Videoart at Midnight Edition's Viewing Room

While Videoart at Midnight has to take a break for known and reasonable reasons, we would like to inform you that the Videoart at Midnight Edition's Online Viewing Room is open for you and shows a carefully compiled selection of video works by internationally renowned artists from the Videoart at Midnight series.
You will find twenty-four art works by video pioneers such as Marcel Odenbach and Klaus vom Bruch, but also by young up-and-coming stars such as Raphaela Vogel and Christian Falsnaes.
Every single artwork that is available in the Online Viewing Room comes with the current price.
To ensure an optimal experience, we recommend that you view our selection from a computer connected to a good sound system. Please don't forget to switch to full screen mode (sign at the bottom right of the screen). The videos are 3 minute clips. If you would like to see the work in full length we will send you the corresponding link.
In a series featuring about six artworks per year, with a bigger number of published copies than common, Videoart at Midnight Edition is building up a collectable contemporary omnibus of artists’ films and video art installations – a unique anthology of a medium that is gaining more and more importance within contemporary art.
Videoart at Midnight Edition is the outcome of a discussion with leading experts in the field of moving image art and all the artists that have been invited for the Videoart at Midnight screening series at the Babylon cinema in Berlin. Each selected artist choses a significant work of his/her oeuvre or produces a new one exclusively for Videoart at Midnight Edition. The work is solely available in this edition.
Videoart at Midnight Edition is the result of an intense reflection on the art market convention of limitation vs. the artist’s and public’s interest of visibility and presence in a broader range of collections. Hence, Videoart at Midnight Edition simultaneously addresses the wish for a copyright and quality control and the need of doing justice to an endless reproducible medium.


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