Participation in the 100x100=900 project is by invitation only.
    Any artist will be randomly matched with one year out of '900 (i.e. 1934). He/she must realise a video to represent his/her year. There are no limits in style out of technical features (see below), to tell his/her year.
    By submitting the participation form, the artist fully accepts the present rules.
    The artist accepts that his/her own videos will be broadcast online (on site and others), offline, worldwide; he/she accepts that the video becomes part of Magmart's archive.
    All the videos, can be screened in any other place or event, related to 100x100=900 project, online or offline, with exclusion of any commercial use.
    Still-frames from videos can be freely used for the project communication, mentioning title and author of artwork.
    All rights on videos remain property of author. The author asserts, under his/her own liability, the complete right of use on used materials (images, sounds, videos) that the artwork consists of; the author undertake completely the liability for any breach of copyright laws.
    To participate in the project, it is necessary fill out the form available online, on website. The omission, or the incorrect completion, of one or more parts of the form itself, will result in the exclusion of yhe video.
    Any author can participate with 1 video only.


    Only the videos received within midnight of February, 28 2013 will be accepted.


    The video must be fully realized with digital technology
    The video must be single channel
    The video must be sent in format .avi, .mpeg or .mov (PAL) format; any other format will be rejected
    The video must be more than 1 minute and not over 5 minutes long (without credits - see below)
    The video must have a quality (dimension, resolution) suitable for a public screening, without any further shipping of an high-res copy. The required size is 1280 px X 720 px (16:9)
    The video must have no titles or other textual indication (author, webiste, etc) on closing credits! All artists will receive a layered Photoshop file (.psd), to enter year, title and name; this file must bu used to create credits in a header (time lenght: 10 seconds) positioned at start of video file itself (without changes made to font type and size, colors and positions). The file should be downloaded by here.
The video must be accompanied by a fully and correctly compiled participation form.
The video must be accompanied by two still-frames from the video itself, in .jpg format, and with dimension not less than 1280 px X 720 px.


    Participation materials (video, form, image) can be entered in only one way, online:
- Fill out the form, before midnight of February, 28 2013
- In the form, indicate an URL http or ftp for downloading the video (i.e.: and the still-frame from video (i.e.:
- Is possible to use a service for big files transfer, like or similar.
    Name the files in this way: year-name_surname.extension_of_file (i.e.:
    The video and the image must be effectively available at indicated URL within the deadline. If required by service you choice, indicate the email address submission(at) to alert us of availability of your files.
    Please do not send us link to videos hosted on YouTube, or similar websites! They do not match our rules! We need your original artwork. Vimeo link are acceptable only if they make an HD version of video is available for download.
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