Male / Born and live in: China

Born 1976 in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China
Art critic, curator, art administrator and chief editor of Online Arts Archives
1994-1999 Hubei Institute of Technology, Xi'an Academy of Learning
2009-2012 He was appointed executive director and curator of Songzhuang Art Museum. Currently he is the deputy director of Yuandian Art Museum and a contributing curator for the Beijing Independent Film Festival by Li Xianting’s Film Fund.
Since 1999 living and working in Beijing.
Book published: The files of future art | Artificial nature art trend and returning of stillness thought

He collaborates with 100x100=900 Project to organize the LXT FILM FUND exhibit at: Li Xianting’s Film Fund screening room, Songzhuang Art Colony, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China

The exhibit going on from 2013-11-29 to 2013-11-30, as described below:

Full screening along two days.

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