Very few things. Local curators must organize at least one screening.
But – obviously – more than one, in different locations, it's even better!
To do this, the curators can find local partners, and/or local sponsors. The partners will be listed (on website and catalogue) too.
The dates for screenings may be one freely chosen by the curators, in a period between 2014 1 April and 31 December.
As part of this collaborative relationship, we also ask to curators a further commitment: send us copy of photos shoot at screening, the links to web pages that mentioned the event, a .pdf of (possible) articles on press.
And, hey!, spread the word, engage in F.I.V.E. project as more artists as possible!...
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To curators that will collaborate at project, we supply some communication materials (press release, stills from video, etc),
a .pdf of catalogue, and of course the 25 video files ready to burn a DVD.
To each curator, will be dedicated a page on catalogue, and a card on website.
As project, we’ll search funds and sponsors; if we’ll have success, and to the extent that collect funds, we’ll give a contribution to local curators - proportional to the importance of the organized event(s).
Consistent with our chances, we will provide additional support according to the demands that we should receive from the curators. Everything you need and we can supply.

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If you are a curator, you can join F.I.V.E. panel, to collaborate with us to bring the project around the world.
The panel is the network of curators in the five continents. Even if you are an artists, involved in the project, you can become part of panel. Due we will select the international jury between the members of panel, if you are collaborating both as an artist and as a curator, you can't be part of jury.
Unlike the previous project, 100x100=900, where the international network was based on partners (festivals, galleries, museums, etc), for F.I.V.E. we want reverse the logic, and bring up the curators.
They will be the project referral to organize the local screenings.
Between all curators (the panel), we’ll choice a smaller group (the jury), that will select the 25 videos to bring in tour around the world. To determine who will be part of jury, we will adhere to the following criteria (in this order):
1) the jurors must be evenly distributed between five continents
2) the curricula of any single curator
3) previous collaboration with us

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