[Born in: Germany / Live in: Germany / Female]

Rona Rangsch studied physics at the Universities of Cologne and Saarbruecken where she graduated in High Energy Physics in 1996. After scientific research activities at several renowned institutions she made physics her hobby to start a carreer as a media artist. She was trained in multimedia design at ca-medien.colleg Essen and a guest student at Kunstakademie Duesseldorf.

The media she is working with comprise video, photography, installation and 3D animation. Moreover, Rona is interested in adopting multimedia techniques that are usually applied to non-artistic contexts.
Her concepts are developed and realised along guidelines not unlike scientific methodology, the revelation of formerly unseen relations between subjects and phenomena being at the core of her works. Beside thematic research activities, her aims are accomplished through the unprejudiced interpretation of geophysical, climatic, historic and/or socio-cultural particularities which made travelling a crucial element in her life as an artist. The finished work is always leaving space for interpretation by the viewer.

Rona was awarded several international residency grants (i.a. in Canada, Norway, Ireland and Japan) and work/research stipends (i.a. EU project stipend Urban Interventions, work stipend Norwegian-German Willy-Brandt-Foundation, ISER Research Grant, Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland).

Besides exhibiting her own work in Germany and abroad she co-curates the exhibition program of Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund where she is a member since 2003.

Rona Rangsch - work on year: 1990

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