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Tiziana Manfredi (OfficinaMamiWata) [Senegal] - 10th edition
"... as divine identities could not express their knowledge directly, it was necessary to find a means by which they could be understood by mankind.”
(The I Ching _ The Book of Changes)

Liquid Landscape is an intimate landscape. The images are absorbed in the contemplation of the landscape looking for a meaning and the sense of sacred that is nestled in the folds of nature, in the incessant flow of water.
A rapid succession of evocative images transform the place and suggest the perception of a new landscape.
Liquid Landscape studio # 3 is dedicated to the sea that surrounds the city of Dakar as well as to Mame Coumba, female divinity linked to water. As MamiWata is found in several West African cultures, Yemanja in Brazil, Erzulie in Haiti, Aphrodite in the Mediterranean, Mame Coumba emerges from the waters of the sea offering life, prosperity and protection.

If the landscape keep the memory, as Edward Glissant said, the liquid landscape of water holds the secret of the memory; Its eternal swing tells us that everything is infused with the same movement, the earth, people, beings. Everything is implied in a motus of constant and inevitable existence.
The conversation with the water never stops; She runs in the rivers, she leaves and returns to the sea, she breathes in the ears through the wind words other words, other languages, other codes, redrawing the landscape and new beings, with whom we will meet in our desires, our dreams, our nightmares.
From here the primordial desires to trace the road to cross the great waters and to join the indefinite line of the horizon discovering the other side of the sea, the elsewhere so imagined.


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