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Martyn Blundell [United Kingdom] - 11th edition
To convalesce is to regain health after an illness, injury, etc., esp. through a period of rest or reduced activity. To fade is the action or an act of losing freshness, vitality, or colour; or it is a dissappearance from the scene; a (quick or unobtrusive) departure. Martyn Blundell’s film, Convalescent Fade, briefly keeps a series of rooms – or perhaps just a single room – receiving moments of seeping summer light. The watcher is compelled to momentarily occupy a space, that appears – and repeatedly re-appears – to be filled with a vital presence of loss. If we cannot see anyone else in this film, we can certainly experience three or so vivid minutes of our own lives passing ... fear, intense beauty, hope and sadness dissolved into one. Mark Goodwin 2018.


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