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The video: 'CAMILLA'

Matilde Gagliardo [Italy] - 10th edition
Camilla is a video shot on the theme of the eye for the exhibition “c’è OCCHIO e OCCHIO”/”there is an EYE and an EYE”, Museo Mandralisca, Cefalù, Italy, 17th March-26th April 2016. The vivacious eye of a young woman, Camilla Isola, looks at us. While we observe her eye (about ten minutes of film running in continuos loop), her gaze allows us to get in contact with the movements of her soul, stripped from all activity interruptions during the time of the filming, and sometimes disturbed by casual distractions. On part of Camilla’s pupil and iris, the image of the window in front of her is reflected, showing us what she sees. At the same time the extended vision of her eye looking at us, pushes us to get in contact with our inner world.


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