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Daniele Zoico & Antonella Campisi (DANTO) [Italy] - 10th edition
Wood is strong, wood is elastic, wood is durable, for centuries this versatility was the main feature that allowed it to be used under the most extreme conditions. With the wood immersed in mud and water, the resulting de-oxygenation prevented the wood from degrading, and in fact underwent mineralization processes that transformed it into a matter capable of supporting the foundations of a city. Carried on rafts from the peaks of the mountains to the sea, the wood has given the rise of a legendary city suspended in time; a bridge between East and West, where history, culture and legends are layered and blended over the centuries thus to create a unique city in the world, a city of a timeless beauty. Hidden in the water, this wood has always supported this city, being the only real chance of existence.

narrator: Alberto Toso Fei, writer, is Venetian since 1351. He writes books about mysteries and curiosities of the most beautiful cities in Italy. He descends from an ancient family of glassmasters in Murano.

a project by Antonella Campisi & Daniele Zoico


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