[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Male]

Mario Raoli
He was born in Anagni, a town near Rome. He studied philosophy at “La Sapienza” University of Rome getting his degree in English Literature with a thesis on the Italian influences into the English Theatre during the Elizabethan Period.
He started his career in the film industry after the studies and now he works in Italy as First AD and Line Producer for several independent production companies. He worked with several directors like Enrico Pitzianti, Marco Turco, Stella di Tocco, Mauro Mancini, Emanuela Rossi, Ivan Silvestrini, Giovanni Columbu, Liliana Cavani and Giuseppe Tornatore.
He started to make video art since 2008 and his work have been selected/showed in several festival and exhibitions:
Videoformes, Prototipo Festival, Skepto Film Festival, Microreel, Microcose, FestArte, Duncan 3.0, Arcipelago, Cortopotere.
In 2008 he made his first video named Look.Blind.Eyes. In 2009 and 2010 he made two other videos: “Narciso” and “RGB”. In 2010 he made, in collaboration with Muta Imago, the video “Madeleine” and in 2011 the video “Beating”. In 2011 he made the videos: “B/W”, “Narciso#2”, “Narciso#3”, “Triathlon”.
In 2011 he created Videoart Free Project that is a network to link video artists around the world and to improve the knowledge of video art in Italy.

Mario Raoli - work on year: 1926

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