Delphine Seyrig and her legacy: Between cinema and video activist

A symposium at the Institut Français, London, on 11th Jan 2020, with support from King's College London and the University of Leeds.
This symposium takes place during the Delphine Seyrig season at the Institut Français. Filmmakers, curators and academics look at Seyrig's legacy and contemporary feminist video practice, activism and archiving in France and the UK. Following two strands - firstly, video activism; and secondly, archives, curating and dissemination - participants engage with a series of questions relating to the use of video and other alternative formats as a political tool.
· What do we mean by video activism today?
· What are the legacies of the portable video technologies that were taken up by feminist movements in the UK and France in the 1970s?
· What are the role of archives in preserving activist video projects, and what possible archival futures can we imagine?
· How do we curate queer and feminist video practice?
Institut français du Royaume-Uni, 17 Queensberry Place, SW7 2DT London UK
jan 11 2020


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