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Fenia Kotsopoulou [Greece] - 10th edition
"Come in, take a seat, the kettle's on : I think we should have a quiet word;
But be careful what you say about my choices 'cause it takes less than a minute for an agitated, unsettled cup to overflow...
and then you will accuse me again of being libertine, rebellious, angry, simpering and unnatural".

A one minute video dedicated to the deviant, extravagant, whimsical, insolent, indocile, irritable, naughty, talkative, incoherent, depressed, chatty, simpering, flirtatious, unconventional, irascible, impulsive women interned in Sant'Antonio Abate mental hospital during Italian Fascism. Women who have not been able to "fulfill" the roles of mother- housewife- fieldworker as imposed by the oppressive patriarchal society.

an important inspiration has been the recent exhibition “I fiori del male: donne in manicomio nel regime fascista” [eng. The Flowers of Evil: Women in a mental hospital during the Fascist regime] curated by Annacarla Valeriano e Costantino Di Sante.


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