Female / Born and live in: United States

Jill Treadwell began her interest in interactive media at the College of Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico studying with video pioneers Woody and Steina Vasulka. She is currently working on a multi-media installation piece for Woody and Steina Vasulka writing prose, dialogue, lyrics, poetry, and philosophical noetics with author and publisher Melody Sumner Carnahan. Treadwell also worked in collaboration with Russell Chartier and Paul Botelho on their video piece Devil On a Dam which features her writing which is being shown internationally. As Treadwell enters into her late ‘30’s she has been inspired to attempt something more mainstream than her usual experimental investigations into language with her memoir The Molecules That Surround Us which is in the process of being published. Her other publications include collaborative works with Botelho and Chartier regarding contemporary and video art, A Collection of Modern Video Artists From the Permanent Collection of Galerie Chartier and Galerie Chartier Presents a Collection of Cutting Edge Artists of All Mediums. Treadwell‘s professional career in both Contemporary Art and Global Advertising has led her to her to her current endeavor, co-owner, curator and Gallery Manager of Chartier an An Arts Venue located in Derby, CT.

They collaborates with 100x100=900 Project to organize the GALLERIE CHARTIER exhibit at: Galerie Chartier, 35 Elizabeth Street, Derby CT USA

The exhibit going on from 2013-12-24 to 2013-12-31, as described below:

The show will run on a continuous loop from midnight December first (24 hours a day) and will conclude with a wrap party New Year’s Eve beginning midnight to usher in the new year. The wrap part will be streamed live via youstream and will mix in the show along with the party itself.

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