Male / Born and live in: Bulgaria

Ventsislav Zankov (1962) a National Academy of Fine Arts graduate (1988). Has launched series of artistic initiatives and curator projects since then, among them:
the Close-up Discussion Club (2004-2008);
the 39 grams Newspaper (2005-2008);
the Modern Art Foundation ‘Ventsislav Zankov’ (set up in 2009);
the Iron Medal for Modern Art (established in 2010);
the All about Him project (2004-2008);
the 10 Years of Video Art project, inspired by Adelina Popnedeleva (2006);
the White, Male, Straight project (2002);
the [Zet_maG] e-zine for art and culture (set up in 1999);
the [Elektrik_BG] mailing list for art, culture and communication (running since 1999) etc.
Between 1997 and 2008 he was an adjunct lecturer and since 2009 a full time lecturer at the Fine Arts Dept, New Bulgarian University. Had a sculpture class at the National Academy of Fine Arts in 2009/2010 academic year. Participated in series of group exhibitions and other artistic events. His most recent individual projects feature:
The Last Boudoir: sculpture, blood, video, the Raiko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia (2011);
New Ghost-like Paintings: now we’ve all turned into ghosts, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia (2011);
Post-Romanticism Reloaded, Bulgarian Cultural Centre, Berlin (2011);
Possible/Impossible. A Concept towards an Urban Aesthetics, supported by the 2011Culture Municipality Program, The Strategic Development Fund of the New Bulgarian University and in partnership with the Red House for Culture and Debate (2011).
Regular contributor to electronic and print art media.
His interests lie in modern painting, sculpture, video art, art installations, art performances and the new media. An active Bulgarian artist, who made a name for himself during the past 2 decades.
Culture Weekly, Issue 1 (2663) of January 13, 201212

He collaborates with 100x100=900 Project to organize the THE RED HOUSE exhibit at: "The Red House" - centre for culture and debate - 15, Ljuben Karavelov St., Sofia 1142, Bulgaria

The exhibit going on from 2013-10-01 to 2013-10-09, as described below:

Screening show of project, on four session.
The screening will have place on:
01-10-2013 1900 / 1924
02-10-2013 1925 / 1949
08-10-2013 1950 / 1974
09-10-2013 1975 / 1999
Time of screenings 19.30 / 7.30PM

Partner's and location website:

He collaborates with 100x100=900 Project to organize the NEW BULGARIAN UNIVERSITY exhibit at: New Bulgarian University, Sofia, too

The exhibit going on from 2013-06-10 to 2013-06-13, as described below:

Full project screening, on four days, from June 10 to June 13

Second partner's and location website:

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