Art Basel

From banana art to Turkish video installations
Sevil Dolmacı, the founder of her namesake gallery in Istanbul, tells us about her views on the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair held at the beginning of December and 'Pendulum,' her gallery's contribution to the Art Basel platform.
Art Basel, one of the world's most renowned art fairs, was launched in Basel, a city in northwestern Switzerland, in 1970. The platform, which exceeds in showcasing the works of various contemporary artists, has since expanded to hold international fairs in Hong Kong and Miami Beach. The event has spread to cover three continents – Europe, America and Asia. The organization has launched a new initiative called Art Basel Cities, too. This project aims to offer new opportunities for the world's culture scene, organizes international events and creates new art fairs in select cities. The first city selected for the initiative is Buenos Aires.
by İrem Yasar
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