10th edition | 2016/2017
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The videos
Holding Pens
[Carl Knickerbocker / United States | west / edition: 10]
Holding Pens are enclosures where cattle are temporarily held.
SP #23
[Carl Knickerbocker / United States | west / edition: 10]
It's a dog's life.
One good cause
[Venkata Sivakumar Kappala / India / edition: 10]
one good cause is a video extract of current contempporary issue of plastic pollution. Earth is heaped up of plastic and allied pollutants scattering everywhere. The unconscious mind may drop a palm sized plastic water packet on a road but is just like a water drop in an ocean with in the rest of the polythene. This Hazard is everywhere killing ... [read more]
[Mauricio Sanhueza / Peru | west / edition: 10]
Throughout the centuries dreams have been to many cultures around the world the images that speak of the future. In modern times dreams were seen as a connection to the unconscious. Today these morbid and extremely disturbing dreams are associated with the symptoms of a mental illness. This video is a free version of The Labyrinth of Crete in ... [read more]
Nyan Cat (Psycho Cat)
[Mauricio Sanhueza / Peru | west / edition: 10]
This is a psycho version of the mainstream icon named Nyan Cat. In a sarcastic way is a remix between this rainbow farting cat with slasher films and some human rights statements audio by many presidents around the world on 2014
[Tamara Lai / Belgium | west / edition: 10]
Experimental road movie. Gaps: offsets, fractures, voids in our modern lives... Embracing all kind of places and people. 'Meetings, moments of communion with the world in all its states!
I &them
[Tamara Lai / Belgium | west / edition: 10]
Video Poem & Music. The music and the poems were created around 2000. The musicians performed separately, none knowing what the other was doing. The poems were written as a virtual dialog.
Those dying then
[Andreas Mares / Austria | west / edition: 10]
The video “Those - Dying Then“ takes the spectator back to the summer of 2015 when we were confronted with the terrible pictures of a never ending migrant influx; it is thus in direct opposition to the society of massculture which markets events like these shamelessly. Three children, Emil, Mia and Paula, seemingly asleep by the sound of the ... [read more]
[Reza Golchin / Iran | east / edition: 10]
Ways of schools in Talesh city mountains.
Land of Udehe
[Ivan Golovnev / Russian Federation | east / edition: 10]
This film takes us into the world of Udehe – indigenous people of the Far East of Russia. According to the census of 2010 their population dropped to 1,490 souls…
Ballet dancers in slow motion
[Jayson Tang / United States | west / edition: 10]
The video pieces are an art collection that show the dancers movement in air and slow motion, shot at 1/100 the speed. The dancers are from the San Francisco Ballet.
Wood as a Chance of Existence
[Daniele Zoico & Antonella Campisi (DANTO) / Italy | west / edition: 10]
Wood is strong, wood is elastic, wood is durable, for centuries this versatility was the main feature that allowed it to be used under the most extreme conditions. With the wood immersed in mud and water, the resulting de-oxygenation prevented the wood from degrading, and in fact underwent mineralization processes that transformed it into a ... [read more]
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