[Born in: Canada / Live in: Canada / Male]

I create video installations to explore the autobiography and the narrative potential of new media. By juxtaposing narrative devices found in other media such as literature, comic books, videogames and music, I am progressively creating a narrative structure that reflects my past, personality and influences. By revisiting my childhood misinterpretations, I can gradually pose questions to the audience about my upbringing while connecting my experience to their own. It is in this connection where I find my purpose for making autobiographical work, allowing me to develop new relations in order to gain a further understanding of how I came to be.
Born is Windsor Ontario, Joe Hambleton is now an emerging artist based in Toronto. He is a graduate of the University of Windsor where he received his BFA in visual arts, and York University where he received his MFA in visual arts. He creates video installations to explore how the medium can be used as a narrative device for the autobiography. His work has been shown in North America, Europe and Asia. He is represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto.

Joe Hambleton - work on year: 1955

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