[Born in: Serbia and Montenegro / Live in: Serbia and Montenegro / Male]

as a start of artistic career I would chose early works on comic books in different d.i.y. publications all over former Yugoslavia, and few of publications I made myself during my high school years; also drawing graffiti and different street art works that later resulted in video works and in participation in different festivals while presenting my work along with my art crew - undergrad, that is formed sometime around year 2000; undergrad is a non-formal group of several artists that combine their skills and fields of work in one production, and it was initiated by me; I cooperated with Open arc theatre, Amsterdam cyber theatre and National theatre Užice in different experimental theatre projects as a video producer; from 2002 I started working on video, both as narrative and experimental media, doing mostly video journals and music videos for the music of my colleagues, but also for the other people I agree cooperation with; in video work I use my original shots, as well as lot of samples taken from propaganda films, infomercials and films; with video works, VJ performances and street art, I’ve been guest to some festivals in Balkans and in Switzerland

Danilo Stojic - work on year: 1904

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