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The video: 'FAFA (SOFT)'

Yukimi Otagiri [United States] - 10th edition
In my video I investigate how fantasies are channeled through fantasies and also through commercialism and commodities. I am my own example since my feelings of desire and original fantasies, are completely enfolded in these consumerist formats. Like ghosts, my feelings haunt the commercial forms I have selected and drawn.
I have been having a specific fantasy; I do not want to grow up and become an adult. Being a mature woman in a homo-social society for me is a nightmare, not a celebration. Women’s lives are limited, with motherhood and femininity imposed on them. This is the reason I utilize images of my childhood teddy bear FaFa in my work so that I can feel safe and secure through nostalgia.
I have nostalgic feelings based on my personal experiences with commodities but I am also wary of the ways in which my desires are mitigated by what I consume. These desires can be satisfying and at times at odds with one another.


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