[Born in: Italy / Live in: Germany / Male]

Alessandro De Vita was born in Naples (Italy) in 1979. He has graduated at “I.C.R.A. Project” School as Corporeal Mime, training under the guide of Michele Monetta (who has studied in Paris Corporeal Mime for 2 years with Etienne Decroux) and Lina Salvatore, and studying Lecoq and Feldenkrais Techniques. He also studied Direction with Michele Monetta. He has won literary prizes as poet and has founded the Company for theatrical research “I Pedoni dell’aria” (“The Strolls in the Air”, name inspired by Ionesco’s Le Piéton de l'air, 1963), in which he works as playwright, director and video-artist. He is interested also in the relationship between theatre and anthropology and is studying this aspect in the plays by the Polish author T. Kantor. In the past years he attended several national and international stages and workshops with Hanon Reiznikov, Judith Malina, Peter Clough, Marise Flach, Elena Kuzina, Polina Klimovitskaya, and Marco De Marinis. As for theatre, he is now directing workshops on writing for theatre and on body movements and voice, while as video artist is working with national and international musicians such as Neil Leonard, Casamatta, The Collettivo, Godiva, Silicon Dust, GroupZero. His videos have been selected for festivals and exhibitions of video art as Napoli Film Festival, World Day of Dance, Contact-s, Little Dreamlike Cinema, Four of his video have been collected in the Museum of Knowledge and Innovation (Palazzo Pico, Naples) for the section Digital libraries.
As director and playwright of I Pedoni dell’Aria, he has performed since 2006. In the last year, his and their interest in theatrical research has focused on the dynamic of power developed in the last three works:
[4] Waiting for Platone, Me/Dea (an original re-writing of the Greek myth performed in November 2009 at Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, Poland), and Trauerspiel, an exploration of the game of theatre (and life) as a potential dangerous experience.
With Groupzero, musician of the Company, and Luca Marra, actor, singer and expert in phonology and phonetics, he has also created a musical-theatrical-video performance called “Sonata for Words and Other Ruins” about the deconstruction of language through the language, exploiting the metallic voice of new-old musical electronic instruments and the visual experiments by Alessandro de Vita, who is also the author of the texts.

Alessandro De Vita - work on year: 1956

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