Seokmin Kong, Navigator

2020.2.8.(Sat) - 3.1.(Sun)
The personal exhibition 'Navigator' will open. He has worked on documentary video formats based primarily on behavior, exploring the elements of cognitive contradictions and cracks that individuals are experiencing in the sentiments of our time. In return, he presents his video work in a slightly different way than before.
‘Navigator (2020)’ is a fiction documentary video about a narrator who doesn't have any of his past records. Narrator travels into a web-based geospatial database to create records that sharpen past memories of the past. In two disparate places and times of the past and present, he reconstructs the memories of the past, exploring the path to the forgotten past.
‘Romantic face (2020)’ is a fiction documentary video about the journey of creating an image of a subject that has never been seen before. The protagonist waits at an appointment to meet someone who has never met a face and has been in a relationship with cyberspace 10 years ago. She has imagined and created her image that exists through simple records and memories without actually seeing them through past records and memories.
Seokmin Kong
I have been interested in exploring the landscapes of the various spaces of the world and have made video. Based on the images explored through exploration and the relationship between personal physical experience and memory, we are working to draw or record the landscape of the world. He has participated in two solo exhibitions, 'HEAD to HEAD (Space Silsam, 2014)', 'Moving walk (contributor, 2016)' and many other group exhibitions. Back in In the second half of 2020, I am writing in hopes of publishing a short story with SF.
Space Four One Three, 31-48, Munrae-dong 4-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul


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