Male / Born and live in: Ukraine

1965: was born in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk;
1977 – 1981: studied in the Youth School of Arts in Ivano-Frankivsk;
1982 – 1988: studied at the Trush’s Lviv College of Fine Arts;
In his work Mr. Yanovsky mostly uses post-modern art strategies: mass print imitations, inserts and décor pieces in sculptures, work series on “Absolute” boards. These works go beyond limitations of style and forms. In most of his works the artist aims at crystallization, and outer subjective metaphors. Some surrealistic parallels have in themselves subtle gucul* meaning to the whole theme.
Since 1989 the artist has actively participated in most of the events of the current art projects of Ukraine. He partook part in all of the “Impreza” festivals that took place in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and related exhibits in other countries. Mr. Yanovsky takes active part in international planners and programs by organizing art performances; he is successful in realm of photography, video, painting, video installations and multimedia at the whole. Specific project under the name of “Donumenta” in Regensburg, Germany, was organized and directed as a couple-day-long program of different varieties of art forms.

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