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The video: 'ONE TO ANOTHER'

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti [Thailand] - 11th edition
My artwork focuses on personal and larger issues of cultural transformation related to
global mobility and the precarious situation of the neo-nomadic artist. Living in Littau, yet
often shopping in Emmen for the ingredients to prepare traditional Thai meals, in my
installation I will incorporate packaging, mainly from food products, that I have personally
consumed over the past eighteen months since coming from Thailand to live in Lucerne.
Featuring logos, brand names, and sources of origin, the artwork represents and
symbolizes how things–and people–come together from around the world to be recombined
at one new location. The context and significance of the artwork is, first of all,
highly personal, a means for me to make connections between my native country and
background and my present situation. The subject of the artwork, however, also touches
upon more general issues related to contemporary global mobility, everyday aesthetics
and routines, and is thereby significant in terms of cultural transformation and the
challenges of living and surviving for neo-nomadic artists.


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