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Female / Born and live in: Hungary

2002-2009 University of Pécs - Faculty of Philosophy and Aesthetics
2002-2008 University of Pécs – Department of Communication and Mediascience Department
2001-2002 Bálint György Journalism Academy
1996-2000 Ady Endre High School – Department of Drama
2011: „Sounds of the Surround” - land art residency – Lanzarote, Canary islands
2008 - 2009 „Culturmanagers from East and Central Europe“ Scholarship of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Practise by the Hartware Mediaart Association in Dortmund, Germany
2007 „Erasmus“ Humboldt University, European Ethnologie Berlin
2007 UDK, Berlin, Video Department
From 2012 Founder and Member of “A KLUB” open community place, Pécs
From 2012 Member of Hungarian Contemporary Photo Foundation, Pécs
From 2010 Member of Pécs-Baranya Artists, Pécs
From 2010 Member of Studio Association of Young Artists, Budapest
From 2010 Cultural LABOR Social Cooperative, Pécs
from 2008 Member of the Mitost Association, Berlin
from 2006 Member of the Approach Art Associoation, Pécs
from 2004 Member of the Smart Association, Pécs
Research, study:
From 2010 Image in the age of the computer
From 2007 Hungarian contemporary media and videoart
2005-2007 Valve. Balázs Béla Studio‘s experimental films in the 70-Year Cycle.
From 2006 Schelling‘s artphilosophy
2012 Szolga Hajnal: Ytongtól a nyugányig. Európai utasok – critic -
2010 Egyenletes Közelítés –
2010 Szimpla.Dupla. Texts of catalogue
2010 PechaKucha – presentation of „szimpla.dupla“ exhibition
2009 transmediale09-Deep North (critic), exindex online art magazin of the C3 Foundation - Center for Culture and Communication
2009 I beleive in the art (critic) , Balkon Art Magazin, Sommer, Budapest
2009 Contemporary Photo Bienale, (critic) , Balkon Art Magazin, Sommer, Budapest
2008 Nam June Paik Award (critic), exindex online art magazin of the C3 Foundation - Center for Culture and Communication
Curatorial or art manager activities:
2012 A KLUB. open community place – founder, project manager
2012 Synoptic.festival – curator
2012 PortfolioPoints, Pécs, (HU) - artist
2012 Szász János photo album and exhibition, Budapest (HU) – curator, editor
2011 Szász János retrospective exhibition. Pécs, (HU) - curator
2011 Jorinde Voigt. Exhibition. Pécs, (HU) – curator asistent
2011 Utopia & Reality – Istanbul, Pécs, Ruhrgebiet. Exhibition and magazine – co-organiser
2011 This was.This is. international photo competition. – co-organiser
2011 ’I know no weekend’ Socially Committed Art in Eastern Europe, Pécs, (HU) – curator, organiser
2011 Secret Capital. International artist exchange program and exhibition, Pécs, Banka Luka – co-organiser
2011 Videocracy international video festival, Pécs, (HU) – curator, organiser
2011 PortfolioPoints, Pécs, (HU) - artist
2010 Synoptic2010. tracking, Pécs (HU) – curator, organiser
2010 European Accents in Perm, (RU) – „New Land” – artist, performer
2010 „New Land” performance (DE), (HU) – artist, performer
2010 Subjective meadow. Exhibition of statues in Nagyharsány on the Ördögkatlan Festival – curator
2010 Alchemists. Group exhibition in Kisharsány on the Ördögkatlan Festival – artist
2010 „Circle” audiovisual dance performance, Pécs, (HU) – art director
2010 Szimpla.Dupla. Hungarian group exhibition in Dortmundban, (DE) – curator
2010 Magic Garden Festival and National art workshop, Pécs, (HU) – coordinator
2009 „Synoptic“ Art Meeting, SmArt Association, Pécs, Hungary – art director, curator
2009 „TransForma“ Exhibition and Performance, Halle, Germany – curator, art manager
2009 „Awake are only the spirits – On ghost and their media“, HMKV Association, Dortmund, Germany - assistent
2009 „Synoptic“ mediaart workshop – „Twilight Zone“ multimedial exhibition and performance, Dortmund, Germany – curator, leader, art manager
2008 „Waterfeast“, Bazis Galery, Pécs – curator and creator
2008 artworkshop in Porto – leader
2007 artworkshop in Lyon – creator
2007 „Szemlétek“ Visionaudial Filmreview and Artmeeting, Pécs – head of the festival, art director
2007 „Open workshop”, Pécs-Baranya Művészek Társasága, Pécs, Hungary – creator
2006 „Remembrance City” groupexhibition, Pécs, Hungary - creator
2006 „Heritage Factory“, „Space-dinner” installation, Pécs, Zsolnay Factory, Hungary - creator
2006 „Market platform“,Approach Art Association, Pécs,Hungary - creator
2005 „Szemlétek“ Experimental Shortfilm Review, SmArt Association, Pécs, Hungary – festival director
2005 Filmworkshop, Sopron, Hungary - leader
2005 "Karneval" fotoexhibition, PTE-BTK, Pécs, Hungary - curator
2005 „Culturwindow“, Zsolnay Factory, Carbothronic Art Association, Pécs, Hungary – creator
2005 „The City is ours” groupexhibition, SmArt Association, Pécs, Hungary – creator and curator
2004 „Szemlétek“ Experimental Short Film Review, SmArt Association, Pécs, Hungary – art manager
2004 „Fun-fair“ - Art Festival, Pécs, Hungary – creator and organizer
2004 Documentary film workshop, Szuhafő - creator
2003 „Mediafactory- Visual workshop“, Pécs, Approach Art Association, Pécs, Hungary – art manager

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