[Born in: Sudan / Live in: Italy / Female]

Loredana Raciti was born in Khartoum in Sudan from Montenegrin origin mother and Italian father. After her artistic studies in Rome and the Academy of Costume and Fashion she works as a stylist. She enters in the world of art with the movement Metropolism. Attracted by the Emotion Painting, the carrier path evolves in a polyhedral direction. Her research, always floating, unconventional. Her Nomadism is open to culture of West and East axle, expressive potential of sediment.
The searching of her multiform work is aimed to a monothematic thought
Her informal and conceptual , abstract and symbolic work, often oneiric and surrealistic approaching multiple creative interplay.
As a matter of fact her work reflects a refined irony that leads to an underground dialogue between dream and reality , asking on the mystery of the human condition always split between soul and matter .
The Vision of a Transavance status is multi face fragments of her feeling and living art, a primary recall to the colours of the soul of human been that interplay with the spiritual and physical evolution .
Among the international art exhibitions we mention:
In China at Duolon Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai with the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera
In Japan, Toyota Building, Fukuoka. In Berlin, Contemporary Art in Stark
In Rome, Vittoriano Complex. Kuwait City, The Avenues Mall. In London, Candid Arts Galleries. In Madrid, Concurso Nacional De Ideas y estudios previos para la constructuccion del Monumento a las Victimas del 11-M 2004.
“Psycograms”, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.
“Vibrating bodies dancing on air”, Hungarian State Opera House in Bucharest.
“The avant-garde dance”, MART in Rovereto, Trento and Rovereto
“The room of the artist”, Venice Biennale, collateral events in 52ND International Art Exhibition, Venice.
“Lights in the wood” Valentini Palace, Rome.
Magmart Festival, “EVA/EVE” video, acquired in the permanent collection and historical archive, Cam Contemporary Art Museum, International Contemporary Art Center, Naples, selected for the Damascus and Athens Festival
Combat 2011 Prize, selected work “Four-leaf clover girl”
Bottini dell’olio Palace, Livorno.
BASI Prize for Contemporary Art, finalist in design section with work “Soul and Flash” Cava di Rosselle, Grosseto.
Magmart Festival in association with Collettivo URTO, “Women’s Glance”,
PAN-Art Palace in Naples.
National Gallery, “The constitution of the One, 150 Artists for the unification of Italy”, Amone Palace, Cosenza.
International ArtExpo, selectede two Opera, One Step From Reality and Hidden in Delhi,
Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association in Istanbul, Turkey.
Many critics and curators wrote about the artist, including:
V. Apuleo, C. Antim, A. Bonito Oliva, O. Calabrese, V. Dehò, P. M. Greco, E. Krumm, G. Martin, R. Minore, S. Petronici, A. Polveroni, L. Pratesi, F. Sozzani, C. Strinati

Loredana Raciti - work on year: 1934

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