapes cassette label and one half of the DIY electronic group Storm Bugs. Since the 1980s he has produced: videos, installations and sound works (CDs and LPs). Sanderson’s work has been exhibited nationally, internationally and broadcast into the ether.

PHILIP SANDERSON - work on year: 1994

EMEKA (Emeka Ogboh)

[Born in: Nigeria / Live in: Nigeria / Male]

Emeka Ogboh is a sound and video artist whose works explores ways of understanding cities as cosmopolitan spaces with their unique characters. It has been his goal to employ field recordings to explore the history and aural infrastructure of cities, in particular his hometown Lagos, a metropolis ultimately influenced by universal globalization processes. Emeka’s ‘Fractal Scapes’ experimental videos revisit the culture of abstract paintings, but through time-based media of video and sound, replicating ordinary scenarios to create an audiovisual narrative that is simple and elemental yet possessing an abstract quality.
He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

EMEKA (Emeka Ogboh) - work on year: 1995


[Born in: Japan / Live in: France / Male]

Based on a site-specific point of view, I am extremely interested in observing the bare cultural aspects. To precisely pursue my pure impression of the site, I do not have a predetermined method, but adds a symbolic form to the cultural peculiarities I experiences and represents them as a site-specific art piece. It is similar to an unusual interpretation of a usual sensation, somewhat like a cultural sketch.
To cover the temporality of the site-specific works, I employ the art of video. Not only for archival purposes, but also as independent works of art providing different perspectives and angles of the physical work itself.

ISHII JUN'ICHIRO - work on year: 1996


[Born in: Vietnam / Live in: Vietnam / Male]

I'm a young film and video maker living in Hanoi - Vietnam. From 2012, I have been a member of HanoiDoclab - a center for exprimental films and videos in Hanoi. My works vary from fictional, documentary to experimental.

GIANG NGUYEN HOANG - work on year: 1997


[Born in: Syrian Arab Republic / Live in: Austria / Female]

Background and Education:
- Preparing to the Master's degree, Damascus University
- Diploma in Sculpture, Fine Art Faculty, Damascus University, achieving a first class Degree, 2006
- B.A in Sculpture, Fine Art faculty at Damascus University, achieving a first class Degree, 2004
Collective exhibitions:
- 'Cross Generations' honoring exhibition for Syrian Contemporary Art during the Festival of 'the Cultural Days of Damascus in Istanbul', Turkey, 2006
- 'The annual Exhibition for Syrian Artists' Khan Asaad Basha, Damascus, Syria, 2006
- 'Artist2006' the 16th Istanbul International Art Fair, Tuyap Fair center, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006
- 'Tendencies' Jabri house Gallery, Damascus, 2006
- '3 Syrian Artists' Ahmad Shawki Museum, Cairo, Egypt, 2006
- 'Psychedelic' Athena Municipality, Greece, 2006
- Exhibition in Dar Albaath Gallery, Damascus, Syria, 2006
- 'Artist2005', the 15th Istanbul International Art Fair... (read more)

NISRINE BOUKHARI - work on year: 1998


[Born in: United States / Live in: United States / Male]

Russell J. Chartier attended the College of Santa Fe. Since that time he has spent many years working in Broadcast Television working for various networks including A&E, The History Channel, YES Network and several others. He went on to study Broadcast Engineering at the Cleveland Institute of Electronics. His work in the Video Art Medium explores multiple layers and focuses
heavily on texture and color. Many of the images in his works are distorted and manipulated in various unorthodox in an attempt to create a visual depth where recognizable images will appear within the
collage of manipulated images and textures.His works are collaborations with musician and composer Paul J Botelho.

Paul J. Botelho
The work of composer Paul J. Botelho focuses on the interaction between live and computer
performance. His compositions include many varied works that utilize extende techniques, alternate tuning systems, as well as the interaction of new and old... (read more)

RUSSELL J. CHARTIER + PAUL J BOTELHO - work on year: 1999

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