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Racconti per una solitudine insonne "la storia di uno e di tutti" - Emilio Rizzo [edition: 7 / Italy]

Once upon a time, there was a time with no time It was the time before time And time was lived and that was enough Going nowhere Coming from anywhere At that time first men lived And first men loved speaking, that's true But they all spoke together! And no a word was understood But still, i don't know why, at a certain moment they all shut up Right then one of them spoke, he told to the others and to himself too It's right that when one's speaking All the others be quiet So that the one speaking can listen to himself and all the others that don't speak can listen to him He finished saying that the solution was to take turns at speaking They all agreed And the very eldest say that it was the first arrangement in history, the decision to speak and also to listen to. First men and women managed than that one (person) is necessary to understand, live and love. But they also get that only one person is not enough and that everybody was necessary to burst forth the world, to change it, to make it a better place or to make it a brave new world. The end