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Matilde Gagliardo [Italy] - 10th edition
The portrait of Roberto Herlitzka, actor, was shot on the 5th of March 2016, at Teatro Biondo Palermo (Italy), before the second performance of “Minetti: A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man” by Thomas Bernhard, directed by Roberto Andò. It is part of a series of ‘silent’ film Portraits, shot in real time from 2005 to date. I ask people of different ages and professions, to pose for about ten minutes without speaking or acting. At the end I film their observations if any.
I edit each portrait separately. Sometimes I edit them in groups, according to different sorts of affinities. In this case I make them run either one after the other or one next to the other simultaneously and the observations all come together at the end. The single Portrait or groups of Portraits should be shown on different screens, and should not start at the same time. The final effect should be that of a certain number of portraits or groups of portraits running together on different screens in the same room.


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