Partner: XX.9.12 FABRIKArte


Female / Born and live in: Italy

Maria Angela Brion works with commmunication, set design, interior design.

They collaborates with 100x100=900 Project to organize the XX.9.12 FABRIKArte exhibit at: Villa Farsetti – Santa Maria di Sala, Venezia – I – via Roma 1
Villa Farsetti was built by the abbot Filippo Farsetti between 1759 and 1762.
The result was a rococo architecture of three levels, adorned with thirty-eight columns from the Temple of Concord in Rome.
The old park, now in the recovery phase, was home to a botanical garden, greenhouses, a maze and various reproductions of Roman ruins.
Attached a theater that is now used for projections and conferences.

The exhibit going on from 2013-10-05 to 2013-10-06, as described below:

Video exhibition will take part in “Contemporary Art Festival Villa Farsetti - 2nd edition” in the period october 5th - october 20th 2013.
On october 5th in Italy is celebrated “The day of Contemporary Art” announced by AMACI (Italian Contemporary Museums Association): museum and art space in Italy open to Contemporary Art.
_ saturday october 5th – first session 06.00 pm / second session 09.00 pm
_ sunday october 6th – third session 03.00 pm / fourth session 06.00 pm
_ saturday october 19th - first and second session by 03.30 pm
_ sunday october 20th - third and fourth session by 03.30 pm

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