[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Visual artist, photographer, performer, video artist

First level Italian degree in History of Russian Theatre (Faculty of Education, Degree course in DAMS [Art, Music and Performing Arts ]), University of Turin, 2005.
Second level Italian degree in Theatre and Arts of the Stage (Faculty of Education, Degree course in DAMS [Art, Music and Performing Arts]), University of Turin, 2007. Her second level thesis (Icona e scena. Teatro e arti figurative nelle avanguardie russe [Icon and Stage. Theatre and Visual Arts in Russian Avantgarde]) was awarded as the best thesis work of the year in its degree course.
She taught History of Cinema and History of Theatre for public and private organizations and (from 2005 to 2007) in the courses of di History of Scenography and History of Russian Theatre (DAMS-University of Turin). She has been member of Centro Studi di Fenomenologia della Rappresentazione e dello Spettacolo (Study Center in Phenomenology of Representation and Performing Arts) at the University of Turin (DAMS), from 2004 to 2008, contributing to the project with both works and writings.
She collaborated with the Gallery of Contemporary Art Dirartecontemporanea curated by Angelo Marino. She is member of 2Mondi (2Worlds) Collective (Europe-Brazil, coordinated by Daniele Bergamaschi). Her works are at private collections and Siena Art Institute Library Collection (Drawing Connections project). She lives and works in Turino (Italy).

Eleonora Manca - work on year: 1981
https://vimeo. com/eleonoramanca

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