As you well know, 2013 is conventionally considered the 50th of videoart. Was in 1963 that Nam June Paik expose his first videoinstallation, in Germany.
To celebrate this event, Magmart Festival launch a new project: 100x100=900. 100 videoartists are be called to be part of project, realizing a video around one year of past century.
The artists are selected within the winners of previous editions of Magmart Festival, to assure the gross quality of project. The selection is done with the goal of include artists by five continents.
All these videos, will found a relevant corpus, a remarkable narration of this dense present perfect.
The project will start its exhibition stage in 2013, with a screening in Naples (Italy) in the course of Universal Forum of Cultures. After, we want take the project around the world, the must widely possible.
We are looking for partners, to bring the project around the world.
At partner, we ask to organize at least one full screening of the 100 videos, in their country. The look of any event must match the general guidelines of project. The name of partener organization will be listed as partner of project, au pair like all others, and the logos will be showed every where the project will arrive.
Any partner is free to find local sponsors for the project, and keep the contribution for the organization of local event; local sponsors will be listed and showed worldwide.
When the partners list will be closed, we’ll contact single curator to organize show in uncovered countries and – in case – in the same country of a partner but on different locations (always with the agreement of partner).
If you like to contribute at the project, we are at yours disposal to provide more exhaustive and/or detailed informations.



ikono is a media platform displaying and broadcasting visual arts, founded in 2006 by Elizabeth Markevitch. Through its two HDTV channels, ikonoMENASA (since December 2010) and ikonoTV (since December 2011) ikono broadcasts a unique program dedicated to the arts of all epochs from antiquity to contemporary art – 24/7 and in HD.
ikono’s program is shaped and produced in cooperation with more than 400 international artists and over 200 collections and archives and the most important museums of the world. All productions are free from additional sound or commentary making it possible for an international audience to have a pure visual and emotional art experience.
The HDTV channels ikonoMENASA and ikonoTV are viewable in more than 30 countries worldwide (average technical HD reach: 37 million households). To complete the TV program, a rich background of information is published on the homepage and on digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Daily Motion and Arte Creative.

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