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This database is a work in progress. It has been conceived like a work tool for videoart curators, and will become part of an online platform specified dedicated to them.
When the platform will be operative (very soon), you'll be alerted.
Don't check about your presence on Magmart database: it store just the artists that have participate at festival, and is a different thing.

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We'll check any new submissions, and remove those that appear to be spam. So, spamming will be resolved exclusively in a waste of time for both, you and us.

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But don't post just a link (to your website or other), or just few words + a link: this will result in the complete removal of the contents of this field, making your card unavailable to users.

N.B. If you want add some links within your bio text, remember to add always the http:// or https://; this will automatically render them like clickable.

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