The exhibit going on from 2013-09-25 to 2013-10-10, as described below:

The screenings are taking place currently from September 25 to 27, as part of the launching of our new permanent curatorial Series: XXX / Xine-video eXperi-mental y eXpandido 
Serie curatorial para la imagen en movimiento y sus diversas combinatorias espaciales.
We are considering the possibility to accomodate a second screening of 9hundred ‘s whole program (yet to be announced) so that more people can enjoy such important material, which came to us by a proposal from Silvio De Gracia very recently and in consideration of the efforts already summonded for this Project coinciding with our original program to launch the new curatorial Series of Peras de Olmo – Ars Continua for the moving image is that we happily accomodated to include the screenings of 9hundred, with very short notice.

PERAS DE OLMO - ARS CONTINUA is partner with 100x100=900 Project to organize the exhibit in partnership with: Peras de Olmo – Ars Continua
Niceto Vega 4678, Palermo C.A.B.A. Argentina

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