[Born in: Austria / Live in: Austria / Male]

Andreas Mares is a passionate artist, a trait that shows not only in the motvation that drives his art but also in the way he goes about his work and more than anything it shows in his work itself.
His work, drawings, objects and videos, are far from pompous; on the contrary their reduced and clear aesthetics have an elegant quality to them.
Beneath their luring surface lies a passionate, wild intensity that moves and stirres us.
In his work he deals with primary topics -birth, death, fear, the artist's fragile self; and in his work the spectators find themselves reflected.
Andreas Mares' videos, I'd rather call them filmed performances, have a meditative character.
The videos' repose only serves to intensify the poignancy of his work; a work which allows him to question the very existence thus creating emotions that get under one's skin.
born in linz, austria
since 1980
1990 - 2006
paintings with oil/mixed technique
first objects with meat
2006 1st action.
until 2012 several videos
since 2007
videos with animal cadavers
drawings, objects, actions, videos
lives and works in linz, austria

Andreas Mares - work on year: 1963

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