[Born in: Hong Kong / Live in: France / Male]

Wong Pak Yin
Born in 1979 in Hong Kong, he currently lives and works in France. Before moving to France, he was a graphic designer in Hong Kong.
He has exhibited in France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea in galleries, festivals, and museums internationally including The Museum of Fine Art of Nantes, France. A group drawing show was on tour showing at Gallery 59 Rivoli in Paris.
Awards include: Prix art school, France (2012), Magmart International Video Art Festival, Italy (2010), The Master of Design Awards, Taiwan (2005), Explore New Horizons Design Awards, Asia (2002), Mymobilesoft.com logo design competition, Hong Kong (2002).
In his work, Wong Pak Yin often focuses on the domain of human behaviour, the significance of the human body, the relationship between each of us and the link between his work, the spectators and himself. Drawing, video and installation are his major mediums.
Wong Pak Yin holds a national degree in fine arts (with honours) at The Superior School of Fine Arts of Nantes, France and he continues his studies at the same school for a dual master degree in fine arts and multimedia.

Wong Pak Yin - work on year: 1960

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