[Born in: Italy / Live in: Italy / Female]

Silvia De Gennaro (1961 – Siena – Italy) lives and works in Rome.
She's an interdisciplinary artist, who explores and investigates spirituality and the human condition through her different works.
Her artistic activity began with painting: her works of the first period can be found in italian/foreign private collections and in permanent exhibitions, such as the National Museum of Modern Arts of Alexandria (Egypt).
In 1999, under the name "Assaus", she undertook a fruitful cooperation with the architect Alessio Scarale.
joining their personal visions and skills they wage a joint research on expression and form within a wide range of interests: painting, architecture, design, light installations, screening and projections attending and contributing to several expositions and art contests.
Her actual interests and research focus mainly on digital art, multimedia videos and graphic animation.
With her videos she takes part in both national and international reviews and festivals.
In 2008, she was 'finalist' at "Nastri D'Argento – Short Movies" – one of the most important italian shorts' awards. In the same year she was awarded with the ‘gold medal’ at "the Olympic Fine Arts 2008" (Beijing– China) together with other international artists.

Silvia De Gennaro - work on year: 1907

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