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The video: 'AMIOF'

Andrea Piran [Italy] - 10th edition
The concept:

Seeing an image, along with the subject represented, there’s another layer that is the effect of what is evoked or implied as feelings or memories. The “mental image” is a way to express this concept: what is outside of an image.

The structure:

The audio and the video track features contrasts and resonances on a timbral or chromatic level. Various source material as pictures, video, written text, field recordings, samples. This is a way to represent the difference between a real image and a mental one.

The audio:

The audio track is called “a Mental Image of F” and is based upon an idea of a separation between the two stereo channels juxtaposed on a central development as a way to depict the difference between a perceived image and a real one.

The video:

The video is focused upon the dialectic between moving pictures and static ones obtained as long-time exposures to the first cut of the video. So the mental image is depicted as a sort of static image, or a memory, of what was moving.


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